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Gregory Packard Painter

  1. 1. 05.07.09 07:42 PM
  2. 2. Growing up with a love for drawing Gregory’s first painting experiences came later in life where in college he took a couple painting classes as he earned his bachelor’s degree in English. For a year while working and attending college he and a friend rented an art studio simply to paint and draw for fun as they had time. It wasn’t until age 28, six years after those first real painting experiences that he finally decided to open the door again to the undying urge to be an artist. He took back to back painting workshops from notable artists Robert Moore and Delbert Gish and became enamored with the work of the California and Russian impressionists. With passion ablazed he and his wife began the difficult and unending journey that many artists before have traveled. He furthered his studies with painters Robert Johnson and finally and probably most notable Ovanes Berberian. After many years with his wife’s encouragement and support, early in 2005 his wife was able to trade jobs from being a Physical Therapist to being a stay at home mom and Gregory started painting full time. At age 35 with a four year old son and two year old daughter Gregory prefers to travel and paint with his family or paint near home. “Painting is more than a career. It is a way of life. I am a father, husband and painter. Each of the three nurtures each other. I don’t know if I’ll always be so fortunate but today I am and for that I am extremely grateful.” --Gregory Packard
  3. 3. Resume: Select Exhibitions - 2-Person Show; Long Gallery; Scottsdale, AZ; March, 2006 - 1-Person Show; Marquette Gallery; Cincinnati, OH; February, 2006–2005 - 1-Person Show; Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum; Big Horn, WY; December, 2004 - 1-Person Show; Montana Trails Gallery; Bozeman, MT; August, 2005; July, 2004; July, 2002 - Salon International 2004; International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art - Six New Artists Recommended to Collect; Greenhouse Gallery; San Antonio, TX; April, 2004 - Women's City Club of Pasadena Exhibit; California Art Club; Pasadena, CA; Spring–2004, Fall–2003 - Biennial Invitational; Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum; Big Horn, WY; 2004–2002 - Wyoming Invitational; Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum; Big Horn, WY; September, 2003 - Southwest Art Selects—Artists to Watch & Steamboat Springs Arts Council; June 2003 - Paintings of the American Landscape, Howard/Mandville; Kirkland, WA; May, 2005–2003 - 5-Person Show; Bradford Brinton Memorial and Museum; Big Horn, WY; December, 2002 - 1-Person Show; Browns Gallery; Boise, ID; November 2002 - Invitational Miniature Show; Howard/Mandville Gallery; Kirkland, WA; November, 2005– 2002
  4. 4. Publications & Awards - Great Artists of Today, 2005 calendar, December featured artist - Honorable Mention for Artistic Excellence, Salon International 2005–2004 - "How Did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint Flowers & Gardens": International Artist's Magazine book - "Collector's Choice": Cowboys and Indians magazine, January, 2004 - "Artists to Watch": Southwest Art magazine, December, 2002 Painting Affiliations - Patron Artist, California Art Club Background - Born: May 3, 1970; Boise, Idaho - Current residence: Montrose, CO - Education: BA English, Boise State University, Boise, ID, 1996 Painting Study - Ovanes Berberian workshop, 2001 - Robert Moore workshop, 2000 - Robert Johnson scholarship workshop, Scottsdale Artists' School, 2000 - Robert Moore workshop, 1998 - Delbert Gish workshop, 1998
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