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Contents pages

  1. 1. When you look at the content page for NME The composition for this is veryyou will notice that the use of colour scheme is On the content page the head line well thought of, they have madeconsistent from what is used on the front ‘NME THIS WEEK’ is cleverly placed to it so you look from the top leftcover. By repeating the use of Red, Black and the top left hand side of the hand side and are drawnwhite it almost creates a sense of rhythm magazine, this is because it is normal towards the right and lead tothrough the magazine, this is used to lour in for the reader to look from left to the main story. The use of text isthe target audience and almost convince them right from the top of the page so very basic and easy to read, butto continue reading. Also the colours Red, placing ‘NME’ there means the reader at the same time it is bold andBlack and white are very stereotypical colours will see the logo of the magazine, this stands forward, this type of textused to portray the target audience for this is so the reader can identify the is used because it almostmagazine, this attracts most viewers. magazine before reading it. symbolises the target audience, loud, expressive, big and bold.To The left hand side of thecontent page is an added The five banners to thefeature labelled the Band right present what isIndex, this is very informative featured in the magazine,because it presents all the they direct you where tobands in the magazine and it go and inform you aboutdirects you to the page they the subjects . I have comeare on. to notice that the first thing I look at when I see this content page is the masthead, and when I look at this I follow it over towards the contents page numbers , this is intentionally done to lead the reader to the main feature and content of the magazine. It again continues to lead you round the page . The main image features the main story about the band the Kasabians, the image presents the story described in the sub-heading. The image is large and has a lot going on in it, because the colour scheme features a lot of white in the background, the image Use of advertisement to invite the which is quit dark stands forward, suggesting this is audience and inform the audience. the main story. Also is a way to make more income. Advertising things such as gigs and subscriptions, things the audience for NME are interested in.
  2. 2. The logo “Q” is placed to the top left hand side of the page because the reader will be reading left to right on the page, so the producers of the content When you look at Q’s content page you can see that page have made sure that the first thing they have continued a consistent use of the colour you see is the logo of the magazine, red, this has been done to allow the reader to be again this has been done so the reader navigate around the page according to the most can identify the magazine, it also leads and least important information on the page, it is the reader towards the title “CONTENTS” also used to highlight the logo “Q” to allow the again a way to allow the reader to readers to recognise the magazine . identify the purpose of the page. The main image is of one of the members from “BEADYThe main story in the EYE” the use of image is largemagazine has been and takes up a large portion ofidentified on the content the page which would lead thepage by their use of reader to thinking this was thehighlighting the description main story featured in theof the band “Queen” in red magazine, but the main storyunderneath a small picture is of the band “Queen” so thisof the band. This has been could be a misleading featuredone because by to the content page. But ithighlighting the description may be that this band is just asred will drew the reader important as the bandtowards that description ”Queen” there for because offirst. They have also made this they have tried to showthe title “Queen” a lot both of the two bands to belarger then the other titles just as important as onefeatured on the story another in the magazine.board, this again is to drewthe reader to this particularstory. When you look at this content page you can see that only two images are used and really only two to three colours have been used. Although this is so, it still looks very professional. By not using so many elements it allows the reader to navigate the page without any trouble, it is also very attractive which draws in reader interest.
  3. 3. The yellow on the title of theUnlike most Contents pages this one does not page is brought forward by thefeature the magazine title(logo). In most cases black back banner, it draws thethe title would be featured to advertise and reader towards the top rightidentify the magazine when the reader looks hand side of the contents page,through the magazine, but to replace the this is so the reader is then drawnsame advertisement they show the whole towards the stories of theimage of the cover to the top left hand side of magazine, the use of repetitivethe contents page. By doing this it does colour across the page createsidentify the magazine but not so it is entirely direction for the reader to followclear. so they can consume the important information. For the content it features the topWhen you look at this stories and what pagecontents page the main they are on to allowimage is of “Chiodos” but the reader to navigatethey aren’t the main round the magazinestory in the magazine. without anyThis might have been problems. For thedone to identify the most importantsecond most important stories this contentstory in the magazine, page also featuresbecause even though pictures, this helpsthis has been done it bring in readersdoesn’t take away from because usingthe fact “Metallica” are pictures is interestingthe main story of the and it may be that themagazine, due to the fact reader recognises onethey are mentioned subject and ismore in the magazine immediately drawn inthen “Chiodos” are. to reading the magazine. This contents page doesn’t really contain any large advertisement, but it does kind of advertise a new band. It is presented in a way that they are using different bands to advertise other new bands. For instance the quotation says “ Angles and airwaves? Never heard of them. But Blink 42’s not a bad band” By using this quotation this magazine is advertising and influencing the audience into listening to particular bands and music which will bring in readers by the influence of the media.