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Stronger than Chuck Norris: SharePoint in clouds, on earth, in subway and in the fruit salad (mango and apples)
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Stronger than Chuck Norris: SharePoint in clouds, on earth, in subway and in the fruit salad (mango and apples)

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Development of SharePoint-powered mobile apps ...

Development of SharePoint-powered mobile apps

Session at Microsoft Sinergija, Belgrade/Serbia, 10/23/2012

More in: Technology
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  • 1. Stronger than Chucka Norris: SharePoint in clouds, on earth, insubway and in the fruit salad (mango and apples) Development of SharePoint-powered mobile apps ADIS JUGO, PlanB. 23.10.2012.
  • 2. Agenda• SharePoint and mobile applications – short history• New opporunities with SharePoint 2013• Coding the Lamb-App
  • 3. Anyone remembers…?
  • 4. Anyone knows her?
  • 5. • The• Most relevant corporate data stored in SharePoint or leveraged through it
  • 6. The challenge• Data stored in SharePoint• Data consumed everywhere• User friendly, tailored to devices• Permissions and securityKeep it SharePoint style Keep it device-conformData and permissions managed in SharePoint Visualization of the data looks different on different devices
  • 7. The response
  • 8. The alternative
  • 9. The solution• Development of mobile apps that leverage SharePoint data• Data-centric apps, focusing on user processes and providing users with information
  • 10. How did we do it yesterday?• Actually, we don’t, but if we do, then…• …direct access to the lists – CSOM (ASP.NET) – SPServices – OData
  • 11. And with SharePoint 2013• Windows Phone 7.5 – SP Mobility API – Windows Phone SDK 7.1 with 7.1.1. update – SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 7.1. – Two new VS 2010 Templates:• Windows Store Apps – CSOM and/or REST – HttpClient• Rest – REST – HTML5 or native apps
  • 13. Use case / rough architecture Bing maps Data SP MOBILE API APP PNS
  • 14. But before we start, please look on the shine in his thumbs.Demo 2JANJETINA-ALERTSOMEBODYFOUND GOODLAMB-MEET!
  • 15. Push notifications andSharePoint Microsoft.SharePoint.Client. PushNotificationSubscriber
  • 17. Non-WP devices Windows 8 iPad/iPhone HTML5/jQuery Android Blackberry
  • 18. recapitulation
  • 19. questions? @adisjugo http://adis.jugo.ba
  • 20. Thank you for your attention.
  • 21. Please rate this lecture and WIN Windows Phone 8X by HTC!Help us choose the best Sinergija lecturer! HTC and Microsoft will award you – at the conference end, we’ll give one HTC Windows Phone 8X to someone from the audience – randomly. Go to www.mssinergija.net, log in and cast your votes! You can rate only lectures that you were present at, just once. More lectures you rate, more chances you have. Please use computers at the front of this room, or rate lecture from your phone or home computer, at Sinergija portal. This prize contest will end at Thursday, October 24th at 21:00. Winner will be announced at the official Sinergija web portal, www.mssinergija.net Powered by:
  • 22. Openness and Interoperability @Microsoft Microsoft and Port25 Codeplex Open Source blogs from the resources for gateway for deeper platform community developers and exploration of and the OSS Lab teams consumers of open open source http://Port25.technet.com source projects engagements http://www.codeplex.com http://www.microsoft.com /openness Interoperability Open Up Shared Source Bridges cross-Industry portal for technical collaborative Interoperability and Programmatically works Standards activities sharing code http://www.interoperabilit http://www.microsoft.com http://www.microsoft.com ybridges.com /interop/openup /sharedsource OData Open Spec BizSpark open source starter kit protocols, file formats, Program for Start-Up for Internet publishing standards, technical companies from bothof Government datasets Specifications commercial and open using the Open Data http://www.microsoft.c source backgroundshttp://ogdisdk.cloudapp.ne om/openspecific http://www.microsoft.com t ations /bizsparkHow can I receive up-to-date Openness announcements from Microsoft?In addition to the websites above, you can receive regular updates toMicrosoft’s openness, interoperability and standards efforts via the followingchannels:• http://blogs.technet.com/b/openness/• http://blogs.msdn.com/b/interoperability/• http://twitter.com/OpenAtMicrosoft• http://port25.technet.com• http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Interoperability