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Just a little talk I did about my Premium WordPress Themes business model.

Just a little talk I did about my Premium WordPress Themes business model.

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  • 1. Adii says “Hi!” What is Premium WordPress Themes? ★ not available for free / sold for nominal fee ★ additional features (not included in free themes) ★ superior custom coding ★ unique theme back-ends (automated modification of themes) Target Market? ★mass-market appeal ★ambitious bloggers / seeking more professional & sophisticated solution ★ inability to code it themselves ★ can’t afford a custom WordPress design Premium WordPress Themes
  • 2. So what am I doing? ★ Theme Marketplace... Premium News ★ URL... ★ Launched... 2 November 2007 ★ Currently... 4 theme releases ★ Current Collaborating Partners... Mark Forrester & Magnus Jepson ★ Future Collaborations... Elliot Jay Stocks, Carlos Aguaron, Jason Schuller, Dave McNally & about 4 others... Premium WordPress Themes
  • 3. So how do the themes look? Premium WordPress Themes
  • 4. So how do the themes look? ★ Strong grid-layout ★ Magazine / News style theme - content-driven! ★ Multimedia focused (Featured Panel, Videos, Images) ★ Optimized for advertising spaces ★ Minimalistic design - allow easy & extensive modifications by users Premium WordPress Themes
  • 5. Sales!? Huh!? Premium WordPress Themes
  • 6. Success, Collaborations & Wisdom of crowds ★ Why collaborate? Time constraints, new skills, different design styles etc. ★ 2 design minds better than one!? ★ Profit-sharing agreements with all collaborative partners ★ Build relationships / entry into new markets as consequence ★ Banking on the wisdom of crowds... ★ All theme concepts are put up for feedback on ★ On average... 50 different people provide input on concepts ★ Result... Improved end-results Premium WordPress Themes
  • 7. Competitive Advantages & Threats Why we doing so well? Where’s the competition? ★ Credible reputation within community ★ Affiliates - Generating 5 - 10% of our overall sales ★ Support Forum - established December, 250+ active members helping other users ★ Automated theme delivery system / sales processing Threats? ★ Piracy ★ GPL License of WordPress - I might have no legal rights... Premium WordPress Themes
  • 8. Questions!? Premium WordPress Themes