William Adolphe Bouguereau Painter


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William Adolphe Bouguereau Painter

  1. 1. 07.04.10 12:11 PM WILLIAM BOUGUEREAU PAINTER Click Chopin Romantic Piano
  2. 2. Portrait of Anna Head
  3. 3. Work Interrupted
  4. 4. Return from the Harvest
  5. 5. Seated Nude
  6. 6. The Shell
  7. 7. The Secret
  8. 8. Rest in Harvest
  9. 9. Song of the Angels
  10. 10. Young Girl Defending Herself From Eros
  11. 11. Orestes Pursued by The Furies
  12. 12. A Soul Brought to Heaven
  13. 13. Temptation
  14. 14. Portrait of Madame la Contesse de Cambaceres
  15. 15. First Caresses
  16. 16. By the Edge of a Stream
  17. 17. Art and Literature
  18. 18. The Little Begar Girls
  19. 19. Little Mauraders
  20. 20. The Nymphaeum
  21. 21. The Bathers
  22. 22. The Pet Bird
  23. 23. Childhood Idyll
  24. 24. At the Edge of the River
  25. 25. The Gipsies
  26. 26. Les Danse
  27. 27. Crown of Flowers
  28. 28. Young Priestess
  29. 29. Nymphis and Saytr
  30. 30. The First Kiss
  31. 31. Invading Cupid’s Realm
  32. 32. La Tricoteuse
  33. 33. The Birth of Venus
  34. 34. Evening Mood The Shepherdess
  35. 35. Homer and His Guide
  36. 36. The Young Shepherdess The Little Shepherdess
  37. 37. Le Printemps
  38. 38. The Broken Pitcher
  39. 39. L’Innocence Cupidon
  40. 40. As a young man, Bouguereau put himself through the Ecole des Beaux-Arts by keeping books for a wine merchant and coloring lithographic labels for a local grocer. In his spare time, late in the evening, he created drawings from memory. This diligence and discipline resulted in an extrordinarily productive artistic life. Bouguereau produced more than seven hundred finished works and achieved a remarkable level of public acclaim and financial success. He never forgot his difficult early days, however; working secretly, he assisted young artists who were struggling as he had to pursue an artistic career in the face of financial difficulties. Like many painters of the second half of the 19th century, Bouguereau made a careful study of form and technique and steeped himself in classical sculpture and painting. True to his serious and industrious nature, he worked deliberately and industriously: before beginning a painting he would master the history of his subject and complete numerous sketches. The tenderness with which he portrayed children and domestic scenes, his technical skill and passion for the classics, and his love of rich color are hallmarks of Bouguereau's exquisite paintings William Bouguereau (1825-1905)
  41. 41. Bouguereau is a particular favorite of mine and is the generates more fan mail for this gallery than any of the other artists. Despite his artistic genius and wide popularity,very little has been written about Bouguereau, his paintings, and his methods. I have heard rumors of a few out of print books (in French and Italian) on Bouguereau but as yet I have been unable to locate any of them. One source I have heard about (but have not yet seen myself) is a museum catalog from a Paris/Montreal/Hartford exhibition in 1984 which has long been out of print (ISBN 2-89192-047-3).There is also supposed to be a nice postcard book of 30 Bouguereau paintings available from the MOMA store (212-879-5500 for $8.95 + 4.50 shipping and handling). Pomegranate Artbooks also has recently published a very nice address book and a pocket calendar with some fine reproductions of Bouguereau's paintings (Box 6099, Rohnert Park, California 94927). There is a poster available of Temptation available from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts over the net.A good book on Bouguereau has finally been published in English (in May 1996) by Fronia E. Wissman simply entitled Bouguereau (ISBN 0-87654-582-7, $30.00 published by Pomegranate Artbooks). It is a must for any serious Bouguereau fan.
  42. 42. T H E E N D April 07,2010