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LDD Southern Summit 2013 - LinkedIn - Transforming the way the world works
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LDD Southern Summit 2013 - LinkedIn - Transforming the way the world works


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Let's Do Digital Southern Summit 2012 - Nicolas Cappiello, EMEA Sales Director, Linked In. …

Let's Do Digital Southern Summit 2012 - Nicolas Cappiello, EMEA Sales Director, Linked In.

With more than 238 million members, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet. These professionals are adding information to their profiles, sharing insights, and building their networks every day on LinkedIn.

This activity not only helps make professionals more productive and successful; it also helps companies to revolutionize the way they Hire, Market and Sell.

Whether it's finding the right talent; engaging the right professional with the right brand message; or making the sale, the needs are the same. This is what LinkedIn enables, better than anyone else.

Published in: Marketing, Business, Career
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  • Earliest Adopter – The first person to sign up and create a profile on LinkedInMost Connected– The person with the most 1st degree connectionsMost Popular– The person whose profile was viewed the most in the past 30 daysMost Endorsed– The person with the most total endorsements
  • Objectives of this SlideBack up 5 years in history to remind everyone that in a very short time, Social Media has had a profound impact on the worldExplain that this impact is all because of what people can do together, when they’re connected in large numbers in a network------------------------------Mainstream usage of Social media is only 5 years old, and has already demonstrated the revolution that has taken place in consumers’ lives.These Time magazine ‘person of the year’ covers demonstrate how much social media has impacted the world in just these short 5 years
  • Objectives of this Slide: Contrast the social graph with the economic graph Set the backdrop of European economic troublesExplain what the economic graph is and how it can help solve economic issues, and how LinkedIn is uniquely positioned to develop the economic graph--------------------------If the first five years of social media were about the social graph, then we think the next five are about the power of the Economic Graph Large parts of Europe are facing the toughest economic climate seen since the 1930s. Unemployment is at 27% in Spain, youth unemployment stands at 60% in Greece and even Germany is starting to soften. I think it’s fair to say that here in the UK, the jury is out on austerity.We believe that LinkedIn has the power to help change this. Our ultimate dream is to expand on our professional graph and develop the world's first economic graph. In other words, we want to digitally map the global economy, identifying the connections between people, jobs, skills, companies, and professional knowledge -- and spot in real-time the trends pointing to economic opportunities. Can we illustrate this with tangible examples?
  • Objectives of this Slide:And how are going to do this? Through our missionState LinkedIn’s missionReinforce the shift in emphasis – we’ve connected the world’s professionals (238 million and counting) and are now really focused on helping them be more productive, and ultimately more successful
  • This mission has never been more important than now. Back in the 1960s, people could expect to have an average of two employers throughout the course of their working lives. Today, it’s 13. Our founder, Reid Hoffman, wrote a book around the implications of this called The Start-up of You.It explores how this changing nature of work invites everyone to behave as a business owner or entrepreneur. It puts the onus on each individual to take charge of their professional direction, to continually assess and re-assess where they are, how they are meeting their personal objectives, how they can improve themselves and their prospects. In the changing world of work, professional development is not something that happens passively, whereby you remain in one organisation and advance inevitably through the ranks; it’s something that you have actively work to control and pursue.
  • This is what my network looks like, the InMap. this represents my opportunity - to get insights, to share ideas, to create and collaborateAnd that this is just your first degree connections. When you add in your second & third degree connections, your potential reach, sphere of influence becomes pretty hugeThe Internet has transformed how information is created and accessed, and how people connect and collaborate. The future belongs to networkers. And this is changing people’s mindset when they engage with a professional network.
  • And what is it that people are looking for when they come to LI? Increasingly, it’s insights. Information to help them be better at what they’re already doing.Our members engage 6x more with content on LI than they do with our jobs propertiesWe’ve just celebrated our 10th anniversary and in that time our members’ relationship with content has changed immeasurably. Greater demand, greater engagement, and an amazing desire to use content to establish and express your professional identity. That’s why LinkedIn has evolved a multifaceted strategy to reflect this and respond to our users.
  • Identity is your profile on LI
  • Objectives of this SlideSet up LinkedIn as a professional publishing platformTalk about how we’re aggregating content and individualizing it for our members, every day, with LinkedIn Today----------------------------------------LinkedIn and Content The platform has really evolved in the last 3-5 years. LinkedIn Today is a perfect illustration of this. More and more of the content experienced on social media is being distributed, aggregated, targeted and discussed through LinkedIn.  
  • 3rd release of LI mobile app.More content consumption on mobile device vs. desktop.Mobile is at the very center of our content strategy.
  • Talent is the DNA of an organization.The better the company’s talent, the more effective the organization will be in building, marketing, and selling its products and services. Many organizations and talent professionals believe that the best quality candidates for their jobs are already working and are not proactively looking for their next opportunity. We call these people passive talent.These professional networksenable companies to do passive recruiting at scale, and thus focus recruiters’ valuable time on finding the ideal candidate, regardless of whether or not they are actively looking for a new role.  
  • Passive candidates not only represent potentially high quality for your organization; they are also out there in quantity. Based on LinkedInresearchpassive talent accounts for almost 80% of the fully employed workforce around the world. So if you want to hire people who want to make a difference in the workplace, who are looking for a place where there’s a strong cultural match, and who are hungry for challenging work, you should be opening your search up to passive candidates.
  • Social selling is about advancingrelationships at the right time with the right individual and the right information.
  • Our LinkedIn founder – Reid Hoffman talks about I To the power of we in his book, co authored with Ben Casnocha, The Start Up of You.And this notion of I to the power of we is about leveraging your network and the relationships that you already have.And social selling empowers sales professionals to do just that.Social selling enables an organization’s salespeople to eliminate cold calls in favor of warm prospects by leveraging the power of their networks.  Now, rather than invest material cycles and investment in identifying cold call prospects and trying to reach them, employees can look up the prospect on LinkedIn, and via the prospects profile page, check for mutual connections up to three degrees and subsequently be introduced in the right context, materially increasing the chance to close deals faster because people buy more from people with whom they have relationships and trust. 
  • From a marketing perspective – we need to think about how you show case your brand presence and help to build trusted consumer relationships with these high quality audiences at scale.
  • LinkedIn is the most effective place to engage with professionalsLinkedIn enhances a company’s brand presence and helps to build trusted consumer relationships with high quality audiences at scale. LinkedIn enables companies to engage with professionals in unprecedented ways, e.g. seniority, functional area, type of company, size of company, geography, etc. When combined with highly effective tools -- such as the company follower model, i.e. the ability to target a company's followers with status updates, white papers, headlines, new product announcements, etc.; custom groups; and special editions of LinkedIn Today, -- LinkedIn enables companies to deeply engage with one of the most influential, affluent, and highly-educated audiences on the Web.  LinkedIn’s audience enables marketers to target at scale the highest composition of influential, affluent and educated decision makersMembers have 2X more buying power than average, more than other top 5 social media sites$83k HHI average for members in US3.9MM CXOs and VPs among our members55% of members are college grads or have post-grad degrees
  • Hubspotwas one of our first pilot customers and has seen very strong performance. They had a 15% conversion rate from clicks to leads from their Sponsored Updates and their CPL was 50% lower than their target CPL. We recommend that you get started as soon as this product is available, because there will be significant first mover advantages. Since the product is sold through an auction, initial clearing prices will be low but will rise as competition increases. First movers can take advantage of this dynamic to drive very efficient CPLs. Additionally, the auction gives preference to companies who have a history of high CTR updates. By getting in early and building your history, it will continue to pay off for you over the long run even as competition increases. You’ll learn what content converts best for your audience and you will have an edge over late-comers.
  • Let’s look at how Cathay Pacific leveraged LinkedIn to promote their newly designed business class cabin. They wanted to specifically target business travelers in the US who fly to Asia frequently and often travel business class. They wanted to raise awareness of the new cabin and generate engagement and recommendations among these travelers.                                                          We worked with them to help them leverage the sophisticated data on LinkedIn to segment and target business travelers who regularly fly between Asia Pacific and the West Coast. First, we used demographic targeting such as seniority and function to identify professionals who are likely to travel frequently are would be more likely to travel in business class. In order to isolate members who would be likely to travel to Asia, we overlayed the demographic targeting with participation of groups such as the China Network Groups and the connection of members in the US to people in Asia to find those with a high propensity to travel between the two markets.  The campaign was highly successful in reaching the right audience with an engaging message in the right context. They currently have over 675 recommendations, which are extremely valuable because of the relevance of the people who are recommending Cathay such as this example here.
  • Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every professional. Consider for a minute 40 million Brazilians became middle-class in the last decade. That’s a staggering number and it represents a significant economic opportunity. That’s one BRIC economy. There are others coming up. The definition of professional goes beyond the traditional. As I mentioned earlier, we’re seeking to evolve the professional graph into an economic graph by overlaying the professional knowledge of individuals and companies onto a digital manifest of every economic opportunity in the world (full-time and temporary).The skills required to obtain those opportunities; the profiles for every company in the world offering those opportunities; the professional profiles for every one of the roughly 3.3 billion people in the global workforce.Once realized, we then want to get out of the way and allow all of the nodes on this network to connect seamlessly by removing as much friction as possible and allowing all forms of capital, e.g. working capital, intellectual capital, and human capital, to flow to where it can best be leveraged. In doing so, we believe we'll be able to empower individuals and business to spot opportunity and in doing so, help lift the global economy. We’d love to have you with us on this journey.
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    • 1. Transforming the way the world works Nicolas Cappiello EMEA Sales Director, LinkedIn
    • 2. Transforming the way the world works Nicolas Cappiello SMB Sales Director, LinkedIn ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    • 3. Adido Let's Do Digital Southern Summit Bill Fryer Rob Mitchell Earliest Adopter Most Connected Julia Budniak Mike Howell Most Popular Most Endorsed
    • 4. 2006 2010 2011 4
    • 5. 2014 5
    • 6. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 6
    • 7. The world of work has changed 1960s Today
    • 8. The Future of Work ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    • 9. Identity, Insights, Everywhere. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 9
    • 10. Identity Connect, find, and be found
    • 11. Insights 1.3M+ Publishers 3.1M Weekly Member Shares 65K Weekly Company Shares 175M Company Follows
    • 12. Everywhere
    • 13. Hire
    • 14. The best talent are typically not looking for work <20% ACTIVE 238M+ MEMBERS >80% PASSIVE LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved 14
    • 15. Sell
    • 16. Who loves cold calls? Who What How Who are the Right People? What to talk about? How do I get a warm intro? +238M +2B Billions members member updates per week connections ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LSS 16
    • 17. Markett
    • 18. The most effective place to engage with professionals 2.3M+ 3 Business Travelers 115K€ Average household income Sources: TGI 2012 2M+ Business Decision Makers 49% College grad or post grad
    • 19. Maximize reach across LinkedIn by combining Display, Sponsored Updates, and InMail inMail  Reach: directly in the LinkedIn inbox Display  Reach: across desktop pages Sponsored Updates  Reach: across all devices via the LinkedIn feed
    • 20. Case Study: Sponsored Updates "We have seen very high quality leads coming in from our sponsored updates on LinkedIn. Not only can we target the audience we want to, we can promote our best performing content. “ Hubspot LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    • 21. Engaging the right audience with the right message at the right time
    • 22. Our Vision. Create economic opportunity for every professional ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 22