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Faces Of Italy Off The Vine - Media Guide 2010

Faces Of Italy Off The Vine - Media Guide 2010



How Can You Place Your Product/Service Ad ...

How Can You Place Your Product/Service Ad
during our segments of Faces of Italy? Our cooking
show is produced by ElectricBear Studios and Hosted
by My Family TV, nationwide, with over 60 million
There are MANY different products we can use as we
wardrobe, accessories, nail polish, makeup, candles,
books, kitchen accessories and so much more.
Product placement lasts for the LIFETIME of the
show. Each time the episode is shown, including new
networks and reruns, that product will be seen over
and over again. We can take ads out but we cannot
take products back out! Contact us for details of this
amazing media package.



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    Faces Of Italy Off The Vine - Media Guide 2010 Faces Of Italy Off The Vine - Media Guide 2010 Document Transcript

    • ElectricBear Studios ElectricBear Studios Media Guide 2010
    • Advertise with Us Television Advertising Product Placement How  Can  You  Place  Your  Product/Service  Ad     during  our  segments  of  Faces  of  Italy?  Our  cooking   show  is  produced  by  ElectricBear  Studios  and  Hosted   by  My  Family  TV,  nationwide,  with  over  60  million   households. There  are  MANY  different  products  we  can  use  as  we   wardrobe,  accessories,  nail  polish,  makeup,  candles,   books,  kitchen  accessories  and  so  much  more. Product  placement  lasts  for  the  LIFETIME  of  the   show.  Each  time  the  episode  is  shown,  including  new   Does   your   business   networks  and  reruns,  that  product  will  be  seen  over   have   a   tv   or   web   com-­ and  over  again.  We  can  take  ads  out  but  we  cannot   mercial?   Commercials   are   everywhere   on   the   take  products  back  out!  Contact  us  for  details  of  this   web.   You   might   be   amazing  media  package. missing   out   on   a   very   important   marketing   tool,   the   internet.   Sure   you   have   a   web   site,   Facebook  page,  Twitter,   blog   and   maybe   even   a   newsletter,   but   is   that   enough   to   get   you   no-­ ticed?  Video  is  the  way   to   go   these   days.   Now   the   technology   is   get-­ ting   even   easier   to   use.  
    • www.FacesofItaly.tv Media Kit 2010 Product Advertising Embeded in Episode Forever! Unlike  commercials  which  can  be  changed  accord-­ ing  to  the  what  the  networks  want.    We  embed   your  product  in  our  show  so  it  cannot  be  removed,   your  product  placement  lasts  for  the  LIFETIME   of  the  show!  Who  else  can  offer  you  that? Contact  Sales:  Sales@FacesOfItaly.tv  
    • Advertising Billboards Billboards  show  at  the  end  of  the  show  for  5  seconds. Advertising Lower Thirds Lower  thirds  show  on  the  screen  during  the  show.  We  place  your  logo   on  screen.
    • www.FacesofItaly.tv Media Kit 2010 Advertising Billboards & Lower Thirds 1. 2. Here  we  see  Chef  Stella  showing  us  how  to  cook  Chicken  Parmesan. Contact  Sales:  Sales@FacesOfItaly.tv  
    • Advertising Billboards & Lower Thirds 3. Here  we  see  Chef  Stella  and  Chef  Kevin  with  the  lower  third. 4. Here  we  see  the  billboard  just  before  the  end  credits  of  the  show.
    • www.FacesofItaly.tv Media Kit 2010 Advertising Website Banners We  can  add  banner  ads  at  the  end  of  an  episode   of  Faces  of  Italy  each  episode.   Put  your  banner  on  our  website  and  blog. Contact  Sales:  Sales@FacesOfItaly.tv  
    • EPISODE- We build a 22 minute Episode that consists of typically 4 (5 minute Recipes). These Episodes will be televised on national and international broadcast markets such as MY FAMILY TV and IPTV. The number of networks is growing on a monthly basis. COMMERCIALS- There is also Commercial advertis- ing between segments in the EPISODE but also as the beginning and end of the RECIPES for cellphone cookbook and Windows Media Guide distribution channels. RECIPE- Each Recipe is then aired as a stand alone item on the Cell- phone markets (The current contracts list this at over 2.5 BIL- LION viewers for the international market and 350 MiILLION for the US Canada/Virgin Island cellphone markets. Billboard Advertising can be o ered at the end of ev- ery EPISODE as well as the end of every RECIPE. They typically last 5 seconds and have a quick voice over (V/O) to announce their participa- tion in the creation of the pro- gramming. They can be inserted into any RECIPE or EPISODE as often as the advertiser chooses, or only in select markets. Product Placement or Branding is embedded in the series. As the RECIPE is shown to the various dis- tribution methods, the BRANDING will also follow along. Each time the RECIPE is aired or viewed the product branding will be visible! Unlike the BillBOARDS, product BRANDING will be with the show for life.