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Analysis of magazine covers

  1. 1. This front cover of “Q” has a colour scheme of red, black and white. Red and white occupies most of the cover this is due to the fact the logo is made up using both of these Although Cheryl Cole is the main subject of this colours and by doing this it creates a sense cover, the logo covers her image, by doing this of rhythm and connection through the page the creators of this cover wanted the magazine layout. The use of red is very clever because it’s self to be the main characteristic of the it also links to the picture used on the cover. cover . This is so the magazine company is being The picture of Cheryl Cole shows her wearing more advertised then the artists featured on the red lipstick, this links to the logo and to some cover. of the sub – headings, this connects the whole page and allows the reader to navigate the page. Red is also a very strong colour and will draw in attention. This cover is very professionally done, although it shows the characteristics of a The stories featured in the gossip magazine, magazine are shown to the such as a lot of left hand side of the page. information (sub – They are quite small in size headings ) placed and are over taken by the round the page. To main heading. stop their This is because although magazine from these stories are part of the looking like a magazines content Cheryl gossip magazine Cole is the main story. The they have used a heading “3 words Cheryl suitable layout, Cole ROCKS” presents her as also their use of an artist to be wild and in colour is very sleek some way out of control. and fits well with Also the use of image again their chosen font, presents her to be wild, new which is also very and fresh. classic and sleek. By using only one image on the frontMany different fonts have been used on this cover this just cover makes it aso the reader will be drawn in. But by enlarging some font lot morelarger the others it help the reader to be drawn in and to understandablyidentify the different subjects on this page in order of and tidy (this helpsimportance to the magazine. For instance the main heading reader navigation)is the largest and is also placed underneath the image of theartist it describes, this is to allow the reader to understand The head title of Q is made to look very sleek to matchthat this is the main subject . The smaller titles placed in the type of magazine this is. It is made to look thatbanners are of the less important stories, but they have way because Q is a magazine that celebrates andhighlighted the ones with more importance in red, this may reviews a range of different music which could bebe because these artists are very popular at the particular considered to be Indie music. It also means that bothtime, and by highlighting them in red they will gain more men and women will find it attractive.readers.
  2. 2. When you look at this NME magazine you can see there is a big difference from the Q magazine in terms e of layout and elements on the page. For The colour scheme for this NME magazine is red instance NME looks much more like a gossip and yellow. The use of red is to link with the logo magazine but still holds a professional look. When and to create a sense of rhythm and to make you look at this cover in particular it has a lot of navigation round the page understandable. The images presented next to their story (banners used to use o yellow on this cover I think is to highlight present the stories) this makes the cover to look very the smaller stories and particular elements from gossipy also sub- headings such as “Arctic Monkeys these stories . Split!” presents gossip appealing to the target audience for this magazine. The use of yellow also links to this photo where The image presents the the music artist is main subject of the wearing yellow magazine contents of the sunglasses . FOO FIGHTERS. The shot used is a head shot, by using this type of shotWhen you look at the main you have to rely on theheading it is much larger to facial excretions tobe identified as the top story understand the artist andfor this magazine issue. It there form of music. Buthas been placed to the left as Foo Fighters are a wellhand side of the page so known band, by using awhen a reader looks at it similar face It will drew inthey are drawn directly to readers.the large image of the storythe headline describes. They have used advertisement to drew in their target audience, I may also use thisThe subject of this technique to help makemagazine has been my magazine morehidden behind the title of appealing .the magazine, this leadsme to think that themagazine is more The fonts used are mostly similar to one another so The title NME stands forimportant then the main the reader won’t get confused and the cover won’t New Musical Express, evenartist featured on the come across as tacky. The font used for the headline though it has a meaningcover. It shows me that looks like it is warn, this is to make the cover to look behind it also sounds likethe developers of this as if it has been bashed about, this is because of the enemy, which is verymagazine wanted to type of music it presents which is rock. It is what suitable for this magazine,advertise their magazine would be described as a hard core font. this is because this magazinemore then they wanted to features mostly rock typeadvertise e the stories in music and some Indie, andtheir magazine. the name NME is symbolic to this type of music.
  3. 3. The title Kerrang is used because it sounds like an electric guitar being loudly The colour scheme for this Karrang magazine is of yellow and strummed, so it is symbolic towards rock red. The use of yellow is to stand out and highlight the music, which most of kerrangs contents content of this magazine. The main image on this cover is of contains. They have made the font of the the lead singer in My Chemical Romance, in this particular title also to match the rock theme, by image he has red dyed hair, because of this the cover making it look as if it has been slightly developers for this magazine chose to use red font and bashed and rubbed you can almost get this banners to link with the main image and story. image of someone smashing there guitar and running riot to the music, this again is so the reader can get a feel for the type ofThe image used of the lead magazine this is .singer to My ChemicalRomance is very clever. It hasbeen placed so it looks as if The title for the bandthe lead singer himself is My Chemical Romancepresenting the band, almost is similar to that of theas if he is giving it to you, this magazine name, warnwill gain readers and make and bashed about, thisthem want to buy this gives me an idea thatproduct. It is a very inviting this band plays rockpicture by use of body music. Also in the “O”language, it is very useful to from the wordtake a mid – shot because it Romance it featuresallows you to do more, like the bands new Albumthis magazine does. logo of a spider, this is clever because not onlyThis magazine is part of a does it present thecollection, this is a good way band but it links toto get people to buy more their story about theirmagazines especially if they up coming albumare a fan of this ban, this will “DangerDays”.make them want the entirecollection. Use of advertisement with poster specials to drew in readers to make This magazine comes across as a gossip magazine, I think this them want to buy this magazine. To because even though it has been presented well and it’s the bottom of the page because it has layout is easy to understand and navigate as a reader, it still less significance then the rest of the has some elements about it that presents it to be a gossip magazine. mag. For instance the use of stories jotted around the page and advertisements placed to the bottom of the page is what You can see that My Chemical Romance is more is commonly used in gossip magazines. But because this important then the magazine it’s self because magazine keeps a colour scheme and has one main image and they have made it so the image overlaps the only a few smaller images it makes it come across as banner with Karrang on it. This means that the professionally done rather then it to be tacky and quickly put producers of this magazine want My Chemical together. Also because most of the images are of purposeful Romance to e the main subject of this magazine. shots not paparazzi shots, so again making it look It ia also because it is a special so the people professional. paying for the magazine will want to see the artist on the front.