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Sharepoint Online and Windows Azure together: Autohosted Apps
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Sharepoint Online and Windows Azure together: Autohosted Apps


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Presentation delivered at German SharePoint Conference in Rosenheim/Munich, March 6th-7th, 2013

Presentation delivered at German SharePoint Conference in Rosenheim/Munich, March 6th-7th, 2013

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim Autohosted Apps SharePoint Online and Windows Azure TOGETHERAdis Jugo, Technology Advisor @ PlanB.
  • 2. 7.-8. März 2013, RosenheimWho?
  • 3. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim Who? Born in Sarajevo, In SharePoint worldAdis Jugo Bosnia since 2003Microsoft MVP Technology Advisor /SharePoint Server Architect @ PlanB.
  • 4. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim Agenda• SharePoint in the clouds: a long journey• Solution types and development techniques• SharePoint APPs, Azure and Office 365 Veranstalter:
  • 5. 7.-8. März 2013, RosenheimVeranstalter:
  • 6. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheimsharepoint in the clouds: history different 3rd party Office 365: providers – tenants SharePoint Online and dedicated - fpweb, (SP 2010 based) rackspace, mail2web etc stone age 2008/2009 2011 2013 star trek time BPOS - SP Online Office 365 v15 (MOSS 2007 based) (SP 2013 based)
  • 7. 7.-8. März 2013, RosenheimEvolution of SharePoint Development
  • 8. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim sharepoint solution types with 20131 2 3 Enterprise/Farm solutions Sandbox SP AppsFull trust solutions Declarative elements New Apps modelCustomizations to file Partially trusted code Deployed from corporatesystem of servers service still included for catalog or office market limited server side placeClassic model from 2007 support Manage permission and licenses specifically Preferred option
  • 9. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim apps…• …are not executed in SharePoint App pool• …are in most of the cases not even running on SP Server• …can have full trust, with user’s approval (OAuth)• …can access SharePoint Data• …can access outer world non-SharePoint Data• …can use any external resources• …can be executed in it’s own chrome, as app parts, or as SharePoint extensions Veranstalter:
  • 10. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim why apps• Isolated (safe!)• Multi-tenant• Multiple development possibilities (even non-MS stack)• Easier to deploy (no SharePointisms by deployment)• Easier to maintain (lifecycle – versioning, upgrades)• Manageable (SharePoint Marketplace, Corporate Catalog)• Cloud ready! Veranstalter:
  • 11. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim sp app design - a choice of three approaches Provider-Hosted App SharePoint Your HostedCloud-based Apps “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure” Web Site Developers will need to isolate tenantsGet remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST + Azure Auto-Provisioned AzureOAuth to work with SP App SharePoint (from Web WebDeploy, Windows Azure + SQL Azure provisioned invisibly as apps are installed DacPac) SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent web Web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client (from JavaScript for logic, UX WSP) Veranstalter:
  • 12. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheimpossible combinations
  • 13. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim azure autohosted apps• Safe• Isolated• Multitenant• Autoprovisioned• Fully cloud based• Manageable Veranstalter:
  • 14. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheimprovider hosted apps Veranstalter:
  • 15. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheimautohosted apps with office 365 Veranstalter:
  • 16. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim
  • 17. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim sharepoint apps: authentication and trustmain SharePoint site app1 SharePoint site http:// /sites/web/appguid Veranstalter:
  • 18. 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheimapps upgrade process animated Veranstalter:
  • 19. Key Takeaways 7.-8. März 2013, Rosenheim
  • 20. 7.-8. März 2013, RosenheimFRAGEN? @adisjugo
  • 21. 7.-8. März 2013, RosenheimVielen Dank! @adisjugo