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  1. 1. Why GoMo? 6 billion mobile subscribers More people access internet on mobile than PCs Apple is world’s most precious company 40% of Google searches in India are on mobile Extremely dynamic market
  2. 2. Why mCommerce?
  3. 3. In India, more people access internet on mobile devices than ondesktops and laptops. Mobile is already becoming the primaryinternet access method in India.Mobile traffic in India crossed desktop traffic in May2012.• 68% of these users have used their Smartphone to make a purchase at least once. Seeing the numbers the impact is definitely big.• Gadgets are the most popular online purchases: 68% of mobile internet users have bought gadgets on their Smartphone followed by 40% who have bought clothes & footwear & 34% who have bought books. India gets maximum share of Google searches from Mobile Devices.
  4. 4. 51% of Smartphone users are more likely to purchase fromretailers with a mobile-specific website, however only 4.8% ofretailers have a mobile site.80% of customers abandon a mobile site if they have a poorexperience.70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. 70% ofonline searches result in action in one month.Sales through mobile platform exceeded 16% of online sales onBlack Friday, up from 9.8% in 2011.By 2014 Mobile Internet should take over desktop Internet usage.No business is completely online if they are not available on mobile.
  5. 5. Mobile Influnce on your Business is growing
  6. 6. The mobile nature of smart phones andtablets provides opportunities for these The Path todevices to trigger and influence consumerbehavior at any stage along the path to Purchasepurchase. Variety of triggers that set off a consumers path to purchase, ranging from a search engine find, to an Facebook Like, to a tweet, to a Pinterest picture, to an app. Price comparisons, locating retailers, reading reviews and checking product availability are the most common activities overall. One example could be that customer is on the train coming home from work and chooses to do the research, browsing and deciding on his or her phone and then saving the winning product to a shopping cart, with the intent of purchasing that night from a laptop at home.
  7. 7. Optimize Every Customer Interaction EmailsPinterest Blogs Google Twitter Facebook
  8. 8. What do People buy on Mobile Source : BigCommerce • 70 percent of mobile shoppers made more purchases in 2012 than they did in 2011 from a Smartphone or tablet. • Mobile users aged 25-44 are nearly twice as likely to feel that shopping from a mobile device is more convenient than those aged 18-24 (42 percent vs. 23 percent). • 55 percent of users under 30 would rather give up their computers for six months than their smart phones. Source : eMarketer.com
  9. 9. Conversion Rates are Misguiding Businesses generally ignore the importance of mobile by just looking at the lower conversion rates however it is a more efficient tool in bringing customers to your Brand and create a huge area for Offline conversion. For ROI from a mobile perspective, as with any other marketing medium, there is always going to be an immeasurable point, where consumers go to site, and they don’t purchase anything, but later they sign up for an email list.If offline conversions were tracked andfactored into the Smartphone figures theconversion and ROI numbers would behigher.
  10. 10. Grow your Business Marketing costs are a major factor which result in higher costs to acquire a new customer. Marketing your brand through mobile can help you gain customers in the most effective way and also at a lower cost and hence reduce your marketing expenses which further lowers the customer Acquisition costs.Mobilization for your business might cost a very less percentage ofyour spending into marketing but would help you attain greaternumber of customers which would overall reduce the price you payto attain a single customer.
  11. 11. Let Customers FIND youWill consumers find your business on mobile?Or will they find your competitors? Did you know that if you search Google from your phone versus your computer you will end up with two totally different results?Mobile Search is a universe of its own.Google®, Bing® and Yahoo!® each index mobile and mobile-compatible sitesseparately from non-mobile sites.The earlier you adopt new technologies, the more time you have to build highrankings and secure a highly visible position.
  12. 12. Mobile Optimization is cost-effective.Depending on how many bells andwhistles you need to include and whichdevices you want to target, mobilewebsites can be created professionallyby adding optimizations to your currentwebsite. Not everyone is doing it. Less than 5% of online businesses have a website that is compatible with mobile. By going mobile now, you will be more experienced and in tune with your mobile market later, which is a huge competitive advantage.
  13. 13. Nielsen recently said that 73 percent of mobile searchers call a business as a result of their search. That’s Wow. Phone calls are the highest value leads most businesses receive. Inbound phone calls are 15 times more likely to convert to Mobile customers than an inbound Web lead that downloaded a white Produces Calls paper or ebook.A stunning 90 percent of mobile searchers take action within one day.A more stunning 70 percent of mobile searchers take action withinone hour.
  14. 14. Without mobile-optimized code, most websites forcemobile users to scroll or zoom, or become unusablebecause the content is squished together.Fonts can become so small that they are unreadable,and if your website uses Flash, you can be certain noone on an Apple device will be viewing it. Your business needs a mobile optimized Website!
  15. 15. WithOptimization
  16. 16. Mobile sites are faster and moreaccessible.Speed really does matter. A hugeadvantage of mobile websites is thecompact size and lightweight approachto content, allowing it to load faster thana full website.If your website is not mobile optimizedand loads too slowly, your visitorsattention span wanes and it is morelikely they will move on to somethingelse. Source : clicknewz.com
  17. 17. More Brand LoyaltyBy creating a mobile site, youre better positioned to leverage the power of m-commerce—and more likely to gain revenue from other channels, too.According to the ForeSee study, consumers who are highly satisfied with amobile experience are 30% more likely to buy from that retailer online and30% more likely to buy offline. Theyre also more likely to return to the maine-commerce site, recommend it and be loyal to the brand
  18. 18. Mobile websites reach all audiencesEvery Smartphone has a browser, so everyone can view your mobile websiteso you don’t have to built it separately for each mobile platform and your entireaudience is immediately just a tap away.
  19. 19. Mobile sites are designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users inmind. A mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with customers andincrease sales, but a bad mobile experience can drive your customers to yourcompetition.**Sources: Compuware, “What Users Want from Mobile
  20. 20. mobile APP?
  21. 21. Your Secret Weapon for Client Retention It costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current client. In addition, it costs 4 times more to close a deal with new customers than it does to up sell a current one. That means you cannot neglect your current customers! A mobile app can help to not only get in front of potential customers, but also engage that customer via the app to increase customer retention. Todays non-stop onslaught of advertising has made brand awareness more valuable than ever. Apps are a great way to build loyalty among your existing customers, because giving them a highly useful tool builds substantial goodwill toward your firm in their minds. Whats more, apps are relatively inexpensive next to, for instance, TV and radio advertising. Source : www.profitguide.com apps-your-secret-weapon-for-client-retention-46030/2
  22. 22. Loyal Customers use Apps
  23. 23. A recent survey by Google aboutwhat U.S. smartphone users wantfrom mobile websites shows thatfully 53% consider it important tobe able to download an app aswell.
  24. 24. U.S. smartphone users now spend 81% as much time using mobile apps ason mobile websites—up from 73% in 2011. The study also showed that theaverage user downloaded 41 apps per device in 2012, up from 32 in 2011.
  25. 25. LetsGoShop mobile Commercesolution by LetsGoMo
  26. 26. What you GETMobile Website Iphone APP Android APP BB 7 and 10 APP Tizen APP
  27. 27. What you GET Seamless Integration with your existing eCommerce platforms Easily extend your mobile presence to all major platforms Responsive Design optimized for different resolutions and phone sizes. Multiple Easily configurable Templates to choose for the Mobile App/Website, based on your business model and SKUs URL Mapping between Mobile and Desktop Site
  28. 28. What you GET Re – Engage Users with Push Notifications Social Integration with Facebook/Twitter and Pinterest App Store Launch Hosting the Solution Google Analytics Mobile SEO Payment Gateway Integration
  29. 29. Our Pricing Fixed Model You pay LetsGoMo a fixed cost for building the Apps Transaction based model Reduced Cost + x % of each Transaction through Mobile App – You pay LetsGoMo a reduced cost + x% of each transaction through Mobile App. It is decided on the incoming trafficBoth the above models would include Customizations based on yourspecific business needs.
  30. 30. LetsGoMo - the Mobile PartnersLetsgomo can be more than just a technology partner and help you mobilize yourbusiness. We could provide you with an End-to-End Solution including: Building you Mobile Strategy Assessment of business objectives, audience, market and technology to use. Design and User Experience User experience, system architecture, wireframes and mockups, Analyze User Flows, User Interface Design, Usability Analysis, Validate UI Development Technical content and platform integration, building and optimization, analytics and quality assurance. Release and Launch App Store Approval in case of IOS Applications, Cloud Hosting / Integration, App Analytics Integration Support and Maintenance Analysis, Create refreshing and functional updates and 45 Days Warranty and Support
  31. 31. Visit us at letsgomo.comTalk to us : +919654074477 : LetsGoMo