Introduction Script


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Introduction script used for a usability study of the California State University, Fresno Henry Madden Library web site by campus faculty.

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Introduction Script

  1. 1. Introduction Script(Moderator: Read aloud exactly as written.)<br />Thank you for volunteering to participate. My name is ________________.We’ve asked you to participate in this survey so that we can assess how easy or difficult the web site is to use to answer common research questions. We ask that you please be honest in your responses and keep in mind that we are not testing you, we are testing how well the web site works.With your permission, we will be capturing the information from the screen and videotaping you while you are navigating the web site. The information collected today will be confidential and you can stop at any time, although you will not receive compensation if you choose to quit.This study includes a talk-aloud method that involves you speaking aloud about what you're thinking while you are searching for an item through the web pages. Please tell us what you are doing and, as much as possible, why you are doing it. <br />For example, if you are finding something easy or difficult, describe what you are doing and what is making your search easy or difficult.[Moderator: demonstrate the talk-aloud method by using this example:  Suppose you asked me to find the library’s mailing address.  I’d turn to the computer and say, “Hmmm, I think I need to open the library’s website, but I’m not sure how to find an internet browser on this computer….”  Continue talking through the process of opening a Safari browser window and looking for the address at the bottom of the Library’s homepage.] <br />Do you have any questions about this method?<br />Please note that I will not be able to offer you any help with the activities because we want this to be as much like it would be if you were using the site on your own. However, I will be happy to answer your questions after the session is over.<br />Also, I will periodically ask you to return to the library's home page. You can click the Home icon (point out) to go back to this page.<br />Please remember that this is not a test of your ability to use the site, but a test of the library's website. There are no right or wrong answers. If you are experiencing difficulty finding something, please verbalize that but continue to search. And, if you are unable to answer the question, please let me know and we will move on to the next one.Do you have any questions? <br />Let’s begin. <br />