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Adit complan edsa


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  • 1. Developing Successful Master PlansPlanning Trends – Why they have worked and will continue to work ADIT Complan – 2012 By Ryan Clifton
  • 2. DEVELOPMENT BUZZ  SustainableAWAY FROM THIS……….  ‘Green’………….TO THIS  LEED  Smart Growth  TND – Traditional Neighborhood Design
  • 3. HISTORICALLY SUCCESSFUL PLACES AND CITIES Grids  Human Scale Axes  Core Open Space  Mix of Uses Street Heirarchy  Focal Points
  • 4. ……SO WHAT NOW? FROM A DEVELOPER’S STANDPOINT GUIDING PRINCIPLES – THE PROCESS  Collaborative planning effort  Understanding the realities of your respective site  Understanding of the Target Market  Goals of a Sustainable project - Environmentally and Product Offering  Plan Flexibility  Understanding of the entitlement/permitting process  Intangibles
  • 5. GUIDING PRINCIPLES1. Collaborative TEAM Planning Effort On-Site Workshop EnVisioning Local partner Local consultant (well connected)
  • 6. GUIDING PRINCIPLES2. Understanding of the Realities of your respective site  Thorough Analysis  Historic Site Characteristics  Environmental – watersheds, vegetation, fauna  Cultural – important practices, adjacencies, etc.  Context Sensitive
  • 7. GUIDING PRINCIPLES 3. A True Understanding of the Target Market True Market versus Vision Effects of the project on the Local Population and Economy
  • 8. GUIDING PRINCIPLES 4. Goals of a Sustainable Project Environmental respect and conservation Flexible and a mix of product offerings
  • 9. GUIDING PRINCIPLES 5. Flexibility in the MasterPlan Product Phasing Overall Goals
  • 10. GUIDING PRINCIPLES 6. Understanding of the Entitlement/Permitting Process Local Partner and/or Consultant Do the homework – understand timing and overall process – what it takes
  • 11. GUIDING PRINCIPLES7. Intangibles – what will ultimately make your project successful  Uniqueness  Distinguishable  Quality Executed Design  Materials  Spaces  Increased Quality of Life  Respect for the Environment and existing Culture
  • 12. Design Elements of a Successful Plan / Project – PLACE MAKING IMPLEMETING THE PRINCIPLES Scale Character Details Heirarchy Connections Sense of Arrival Nature Amenities
  • 13. PLACE MAKING SCALE Creating Human Scale Sequence of Spaces Gateways
  • 14. PLACE MAKING CHARACTER Culture Creating the ‘Sense of Place’ Details
  • 15. PLACE MAKING DETAILS Materials – Native Color Texture Architecture Landscape
  • 16. PLACE MAKING HEIRARCHY Product – concentrated density Streets
  • 17. PLACE MAKING CONNECTIONS Focal Points Iconic Elements Series of Spaces – Physical and Visual Transportation
  • 18. PLACE MAKING SENSE OF ARRIVAL Statement Signage First and Last Impression
  • 19. PLACE MAKING NATURE / NATURAL FORM Native Natural Forms Native Building Materials Blend – built v. natural
  • 20. PLACE MAKING AMENITIES Water Features Pools Spaces Lighting Multi Use Spaces
  • 21. PROJECT EXAMPLES 1. PONT ROYAL Aix-en-Provence, FranceProject Highlights:447 acres18 hole Steve Ballesteros golf course11 tennis courtsHealth ClubLagoon Swimming PoolVillage Square with shops, boutiques,and restaurants
  • 22. PONT ROYAL
  • 23. PROJECT EXAMPLES 1. Quarry Lake Baltimore, MarylandProject Highlights:220 acresReclamation, redevelopment, and reuseLife Style Health ClubMix of Uses – retail, residential – condo,single family
  • 25. PROJECT EXAMPLES 1. Punta Mita Puerto Vallarta, MexicoProject Highlights:1200 acres2 - 18 hole Jack Nicklaus golf coursesFour Seasons, St RegisHealth Club, Spa and Wellness CenterMix of Residential ProductsConnection to adjacent local fishingvillage
  • 26. PUNTA MITA
  • 27. PROJECT EXAMPLES 1. La Torre Murcia, SpainProject Highlights:140 Hectare site18 hole Jack Nicklaus golf courses150 room boutique hotelTown CenterMix of Residential ProductsDynamic village fabric interlaced withparks and pedestrian walkways
  • 28. LA TORRE
  • 29. summary Utilize the Guiding Principles as truly a Guide Capitalize and embrace the uniqueness of Brazil, the Region, and Ultimately the Site – Context Sensitive Seek out the right TEAM PLANNING LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE URBAN DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGN FORT LAUDERDALE ORLANDO BALTIMORE BEIJING