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  • 1. ( in Netherlands)
  • 2. Sex Industry  The term sex industry conveys :- the large scale of sex markets in general- their capacity to generate income- interrelationships with other large industries and infrastructures- diversity of businesses involved
  • 3. What is prostitution?  The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money.
  • 4. Where is it legal?  Australia  Las Vegas Brazil  Philippines
  • 5.
  • 6. Especially… AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS. One of the first countries in the world to recognize voluntary adult prostitution as a normal occupation.
  • 7. Prostitution policy in Netherlands Rules for brothel to operate: Licensed Must not be a disturbance to neighborhood. Fully equipped (panic button, hot & cold running water). Provide condoms. Protection of workers (physical & mental).
  • 8. Form of prostitution Source:
  • 9. Causes  Business Individual Demand for sex slaves  Family & Social Porn industry Problems Massage parlours  Psychological mindset (Happy Ending ^_^) of some Brothels men(supporting the Escort Services fantasy) Modeling agency Dating services
  • 10. Effects  Society Individual Diseases (HIV and AIDS)  Emotional conflicts Morally corrupted  Drug abuse Family conflicts  Unwanted pregnancy Prostitution and (leads to abortion) pornography come hand  Health problems (eg: in hand infertility) Connection With Human Trafficking/sex  Intimacy problems trafficking
  • 11. Benefits of legalizing prostitution  Decreases crime rate Protects the womens health as it encourages annual health checks Reduces street prostitution A form of employment for a country A taxable profession.
  • 12. Reasons of not legalizing prostituition.  Destroys traditional living and values Prevents the increase if sex trafficking Slows down the rise of the sex industry Discourages the habit of men buying women in society
  • 13.  business plan
  • 14.  To avoid
  • 15.  prevent unsafe sex.
  • 16.  language test.
  • 17.  operator required to present at the business hours.
  • 18.  Operators are required to keep spy.