Horror trailer analysis final


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Horror trailer analysis final

  1. 1. Trailer AnalysisIn what ways does my media product use, develop or challenge forms of conventions of realmedia products?In our trailer we had to follow the conventions of a typical horror trailers in order to clearly presentthe genre. We aimed to create a slasher trailer, to convey this genre correctly we used conventionssuch as the sound and how it can influence the tension and sense of fear in our trailer. When weconsidered sound we had to think carefully how we could make it effective and how we could createstigma and change the equilibrium throughout the movement of our trailer. For example whenediting sound into our footage we had to careful think how we could successfully create a sense offear and tension, this lead us to using a very sharp and quite chilling sound nearer to the end of ourtrailer. When adding this sound to our trailer we made it so it became more rapid and fast passnearing to the end of our trailer, by doing this we had hoped to achieve a sense of enigma and tospeed up the viewer’s imagination and curiosity of our trailer, to make them think what mighthappen next? As a group we decided we wanted to create a slasher trailer this is why we had to bevery considerate as to how we captured our audience’s attention. Because of our decision we had tolook more into our genre in order to fully understand it, for example the slasher movie A ChainsawMassacre is a very good example of the conventions we wanted to convey throughout our trailer.From looking at A Chainsaw Massacre we were able to see how we as a group could createequilibrium to disequilibrium, for example our setting was placed mainly in a woods. The reason weplaced most of our scenes in the woods was to create the sense of isolation with nowhere to go, tocreate a ire atmosphere and to put the audience on unsteady grounds. When we began our filmingwe made it so that our victim was in a open field with nothing surrounding her, we did this to createa sense of equilibrium at the beginning of our trailer, to make our audience feel calm and to make itappear as if nothing bad could happen. By putting our Vitim in a open space it creates a form ofsafety because she is able to see at all angles and get away if trouble came along. This sense ofequilibrium is similar to that of A Chainsaw Massacre, for example in Chainsaw Massacre a similarform of equilibrium is create at the beginning of the trailer, making it seem as if the victims are safefrom danger, but as the trailer goes on this equilibrium changes into disequilibrium, for example thecar in the trailer breaks down and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. When looking at ourtrailer you can see we too have attempted to create a form of disequilibrium in a similar way toChainsaw Massacre. In our trailer we made it so our victim slowly gets lost into the woods and is leftwith nowhere to go and lost. By doing this we have tried to create a sense our victim is beingwatched and is slowly falling into the hands of danger. When making our trailer we tried filming ondays where the lighting was dull making the atmosphere and surrounding seem bleak and giving ourtrailer a uncountable feeling about it. By using different conventions in our trailer we are creating aelement of fear, our aim is to make the audience fear what they might see next and to draw them inand make them want to see more.We had to consider how we would portray our victim who in herself is too a major convention inhorror movies and trailers. To follow the convention we had to make her appear weak and small butstill give her sense of intelligence. For example in our trailer we dressed our victim in smart clothingwith a posh looking coat and bag, by doing this we have already made her appear as if she is well offand quite wealthy. This in turn leads to an appearance of intelligence. When filming our victim wewanted to make her seem as if she was small, weak and scared, this is common in all horror trailers
  2. 2. depending on the character being portrayed, for example in our trailer the main victim is aimed tobe a intelligent young girl who just happens to walk into the wrong situation. To make our victimappear weak and defenceless we had to consider what type of shots we wanted to use in our trailer,for example to make our victim seem weak we had to take shots such as above shots, by doing this itmakes her appear as if she is small up against her surroundings and looked over. Our victim neededto look as if she was weak, to create this we considered her meise-un-scene and the way sheappeared, for example our victim is wearing glasses, by her wearing glasses we have created aninnocent appearance, this is because glasses are very much looked upon as something young geekypeople would wear, this makes it seem as if she is a hard working overly protected young girl. Bygiving her glasses it makes it a lot clearer to the audience that she is aimed to be a fragile andinnocent character in the trailer and movie.To create a successful slasher movie trailer we also had to consider the main aspect of a typicalhorror genre, which of course was the villain. In contrast to the victim the villain had to appear morethreatening and strong, to create this effect me and my group again had to consider the differentaspects of appearance and other technical appliances we needed to use to portray this. To make ourvillain appear a dark and threatening figure in our trailer, we had to focus on the costume, forexample looking back on our trailer we decided that dressing our villain in a big bushy coat, with awhite hockey mask would make our villain seem anonymous, odd, threatening and evil. By using amask we were able to conceal the identity of our villain making him seem more hidden. By using amask we also created a question for our audience, this question was “what or who is behind themask, and will we ever see them?” we wanted to create stigma towards this character, giving ouraudience something to anticipate. By creating this kind of anticipation we have drawn in ouraudience and made then want to see if they were right, resulting to them watching both our trailerand film. We wanted our villain to wear a big bushy coat due to the fact is conceals our characterand makes him seem darker, more hidden. We basically wanted to make it appear as if our characteris trying to appear anonymous, this is more threatening due to the fact this kind of concealmentmeans our victim can’t identify their killer resulting to more fear of their villains appearance. It wasdifficult making our villain follow the conventions of a typical Slasher trailer, this was due to thegender and appearance of our actress. When filming we had to use a female actor because we wereunable to access any male actors, we had to be very considerate due to this. For example we wantedto follow the general conventions for a slasher trailer like A Chainsaw Massacre for example, wherethe Villain is a strong appearing male who has a threatening appearance, to assure we could createthis in our own trailer we had to make the build of our actress appear larger and bulkier to resemblea males body, we had to make sure we could hide any evidence of our actress to be female to allowa successful outcome for our villain. We also had to consider camera angles for our villain, forexample we used higher angles on our victim to make her appear weak and insignificant, but we hadto use the contrasting angle for our villain, for example lower angles to make him appear taller andmore significant, by making him appear taller we have created a looking over effect on our victimmaker her seem small up against our villain, looked down upon, this in result makes her seemhelpless toward our villain who appears threatening. There is also the factor of alpha male, bymaking our villain seem stronger and our victim seem helpless, we are portraying the typical viewacross society that the male is stronger and in charge, where as the female should stay obedient tothe male. This type of characteristic is generally presented in slasher films, but most try to maketwists making the victim stronger then the villain, resulting to more enigma.
  3. 3. What did I learn from audience feedback?When making our trailer we made it using a range of stages. Throughout these stages we would aska group of people to come along and analyse what they thought of our progression as we went onwith our trailer, we asked them to tell us what they thought was good so far and what was neededto be changed in order for the trailer to become successful. When we first presented our trailer toan audience to see we were given helpful feedback, for example we were told that our progressionto begin with was at an ok position but we needed to show our conventions more clearly and chainour footage so it was not so messy and made more sense. As a group we took this information in andchanged what was needed to be changed. We began by trying to link our footage together so thatthe story of the trailer was a lot clearer to understand. As we did this we noticed gapes in ourfootage and took this into consideration, this was what pushed us to develop on our film and createmore scenes. When we looked at some of our feedback we noticed that the audience we showed ittoo wanted us to make it clearer what the story line was, this was another reason we continued tofilm extra scenes to our trailer, we decided we had to capture more action throughout our trailermaking it more effective and more relevant. When taking extra footage we took most of it of ourvillain, this was because at the time we thought that we didn’t have enough footage of our villainand this may be why we hadn’t quite achieved presenting our story line to our audience.As a result to adding to our trailer we then sent it out to be seen again to check on our progression.When seen a second time we got feedback of approval. We were told we were successful at makingthe story line more apparent, we had managed to link the scenes accordingly making the watchingexperience of our trailer smoother and more understandable. We were told to considerexperimenting with more scenes just to allow our trailer to have more, and to present itself moreeffectively. As a group we decided we should take some more scenes to allow our trailer to work toour audiences requests. Other then expanding the length of our trailer, we also added effects tomake our trailer more effective, for example, in some areas we used a fade in and fade outtransition to allow each scene to mould into each other, allowing it to run smoothly, but it also gavethe trailer some texture and a build to enigma. We found the feedback very helpful, and it allowedus to approve our trailer and take on new ideas and work on our own.How have you used media technologies in the construction and research, planning andevaluation stages ?In order to create and understand how to construct a trailer I had to use different media to allowmyself to gain enough research and resources to finally creating my own trailer. In order to researchfor my trailer I had to look at different other trailer posters and footage in order to understand theconventions of Slasher themed movies. In order to find this information I used the internet to allowmyself to look at sites such as wikapidia, wikapidia was a great help towards my research due to thefact it provided me with multiple forms of information to do with the trailer or movie I was lookingat. A better form of information resource was from the site IMDB, this site is specialized forproviding a large portion of information on just movies and media productions but it’s main focus ison movie information, this was a large help because it was a direct and reliable source ofinformation on different trailers I had researched. I also had to consider the presentation of myfindings, this lead me to using different presentational sites, for example the site slideshare, this siteallows me to create a presentation on a program such as Word and then transfer this presentation
  4. 4. onto slideshare which organises my presentation into a slide presentation, once I have made myevaluation or research into a slide presentation I can then copy the URL from Slideshares site andcopy it to my blogger to allow my work to be presented. To protect and develop upon my work Iused the blogging site Blogger to present my work and to allow myself to upload presentations andexamples of my work to then present and develop as I progress.To make my trailer I had to use equipment such as a recording camera to capture all my footage. Toedit my footage I used a video editing program that allows me to edit and improve my footage thisprogram was displayed on the Macs that were provided. I was able to transfer my film to the Mac’s,In order to upload the footage taken I had to connect the film to the Mac using a USB connectionand transfer, once opening the footage that was of good enough quality to use, I uploaded some tothe system Xilisoft Video. Xilisoft Video is a video converter. My reasons for using a video converterwas so that the footage I had to edit was the right format for the use of Apple Mac video editing, forexample to allow my footage to be of good quality and to enable me to use Mac’s programs I had toconvert all my footage to a HD video resolution. Once I had successfully converted my footage I hadto transfer the conversion to a folder labelled “Converted files”. The folder for the convertedfootage was produced to allow our work to be placed on the editing software to be safe andorganised so we could use it appropriately.