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Airtel Global Capability Presentation.

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Airtel Global Capabilities Latest

  1. 1. Bharti AirtelGlobal Data ServicesAditya BhallaManager-Global Wholesale y @M:+919810401577
  2. 2. By 2015 airtel will be themost loved brand,enriching the lives ofmillions
  3. 3. The Company Bharti airtel Company…Bharti No. of circles (India) Today Countries 1 5 15 22 19 1996 2001 2003 2004 2010Fully integrated telecom player offering end to end solutions and entering y g p y g g new geographies
  4. 4. Growth Trajectory Reflectedin the Numbers 1996 2011 Single Circle Operator Company Profile Largest integrated private telecom operator < 25k Customers ~ 221 mn ~ USD 17 mn Revenue ~ USD 13 bn ~ USD 2.5 mn EBITDA ~ USD 4 bn ~ USD 1.4 mn Cash Profit ~ USD 4 bn ~ USD 16 mn Market Capitalization ~ USD 30 bn Continuing on our journey of Value CreationNote: 1) 2011 financials are as per FY 2011 results. 2) Exchange rate: Financials as of 31stMar 11 : Rs 44.65
  5. 5. Financials & Positioning Key financial metrics Positioning in the world & in India g FY 11 (in Mn) 3rd LARGEST wireless operator in the world Customers 220.9 LARGEST private INTEGRATED telecom company in India Revenue $ 13,319 5th LARGEST INTEGRATED telecom operator EBITDA $ 4 472 4,472 in the world Cash Profit $ 3,983 LARGEST operator in NLD, ILD and VSAT Net Income $ 1 354 1,354 business EBITDA Margin (%) 34.6 LARGEST TELECOM company listed on Indian Stock Exchanges ROCE (%) 10.8 10 8Note: FY11 numbers are as per IFRS as per March11 quarterly report. Exchange rate for Re to $ conversion: 44.65. (1) 3rd largest wirelessoperator in the world refers to in-country (single country) operator based on the number of subscribers.
  6. 6. Some Recent Recognitions 2010 M k t L d hi Award for Market Leadership A df Wholesale Data Services & The Infotech 100 list Large Enterprise Telecom Services Best Global Wholesale Carrier 2009 “Best Carrier India Award” 2009 Best Enterprise B tE t i & Connectivity provider “Ovum Best Telco 2009 Transformation award” 2008 Market Leadership Award for Wireless Service Provider of the Year 2009 Wholesale Data Services & Market Leadership Award for Large Enterprise Telecom Services Wholesale Data Services Best Project Management Best Enterprise Connectivity Award for eGram project provider 2010
  7. 7. The World of airtel USafrica Kenya Burkina Faso asia Ghana Gabon India Sierra Leone Chad Bangladesh Tanzania Congo B Sri Lanka Zambia Madagascar Hong Kong Uganda Seychelles Singapore Malawi Nigeria Thailand DRC Africa HQ Malaysia Niger g europe
  8. 8. airtel Integrated Telco -advantage End-to-end comprehensive communications portfolio offers you world-class infrastructure Complete integration of services with existing infrastructure Expertise in network design, deployment, delivery and management Global alliances with some of the most respected companies: IBM, Cisco, RIM, etc. Vertical domain knowledge: Rich experience & expertise in multiple technologies and platform World class customer care & delivery: Ability to meet predefined SLA Geographical presence & global network offering global coverage Our people are our best resources: Finest industry experts with in depth in-depth domain knowledge Using Six Sigma and 5S methodology: Proven system and processes We have offices at all key locations across the globe
  9. 9. Certifications and QualityPractices ISO 27001 certified NOC Operations TL 9000 certified NOC TL 9000 certified Network Planning & Designing Using six Sigma and 5S methodology Highest ICE (Process compliance) score across airtel Highest ESAT(Employee Satisfaction) score across airtel
  10. 10. GlobalBusinessCompleteSuite
  11. 11. Global Business Complete SuiteWith state-of-the-art Global Satellite International gateway infrastructure, coupledwith International & National terrestrial network with latest technology, we offer a ith I t ti l N ti lt ti l t k ith l t t t h l ffrange of services and solutions to meet your demands.Global Business Global Transmission Global MPLS Global IP Global VoiceSolution Services• Satcom Solution • Submarine • Fully Managed • Global Transit • Voice termination• Media Services Capacity Services • Regional Transit, (Wholesale,• Global • Global Leased • Flexi Connect AS Transit India) Transformation Circuits • Carrier MPLS • Managed Internet • Global Hubbing Services • Ethernet • 95th Percentile • International Toll • Backhaul Free Services (ITFS) • Home Country Direct • Premium routes with guaranteed CLI • International Signalling Service
  12. 12. Our International POPsCanada Russia Netherlands London Los Angeles Dallas Germany New York Paris Italy China Tokyo Chicago India Japan Hong Kong Thailand Dubai Vietnam Philippines Combodia Ghana Sri Lanka Malaysia Nigeria Singapore Indonesia Kenya Singapore (GS) Existing PoPs Upcoming PoPs iMPLS iMPLS Sou ca South Africa Austrailia IPL IPL IP IP
  13. 13. Our Global Network Footprint
  14. 14. Global Reach ed OP es ographies Covere POCable 7 owned sub sea cables d b bl 10 Intl. POP`s US | UK SMW-4 | i2i | AAG IMEWE | Eassy| EIG | UNITY • LA France & EU • NY Capacity on Middle East • HK APCN2 I C2C I JUS I CUCN TEN I Seacom I TEAMS I • Paris Glo1 Singapore | Japan | HK | Main One I Hibernia Atlantic • Sri Lanka Malaysia | Thailand Geo Apollo I TAT 14 • Thailand Sri Lanka | Bangladesh | Terrestrial link from • Malaysia Bhutan |Nepal | China India to • Singapore China Chi African continent Af i ti t Nepal • London Bhutan • Japan Pakistan
  15. 15. Diverse & Smart | Choice of 3 Paths on Every Route y India – ME – SMW4 , IMW, EIG, TEN EU Atlantic Apollo, Hibernia, TAT14 India I di - I2i, i2i backup, SMW4 Singapore Singapore - Japan J AAG, APCN2, AAG APCN2 C2C Japan - US Unity, JUS, CUCN East Africa Eassy, Seacom, TEAMS West Africa Glo1, MainOne, WACS (p)
  16. 16. Global Transmission ServicesGlobal Transmission Specialized India IPL Global EthernetServices Services Services • from E1 to Waves • 134,000 route • EoSDH Kilometers of • Cable & Route Fiber • EPL, EVPL (MEF , ( Diversity Aligned) • 1500 SDH PoPs • IRU,& Leased • Standard & Offerings • 94 cities local Managed access Ethernet • Half circuit & Full • 8 global exit circuit offering routes • Protected & unprotected offering. • Interconnects with all major global players
  17. 17. Global Transmission Services: Fresh & Flexible Comprehensive New C End-End GGlobal Network & Latest Coverage in over 50 Submarine Assets Countries Capacity Range:Diversity on Every Leg; - E1 to 10G Abundant Capacity - SDH & Ethernet - Short Term to IRU
  18. 18. Deeper not just wider Ownership• Diverse Backhaul I2i, SMW4, networks – Singapore , IMEWE, EIG, AAG, Unity, G, U y, Europe, HK, US, Japan SJC, Eassy• POPs across regions, 17 global POPs by year end• Multi Service Platform – Terrestrial Transmission, MPLS, IP, India Network, airtel Partnerships China, Nepal, Pakistan, Global AJC, RNAL, Ethernet Bhutan, India Network TEAMS, PIPE Transit• Next G N t Generation fully ti f ll redundant Equipment Assets ssets TAT14, Hibernia, Apollo, APCN2, EAC, TEN
  19. 19. MPLS Network Kuala Lumpur Pune Bangkok Tier 2 Surat Manila Ludhiana Tokyo Tier PoPs Ti 3 P P HK Jaipur Colombo Mum Bhopal Taipei LA AHM ChandigarhNNI Sydney Frankfurt F kf t Lucknow L k NY Rome DEL Ranchi Amsterdam PAR CoreThe image cannot be display ed. Your computer may not hav e enough memory to open the image, or the image may hav e been corrupted. Restart y our computer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, y ou may hav e to delete the image and then insert it again. Moscow Kolkatta Mexico City HYD HubliNNI São Paulo LON Vizag Toronto Vijaywada SIN CHE Johannesburg Tier 3 PoPs Trivandrum BLR Cairo Ernakulam Dallas RaipurUnder deployment Chicago Dubai Tier 2 NagpurPlanned 2010Operational Tier 2 PoPs 130 Operational PoPsOperational Core PoPs
  20. 20. Quality Practices• ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company• ISO 27001 Certified NOC Operations• TL 9000 C tifi d NOC Certified• TL 9000 Certified Network Planning & Designing in Aug’08• Using 6 Sigma and 5S methodology• Highest ICE (Process compliance) score across in Airtel• Highest ESAT (Employee Satisfaction) score across Airtel for last two years (Q12 score more than 90 percentile). 5S 6σ
  21. 21. Bharti Airtel Ltd…International Projects A Leading Telecom & Media Service Provider in IndiaWe Implement and Manage Communications Network Online Network, Business, Media Solutions and connectivity solutions forEnterprises, Media Companies and Telecom Service Providers
  22. 22. Building & Managing Telco NetworksNepal Telecom MTC Vodafone Bahrain MS Telecom AngolaSpice Nepal Saudi Inteltec Saudi Chinguitel MauritaniaDialog Srilanka Sudatel Sudan Telecom SeychellesSrilanka Telecom DU Moroctel, MoroccoApplifone CambodiaA lif C b di STC Sotelma , Mali S t l M liNepal Satellite Telecom Streamlink, Kuwait Africell, BurundiMiR Telecom Lacell, Lacell BurundiBanglaTrac Lifecell, Madgascar 32 Countries , 100+ Projects
  23. 23. Building Media SolutionsJamuna TV Agape Associate Sagarmata TVR TV Eureka TV Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation C tiMasranaga TVSomoy TVMohana TVM h 3 Countries , 10+ Projects
  24. 24. International Project OfferingsSatcom Solutions Media Services• Turnkey Solutions • Media Distribution Services• ProfessionalServices • Media Integration Services•Global ConnectServices • Media Management Services Managed Network Services • NOC Optimization Services • NOC Transformation Services • Integration Services
  25. 25. Satcom Solutions Carrier and Enterprise Networks Turnkey Services Professional Services Global Connectivity • Consultancy • Design • VSAT NOC Outsourcing • Satellite IPLC • Supply • VSAT Network Auditing • Internet Services • I t ll ti and Installation d • Consultancy • Voice Termination Commissioning • Unified NMS • Satellite Bandwidth • Operation and • Global Connectivity Maintenance •Tele education & Medicine Project Management System Integration
  26. 26. Carrier Networks Turnkey Services for building satellite networks GSM networks, connectivitys, Voice and Internet backhauls. Global Connect Services Voice and Internet backhauls. Professional Services for operating and maintaining the i d i i i h satellite networks, GSM connectivitys, Voice and Internet backhauls.26
  27. 27. Solutions &Case Studies
  28. 28. Case Studies – Satellite NOCSaudi Inteltec (Saudi Arabia)• Services offered • Consultancy Services • Program Management • Network Support Services• Duration – 5 years• Achievements • S Successful submission of d i d f l b i i f design documents t • License obtained • Hub installed with 3500 remotes • Operations running with 25 member team
  29. 29. Case Studies – Sudan NetworkSudasat (Sudan)• Services offered • Design of VSAT Network • Program Management • Technical Support Services pp • Operations and Maintenance• Project Duration – 2 Years• Ongoing Project
  30. 30. Case Studies – Telecom NamibiaTelecom Namibia (Namibia)• Services offered • Program Management • Technical Support Services • Operations and Maintenance p• Project Duration – 1 Year• Ongoing Project
  31. 31. Case Studies – Telecom Seychelles • Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for International Voice Termination for Telecom Seychelles from Seychelles to India. • This i l d V i T i i Thi includes Voice Termination to Bharti Airtel and Internet Services for GPRS Bh i Ai l d I S i f Services in Seychelles. Intelsat IS 902 Agilis 200 Watt Norsat LNB Watt, LNB, LO: 7375 Mhz LO: 5150 Mhz Andrew 4.5m E1 Signalling Type : SS7 Prime Focus Antenna E1 Signalling TS : 1 Codan 40 Watt RCU, Andrew 4.5m LO: 7300 Mhz Prime Focus Antenna Norsat LNB, LO: LO 5150 Mh MhzVoice E1 Card G.703 Interface Whatsup PC, Mumbai Main E1 Link 1, Card Voice E1 Card G.703 Interface Main E1 Link, Card Nerul LDS DDF LDS Mux ADC Seychelles TLS (Trans Local MALAD MALAD Switch) S it h) SWITCH LDS DDF Mumbai, India Seychelles
  32. 32. Case Studies – Tashi Infocomm• Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for International Voice Termination for Tashi Infocomm from Bhutan to India.• This i l d V i T i i Thi includes Voice Termination to Bharti Airtel and Internet Services for GPRS Bh i Ai l d I S i f Services in Bhutan.
  33. 33. Enterprise Services MPLS/Metro Ethernet Network • I t ffi connectivity Interoffice ti itSatellite based Networks:• Bank & ATM connectivity• E- Learning and Tele Medicine GSM based solutions:• E- governance• Special Projects: • Vehicle tracking • Airport Authority • Blackberry based applications • Embassy connectivity33
  34. 34. Satellite Based -Enterprise Services Shared VSAT Rural Telecommunication connectivity SCPC Network for Internet, Voice & VC & Multicast Air traffic control communication - Streaming applications. Interconnection of diverse Interconnection of Customer network using VSAT as last mile connectivity equipments available at all the i il bl ll h for MPLS . Airports E-learning setup for University / Base Video conference connectivity Education / Educom for Studio & Defense Application using Secure classroom interconnectivity. Data & Voice connectivity Tele Medicine Solutions for providing Medical facilities to remote hospitals 34
  35. 35. Case studies Special project - AAI The objective of interconnection of diverse Air traffic control communication equipments available at all the Airports under the Airports Authority of India in the country. Network design offers dual satellite operation feature and redundant RF equipments at all critical Airports. The network facilitates voice, fax, exchange of aeronautical comm. Messages, networking of Radar, RCAG channel, channel remote monitoring VC & monitoring, SatnavInterconnection of diverse Air traffic control communication equipments available at all the Airports
  36. 36. Case studies for Manipal university E-learning E learning setup E Learning E-learning setup for Manipal university for Studio & classroom interconnectivity. interconnectivity The Remote classroom connects over the VSAT link to number of Studios, placed in Studios Bangalore, Mangalore & Mumbai. The classroom interconnectivity Provides a two way communication channel between students & teachers at the Studio. Studio connectivity to Bangalore hub is offered over dedicated leased circuit & over IP VPN links.
  37. 37. Case Studies – Oil and Gas• Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for the International Data Connectivities for Reliance from Tanzania and Kenya to Mumbai.• Bharti Airtel provides support through its highly skilled technical partner in Tanzania and Kenya. INTELSAT 902 (62 E) Leased Line Head OfficeRemote Site atTanzania & Kenya Bharti Airtel Teleport
  38. 38. Case Studies – Banking and Financial• Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for the International Data Connectivities for State Bank of India from Nepal to India. The connectivity is provided for several branches spread across Nepal id d f lb h d N l• Bharti Airtel has implemented and is currently providing support through its highly skilled technical partner in Nepal. INTELSAT 902 (62 E) Head Office – Primary Site DR Site MPLS Leased LineRemote Sites at Nepal Bharti Airtel Teleport
  39. 39. Media Solutions Media Solutions Media Integration Media Distribution Media Management Services Services Services • Mobile TV • Broadcast • Playout Solutions •Digital Satellite News Gathering •Turn-around •Media Storage • Production • Studio Setup Project Management System Integration
  40. 40. Media Distribution ServicesBroadcast Teleport TV up linking facility to uplink in MPEG-2, MPEG-4, SD, HD, DVB-S, DVB-S2 standards from own and partners teleport across globe. Uplink Service Value Added Service Contribution Service Turnaround Service 40
  41. 41. 41Media Distribution ServicesTurnaround solutions to facilitate the broadcasters to reach their content from one geographical l hi l location to other geographical l ti t th hi l location across th W ld ti the World. ContentProviders
  42. 42. Media Management g Playout Services for y broadcaster who can give its channel a unique look. Media Storage solution for the broadcaster’s older tape Programs can be run without g base content to tapeless p manual intervention on 24 x 7 content.. basis.42
  43. 43. 43Media Integration Services Mobile TV Setup for 3G GSM operator. Digital Satellite News Gathering (DSNG) for capturing live event for News Direct To Home (DTH) ( ) channels. channels setup for new operators for SD/HD transmission Production and Studio Setup for setting up SD/HD TV channels with Ingest, Play out, PCR, Studios.
  44. 44. Case Studies – Broadcasting EarthStation i BSt ti in Bangladesh l d h• Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for Broadcasting Earth Station in Bangladesh for R TV and Somoy TV.• Bharti Airtel has implemented this two sites in stipulated timelines which has given the early movers advantage to customers.
  45. 45. Case Studies – DTH setup for ATN,TanzaniaT i• Bharti Airtel has implemented a turn key solution for the complete DTH setup including Bandwidth. The total project was divided in 2 phases. 1st phase for 16 channel and 2nd phase for 14 channels.• Bharti Airtel has given the unique design which helps ATN to launch DTT services and also the DTH services with the same equipment.
  46. 46. Managed Network Services Optical Transport, Core IP & MPLS, Broadband & Access Network Network Operations Monitoring Engineering Support • Proactive monitoring • Network planning N t k l i • Provisioning •Circuits • Capacity • Configuration •Network Management • Field support • Trouble ticket • Network • Service Delivery management optimization • Change • Fault Management Management NOC services Technical Support Services Professional Services Solution (Onsite, offsite & Hybrid model)
  47. 47. Project Vision: Network Audit Transmission Network Audit Continuous IP/MPLS Network Network N t k Optimization Robust Network Cost Efficiencies & Quality Customer Training, Practices Satisfaction Coaching 5S & 6 Sigma NOC Business Efficiency & Effi i Transformation RobustInbuilt self sustained Effectiveness Integratedquality system Global Certifications Tools, Maximum Processes TL9000 Automation Overall objective – Enriched customer experience, Higher productivity from existing staff and better cost efficiencies 47
  48. 48. Managed Service Offerings Customers Sub Categories Network Types • Network Audit & Optimization ServicesProfessionalServices (PS) MEA & SEA • Consultancy Services •Transmission ( •Full Telecom • Project Management Services SDH, DWDM, Service Providers Fiber,) with Terrestrial • Data &NOC S i Services Infrastructure • Onshore NOC Management Broadband (NS) (IP/MPLS, DSL) •ISPs & •Backbone & • Offshore NOC Management Broadband Access Networks Service Providers • Enterprise • Network Deployment Networks •Submarine Integration Cable Systems • OSS/ NOC IntegrationServices (IS) • Turn Key solutions y 48
  49. 49. Case Study – VOIP Network Deployment Applifone (Cambodia)• Services offered • Designing of the VOIP Gateway for 8E1s of PRI and ISDN each with ISUP support • VOIP Infrastructure • Satellite Gateway • Procurement and Delivery • Installation and Commissioning• Project Duration – 6 months• Achievements • Successful deployment of the VOIP Setup for international telephony
  50. 50. Case Study – Triple Play Network deployment • Client- EITC (DU)• Project: Network Installation Outsourcing• Project Scope – Active Equipment deployment for broadband and access network – Frame Contract signed for 2 years – 1.1Million Equipments will be deployed – Project Management Team of 19 will be deployed – Project kick-off in April-08 – 36 different models of equipment for IP, MPLS, SDH, – DWDM and voice network will be deployed deployed.
  51. 51. Case Study – NOC Services Saudi Telecom Company (Saudi Arabia) Services offered:• NOC Services, Professional Services – NOC Assessment – NOC process re engineering re-engineering – Quality practices implementation – OSS assessment & integration – Network Audit & Optimization – Skillset assessment & training – Assistance in NOC Ope a o s ss s a ce OC Operations• Network Type- Transmission, IP/MPLS Backbone network
  52. 52. Case Study – NOC Services STC MOI (Saudi Arabia)Services offered: – Enterprise IP MPLS NOC Design & Build up – NOC process buildup – Centralized NMS – NMS integration with third party – SLM Reporting – Customised Solution independent on Technology & Vendor• Network Type- IP/MPLS Backbone network & Enterprise
  53. 53. Case Study – R NOC ServicesBT Global (India Network)• Services offered: NOC services • P Proactive M it i of V i and MPLS network (BT India) ti Monitoring f Voice d t k I di ) • Fault Management & Trouble Ticket Management • Alarm Management g • Inventory Management• Duration – 2 years & ongoing• Achievements • 100% SLAs compliance in last 2 years • Successful integration & synchronization with BT global NOC tools & processes
  54. 54. Services Life-cycle NetworkOPERATE Evolution Network Network Design and optimisation Engineering Operations & Project Maintenance Management g Procurement Testing & Service Fibre Deployment Delivery Equipment Installation ESTABLISH
  55. 55. Services Coverage Planning and Network Support to Design Deployment Operations Small and medium business customers Turn-key solutions NETWORK SEGMENTS Backbone network SDH/DWDM Regional and IP, MPLS Networkmetropolitan network Technologies DSL NOC Access network VSAT Large business customers Residential customers
  56. 56. Service delivery& process
  57. 57. Service Delivery Process Setup Bharti Sets Up Process Pilot Run & ExecuteSTUDY SERVICE MATRIX/ RESOURCES / PILOT RUN OPERATIONS SLA• Study Customer Define: • Manpower • Test Run • Process into network, • Scope • Connectivity production• Share Monitoring • Responsibility • Tools integration Finalize: • Dashboards and parameters& Matrix • Training • Service Matrix Matrices plan with • SLAs • MonitoringCustomer • Service Matrix Parameters• Define Set-up required
  58. 58. Service Delivery ProcessAdoption Bharti Adopt Customer’s Processes Customer s Transition Plan & ExecuteSTUDY SERVICE MATRIX/ RESOURCES PILOT RUN OPERATIONS SLA Define: • Manpower • Test Run • Process intoDetailed Study • Scope • Connectivity production• Customer • Responsibility Matrix• p y Tools integration Finalize: g • Dashboards andnetwork, • SLAs • Training • Service Matrix Matrices M t i• ExistingProcesses • Service Matrix • Monitoring• Tools Parameters
  59. 59. AirtelAdvantage
  60. 60. Our Success Stories – InternationalSuccessfully completed 65 Plus projectsoverseas• Network Installation, Commissioning and Integration• Network Operations & Management• International Gateway Services• Network Consultancy and Optimization• Data Centre Management• Disaster Recovery Solutions y• VOIP solutions• Project management “600,000+ Man Days Experience” In international projects p j
  61. 61. Global Support System• Bharti Airtel’s Global Support System provides support to most of the part of the Globe through its Channel Partners, who are highly skilled technical experts.• Bharti Airtel has a tie-up with Channel Partners in Asia, Middle East and Africa who will be assisting in setting up and maintaining Customer Network.• Through the Channel Partners, the p j g , projects are executed at a quick pace. q p
  62. 62. Why Bharti Airtel? Project Management Financial, Systems & Processes Technical Aspects1. Online tracking portal 1. 8 Billion sales turnover in 2007 1. Pre-defined High Availability2. Cross functional team. 2. ISO 27001, 9001 Certified Designed Solution.3. Weekly meetings and NOC services. 2. Design Review Committee reports. 3. TL 9000 Certified NOC. finalizing the Technical4. Proactive communication 4. Six Sigma Quality Initiatives. Solution.5. Predefined SLA’s for 5. Process Driven Systems. 3. 365+ International Carrier communication. Interconnects.6. Escalation mechanism 4. Stringent SLA’s incorporated support maintaining high uptime. • “Business at Ease” is the motto in handling such large turnkey projects
  63. 63. More queries? qContact : Aditya Bhalla +91-9810401577 +91 9810401577
  64. 64. thank you