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Java Online Training @ Adithya Elearning

  1. 1. JAVA TRANING INTRODUCTION TO JAVA  History of Java  Java Virtual Machine (JVM)  Features of Java  Comparison of C, C++, and Java  Java Versions and its domain areas  Relation between JVM, JRE and JDK  Writing your first Simple Java Program DATA TYPES, IDENTIFIERS AND VARIABLES  The concept of Variables, Operators, and control Statements  Java data types INPUT/OUTPUT  Getting Input from the keyboard using Scanner class CLASSES OBJECTS  Creating an Object  Oops Concepts  Access Specifiers  Initializing an Instance Variable  Constructors & its Types METHODS IN JAVA  Static Methods  Method Prototype  Passing Parameters in Method (Primitives & Objects) RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OBJECTS
  2. 2.  Inner Classes  Relating Objects using References INHERITANCE & POLYMORPHISM  What is Abstract Method  Concept of Inheritance  Concept of Abstract Classes  Concept of Interface  The 'this' and 'super' keyword  Abstract Class VS Interfaces  Multiple Inheritance using Interface INNER CLASSES  Need of inner classes  Features of Java  Types of inner classes  What is inner class  Implementation of inner classes (of all types) based on their requirement PACKAGES  How to use packages  How to create packages using compiler  Concept of Packages  Concept of JAR file  Need of packages  Pack packages into JAR  How to create the JAR file STRINGS  What is String
  3. 3.  Methods of String class  Creating String literals and String object  String immutability and its use STRING BUFFER & STRING BUILDER  String Buffer's constructor and methods  What is String Buffer class  What is String Builder's Class and its usage EXCEPTION HANDLING  What is Exception in Java  Multiple Exceptions  Custom Exception  Need of exception in Java  Assertions in Java and their usage  The try/catch/throw/throws/finally keywords MULTI THREADING  Need of thread in Java  What is a Java thread  The constructor and methods of Thread class  Multitasking and Multithreading  Writing Thread using Thread Class and Runnable Interface  Life cycle of Java thread  Daemon and Non-Daemon threads  Synchronization in java  Thread Group and its use  Writing a real life application using multi-threads INPUT AND OUTPUT IN JAVA  What is IO
  4. 4.  Need of IO  Streams  Concept of Serialization  Need of Serialization  How to implement it  How to implement it  Different types of IO (like from/to Buffer-pipes-files-network etc)  Customizing the Serialization (using Externalizable interface)  How to implement IO using different types of classes (like Stream/Reader/Writer)  Need of Customizing the Serialization Highlights in Training Process; Conducting demos any time to your convenience. Providing 24/7 Technical support with lab services. Certified Trainers. Easy Payment options. Hands on training for better performance in Real time Environment. We maintain flexible Batch system for your better understanding. Certified Course Content Standard Material, Real time Examples. Completing training in the given Duration. Weekdays and Weekend Batches are available. Contact Information;
  5. 5. Skype Id ; adithyaelearning Contact Number ; +91 8790679998 , 9848371343. USA + 001 224 585 7588 Email id ;, Website ;