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This was my project for final year in 2011

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  • m doing same project..plz provide source code...mail at manav.rajora@gmail.com
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I fall ppt

  1. 1. Done byAmit Kumar KeshriAdil Mateen KhanAditya Prakash Rao Aditya Raj
  2. 2. What is ANDROID? A mobile OS initially developed by Android Inc. basedupon a modified version of linux.Consists of Java apps running on Java based OO applicationframework.Developed by Open Handset Alliance in partnership withGoogle.Versions of android: a) Android 1.5 b) Android 1.6 c) Android 2.1 d) Android 2.2 (Android FROYO)- most used version.
  3. 3. We propose a low priced system that is well suited to allthe requirements by using existing mainstreamtechnologies that are reliable. Our approach is to usefasting growing device like programmable cellular phone.Reasons for using android cell phone: Cost reduction. Integrated hardware. Cell phones are discrete than a dedicated monitor device To limit false positives we implement several falldetection algorithms and two stages of communication
  4. 4. Background User response service for detection bydetecting fall using alerting user to accelerometer respond Timer to wait for Reset ifall If the user responds user response application If the user doesn’t respond Send emergencymessage to the care Send message to authority social contacts set by the user. Wait for people to respond
  5. 5. iFall runs a inconspicuously as possible whileusing limited resources.When the algorithm suspects a fall the servicewill wake up and interrupt the user.If the user responds, the previous activity isrestored and iFall will sleep again.By only waking up the activity when a fall issuspected or requested by the user, we allowapplication to run on top of iFall while weminimize our memory consumption and userinteraction.
  6. 6. Activities of Daily Living(ADL) are normal activitiessuch as walking and standing.The forces exerted during ADL are usually different thanthe forces during a fall.A fall typically starts with a short free fall period.This causes the acceleration’s amplitude to dropsignificantly below the 1G threshold.
  7. 7. Reliability and reduced number of falsepositives mean greater adoption by emergencyservices.Our system provides a viable solution toincrease fall detection among people.Using existing, mass marketed technologieswill limit cost making it available to themajority of the public.
  8. 8. Our system provides a viable solution to increase falldetection among people. Using existing, mass marketedtechnologies will limit cost making it available to themajority of the public.Implementing proven fall detection algorithms makes thesystem highly reliable. Reliability and reduced number offalse positives mean greater adoption by emergencyservices.The importance of the cell phone in everyday lifedecreases the chances of being forgotten. Everydayinteraction with the phone makes the interface morefamiliar to the user.
  9. 9. A cell phone is also less intrusive thandedicated devices The familiar interface, non-intrusiveness, andaffordability leads to less rejection from users.By combining cheap hardware and opensource software, we hope to provide a realisticanswer to reducing the long-lie period for theelderly.