Georgy kurasov russian painter (a c )

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  • Interesting and beautiful! Georgy Kurasov is a very talented painter. I did not know him so far. Thank you Adita for your very inyeresting and very nice creation; the documentary text that you added is very good and useful.
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  • 1. 15.11.12 10:13 PM
  • 2. Georgy Kurasov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1958.At the age of twelve he entered the prestigious St. PetersburgArt School for gifted children, an affiliate of the RussianAcademy of Fine Arts. Georgy’s acceptance was anenormous compliment to his talents. At the School thestudents were trained in all aspects of academic drawing,including human anatomy, while simultaneously completingmiddle and high school programs. Here formed the basis ofGeorgy’s fantastic understanding of the human form, whichso characterizes his work today.
  • 3. Georgy graduated from the Art School in 1976 with the highestgrade in his square of the Ukrainian city of Konotop.That same year, he married Zinaida (Zina), a Russian iceballerina, who became the model for many of his works. In1982, he graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree inSculpture and Painting and was invited to join the exclusiveRussian Union of Artists.class. Within a month he was admitted to the renownedAcademy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg to study sculpture,where, at eighteen, Georgy was more than ten years the juniorof his classmates. While at the Academy, Georgy also excelledin painting, and procured a number of important commissions,to include an award-winning series of monuments locatedalong the Helsinki - St. Petersburg Highway, a monument to aRussian artist killed during World War II, and a memorialstatue of the famous Ukrainian poet, Taras Shevchenko,unveiled in 1981 in the central