Adrian gottlieb californian painter (a c)


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Adrian gottlieb californian painter (a c)

  1. 1. 17.07.12 12:35 PM
  2. 2.  Adrian GottliebAdrian Gottlieb’s works have been exhibited at the Panorama Museum in Germany,the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia and the PasadenaMuseum of California Art, California. His paintings are in private and publiccollections throughout the United States, in Europe and Scandinavia including therenowned Wilton House collection in Wiltshire near Salisbury, England.Painting directly from life, Gottlieb assiduously avoids the use of photographicreference material or optical aids.Born and raised in Vermont, Adrian Gottlieb’s talent and observation skills wereevident from early childhood. He worked from his imagination, from life, fromrented taxidermy specimens, and copied 19th century zoological drawings andportraits, building an early foundation for the pursuit of representationalexpression.By 15, Adrian had exhibited in the state capitol and been recognized by VermontsGovernors Madeline Kunin and Dr. Howard Dean. His painting of Abenaki TribalCouncil members won second place in the Congressional Art Competition and waspurchased by the University of Vermont for permanent exhibition.In 1993, Adrian was chosen a first place winner of the Young Inventors andCreators of America Award, sponsored by The Foundation for a Creative America;a Div. of the US Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright Offices. The award culminatedin a ceremony and exhibition held at the Jefferson Building of the US Library ofCongress in Washington, DC and a commendation from Vice President Al Gore.
  3. 3. Eager for training in more hands-on, applied drawing and painting,Gottlieb began investigating Atelier study during his freshman year atCarnegie Mellon University. He transferred to RIT where a major inIllustration allowed him to pursue realist expression. He enhanced his fineart education by attending Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy forthree summer terms which earned credit toward his BFA.Under the tutelage of Charles Cecil, Gottlieb was first exposed to the nearlost drawing and painting techniques developed from the Renaissancethrough the early impressionists.After attending an exhibit at La Specola museum, Gottlieb returned to theUS to pursue independent study in gross anatomy and anatomical drawingthrough an arrangement between RIT and Rochester University MedicalSchool. He earned his BFA (with honors) in 1998 and enrolled in theIntensive Drawing Program at the Florence Academy of Art. Within ashort time he was invited to join the full Painting Program and studiedwith Daniel Graves and Simona Dolci. Both had studied under Nerina Simiat Studio de Nera Simi and had been inspired by their interaction withItalian realist Pietro Annigoni.
  4. 4. In the Atelier and Academy tradition, select advanced students typicallyserve as;instructors. Gottlieb served as an instructor in varying capacitiesfrom 2001 through March 2002. He completed his studies at the FAA, butremained at the academy through the end of spring term 2002. Whilemany FAA core students stayed on for years, he left to focus ondeveloping a more personal style which was leading him to strive forluminosity and a more "naturalist" interpretation of color.Gottlieb stayed in Italy, painting in his flat in a Tuscan farmhouse, andtaught privately. In 2002 he was awarded the ARC InternationalScholarship Competition, which gave him the opportunity to studycomposition privately with long-time mentor Maureen Hyde.In 2003 Adrian was offered a private painting studio and teachingposition with the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art. During his twoyears as a faculty member at LAAFA, Gottlieb was the first to introduceBargue drawing, Cast Drawing, life drawing (long poses), cast painting inGrisaille to the LAAFA curriculum. He taught drawing and painting in oilexclusively from the live model
  5. 5. Gottlieb left LAAFA in 2005 to open a private studio in Echo Park,California where he dedicates his time to his ongoing personal creativedevelopment, commissioned paintings and painting for galleryexhibitions. He teaches painting techniques two days per week.Viewing Gottliebs paintings in person, one is immediately struck bythe painterly quality of his work; imparting a life force sorely missingin flat, Photo-Realist work. While he has expanded his themes toinclude more landscape and still life, Gottlieb’s passion remainscentered on figurative compositions.Adrian Gottlieb is first and foremost a professional painter. He offershighly personalized traditional training in a small studio setting,designed in the apprenticeship tradition, Gottlieb Studios & Atelier:Painting the Figure in Oils.