Michael james smith ( a c) (nx power lite)


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Michael james smith ( a c) (nx power lite)

  1. 1. 27.07.2012 12:48:01
  2. 2. Michael was born in Southend-on-Sea Essex on 22nd February 1976. Thesecond son of the British landscape artist, David Smith. In stark contrast tohis father’s early life, for as far back as Michael can remember, he wasimmersed and surrounded by artistic endeavour as his father worked in hisstudio and often when seeking inspiration and scenes for his paintings, hewould take Michael on trips to the countryside, into areas of outstandingnatural beauty. A young boy walking the hills and dales of Britain with vistasseldom seen by most, has left him with a deep and abiding love of thiscountry from where his artistic talent was to emerge and blossom.Throughout his school days, Michael excelled in drawing, painting andother art-related subjects. At the age of seventeen, he achieved a place atthe Southend College of Art and Technology to pursue his initial desire totrain as an architect. When in 1993, quite by chance, he decided to attendone of his father’s exhibitions at Harrods Picture Gallery to witness, atfirst hand, the response from the public, the respect, admiration, pleasureand delight expressed by strangers to his father’s paintings, changedMichael’s viewpoint and the realisation dawned that dear old Dad wasindeed a Master.
  3. 3. During the following two years at college, Michael began to identify morestrongly with the idea of becoming a professional artist having identified thegenre he wished to pursue quite naturally, ‘landscape art’.This idea not beingmet with much enthusiasm from his father who wanted him to complete hisstudies having been denied the opportunity when he was a young man.However, being a realist, he relented allowing Michael to set up his easelalongside his in the studio and to cut his first professional canvas at the age ofnineteen.Michael’s first painting was completed in four weeks. A local gallery acceptedit on sale or return and before he arrived home from the gallery, it was sold.This initial success was followed when shortly after a gallery inLeatherhead, Surrey agreed to display some of Michael’s works. Within a fewweeks the gallery began to purchase all of his paintings as demand began tooutstrip supply. This has been a continuing aspect throughout his highlysuccessful career with an ever-increasing international client base with overhalf of his annual output being sold in the U.S.A. Hiscontemporaries, appreciative clients are aware he is on track to become one ofBritain’s foremost landscape artistsOne of the most striking features of Michael’s work, as he strives to impart therich colours of the British countryside onto canvas, is the unique detail presentin each painting, often featuring a lowland stream, its glassy reflection anindication of Michael’s ability for intense observation.