Movie poster analysis


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Movie poster analysis

  1. 1. The slogan “welcome to crystal lake” is used to intrigue the viewers to make them think The subject in the poster has been made to look what this could mean; it will make them want bulky and strong and is also disguised with a to find out more about the subject of the mask, this follows typical slasher movie movie. It is also juxtaposition, this means it narratives, he is also holding a weapon which conflicts the image, by using a juxtaposition it seems to be a gun or a large knife, and this is will make the viewer think what could be in possibly a phallic symbol which could subject this place that is so bad or threatening. both violence and sexual contents throughout the movie. The image is angled upwards thisThe use of low key lighting is is to empower the killer in thevery dark a misty making the picture, because by looking up atimage appear very sinister. This him it gives the viewer a sense ofalone is very impacting but as being looked down upon, ityou can see behind the killer suggests almost that the viewer isthere is what appears to be the victim and is on the floormoon light coming from the defenceless. Also the rule oftrees, this is to highlight the thirds has been used to centre thekiller and make him centre of killer in the middle of the poster,attention throughout the poster, this again is a way to make himthe way the light creates shadow seem more empowered and themakes the subject in the image main subject of the poster, againappear very evil. alongside the use of lighting it highlights the killer making him the first thing you look at in the poster. Use of red is a representation of blood, gore and death, also the text is very sharp this would be to symbolise weapons, sharp objects that are used to intentionally hurt something. Only the date and title of the movie have been highlighted in red conflicting the black background, this is so the viewer will look to them and take in the important information, this will increase sells and makes the poster seem more impacting and give a sense of horror.
  2. 2. The slogan “New Decades. New Rules” has been included to the poster to give the viewer The image has a lot of negative space around it only something to think about, to make the wonder filling the centre with positive space, the image is what this could mean, it will also make the brought forward with the use of lighting coming viewer want to see the film to find out for from behind the mask, this is to create shadow and themselves what it means and if they guessed make the image seem more sinister, it also right or not. enhances the look of the knife in the image making it look sharper and more dangerous. If you use the rule of thirds you can see theA very low key lighting poster has been laid outhas been used to make so the image is in thethe image appear again centre of the page, thismore sinister but to also is also the draw thebring in more viewers of viewer to that point sothe poster, this use of they will see the imagelow key lighting will be first, the impact fromappealing to any the way the image looksaudience that are will then persuadeinterested in this people to go and watchparticular genre of film. the movie. The font is white to conflict the black background and to be clear and stand out from the poster, but the number “4” has been put in red, this is because red is normally a symbol of gore, death , blood ect. By using red not only does it highlight the important information on the poster such as the date of release, number of movie and the slogan but it also is quite an impacting colour and will draw in more views. The letter “M” in the word scream has been made to look sharper than the rest of the letters, I think this is due to the fact it is almost like the hidden villain amongst the letters, representing a hidden murderer. Also by making the “M” sharper really brings forward the idea of death because sharp objects are associated to pain and murder.
  3. 3. The rain added in the image creates aeerie effect and it also makes the image The slogan “Family is forever” will make the viewer thinkmore interesting, you could say it make what could this mean, but when you look at the image youthe image seem heavier which could can also see the knife is pointing straight at the slogan, thishave some impact as to how someone could have been done to evasive the fact the slogan meansmay view this image. The rain also directs the opposite to what it says, to say Family is possibly foreverthe viewer to the bottom of the page through death. It really make the viewer more analytical ofwhere they will gain the most important the poster and make them want to view the movie toinformation such as the title the date of completely understand what it means.realise and credits.The camera is slightly The top font is made toangled upwards which look as if it is worn or amakes the subject in the bit dirty, this could be toimage appear to have make the poster appearmore power, this straight more gruesome, it alsoaway tells us that he is expresses differentstrong and the villain in possible aspects thatthe movie. It also makes could be in the filmthe image more striking itself.making the viewer feel asif they are being lookeddown upon making themfeel insignificant or Some areas of whitepowerless. font have been highlighted and enlarged so the viewer will take in important pieces of information such as “Rob Zombie” and the date of release. The image on this poster is almost centred which is very The title of the poster has been made similar to most other horror based film posters. The image red and buld, the use of red is a very has been made to look like a stormy sinister and eerie day conventional use in the horror genre this is to enhance the idea of misery, it is also placed in a due to what it symbolises, the font is filed which is a typical convention from horror films of an very blocky this could be to make the isolated area. The image has very specific lighting for subject appear a lot more masculine example the surrounding is very dark and dull toned but and strong. The red in the font looks the subject in the image is brought forward by the white of almost like fore which could be a the clouds behind him, this is so the viewer will focus to representation of destruction or heat this particular area of the poster, it also really brings the for that matter. image forward so it is easy to spot.