LDD Southern Summit 2013 - Adido - The theatre of the future-friendly website


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Let's Do Digital Southern Summit 2013 - Chris Cherrett, Senior User Experience Developer.

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  • Thisused to be the web.
  • Great to see everyone here today with their iPads, iPhones.It’s not a bad thing (I’m not angry with you)
  • TheiPad wasn’t around a couple of years agoEaraof Ubiquity
  • Nobody is a mind readyNobody knows that’s around the corner
  • (8x – This is been propped up by desktop’s internet adoption itself)
  • The highlighted area is the only reason anyone would go to this page
  • Don’t use a lack of real-estate to slash-back functionality
  • Users want to do the samething on their mobile as theirdesktop
  • Quantitative Screen SizeConnectivity (3G/4G)Device Capabilities(camera)Processing PowerInput MethodsQualitativeUser GoalsUser Environment (*today”)User AttentionUser Capabilities
  • Old Context = Sitting at PCNew Context – Anywhere*Context is Fuzzy*Quantitative Screen SizeConnectivity (3G/4G)Device Capabilities (camera)Processing PowerInput MethodsQualitativeUser GoalsUser Environment (*today”)User AttentionUser Capabilities
  • LDD Southern Summit 2013 - Adido - The theatre of the future-friendly website

    1. 1. The Theatre of the Future-Friendly Website Chris Cherrett Senior UX Developer Adido @chrischerrett #letsdodigital
    2. 2. “The future of web and mobile design is that there is no distinction between the two.” - Tarun Mitra, 2013 source: https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/587b66677bf3
    3. 3. This is not the web.
    4. 4. This is not the web.
    5. 5. This is the web. source: http://bradfrostweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/devices.jpg
    6. 6. This will be the web. (we’re already seeing this…) source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    7. 7. Apple’s iWatch (?)
    8. 8. source: http://www.wallibs.com/newimg/
    9. 9. There is no such thing as future-proof
    10. 10. But we can be future-friendly
    11. 11. “The things that we create today will exist beyond what we originally intended them for” - Brad Frost, 2011 source: http://vimeo.com/29961436
    12. 12. You have to reach your target user, wherever they are, whatever device they use.
    13. 13. Today's smartphones are sculpting the landscape of the web • Mobile web users are estimated to have reached one billion • Mobile internet adoption has outpaced desktop internet adoption by 8x • Smartphone sales surpassed worldwide PC sales in 2011
    14. 14. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    15. 15. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    16. 16. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    17. 17. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    18. 18. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    19. 19. Give people want they want.
    20. 20. Make stuff that is worthwhile.
    21. 21. People’s capacity for non-relevant content is rapidly diminishing. source: Brad Frost – “For a Future-Friendly Web“
    22. 22. non-relevant non-relevant non-relevant non-relevant nonrelevant non-relevant nonrelevant non-relevant non-relevant non-relevant non-relevant
    23. 23. Responsive Web Design allows us to build websites that are optimised for screens of all sizes; small mobile devices, tablets and large desktop monitors. RWD will drive the decline of standalone mobile optimised sites and native apps. In fact, it is already the trend and the right path to follow.
    24. 24. “Design is how it works” - Steve Jobs
    25. 25. Large-screen and Small-screen user interactions are polar opposites (or are they?) Factors such as Click versus Touch, Screen-size, Pixel-resolution, optimized markup and many more have become crucial.
    26. 26. Today
    27. 27. Craft an optimal experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling — across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to large monitors • Fluid • Media queries • Rules based on device characteristics • Proportion-based grids • Percentages — rather than absolutes • Flexible images • Progressive enhancement • Context • Quantitative & Qualitative
    28. 28. “Keep it light, please!” “Geek me up!” (I want to know it all)
    29. 29. http:// live.adi.do Network: adido Password: digitalbetter
    30. 30. Fixed Fluid vs. • • • • A wrapper with a fixed width Percentage or fixed width columns Same width seen by all visitors A 960-pixel width has become the “standard”. Most website users are assumed to browse in 1024×768-pixels or higher. • • Percentage widths Adjusts to screen resolution
    31. 31. <link rel=“stylesheet” media=“only screen and (maxdevice-width: 480px)” ref=“/css/iphone.css” /> source: @wilto (Mat Marquis)
    32. 32. <link rel=“stylesheet” media=“only screen and (maxdevice-width: 480px)” ref=“/css/iphone.css” /> source: @wilto (Mat Marquis)
    33. 33. 59% 44% Watching TV Commuting 80% Downtime 66% Shopping 71% Waiting in line source: http://blog.compete.com/2010/03/12/smartphone-owners-a-ready-and-willing-audience
    34. 34. isruption will only accelerate. The quantity and diversity of connected devices — many of which we haven't imagined yet — will explode, as will the quantity and diversity of the people around the world who use them. Our existing standards, workflows, and infrastructure won't hold up. Today's onslaught of devices is already pushing them to the breaking point. They can't withstand what's ahead. Proprietary solutions will dominate at first. Innovation necessarily precedes standardisation.
    35. 35. Technologists will scramble to these solutions before realizing (yet again) that a standardised platform is needed to maintain sanity. The standards process will be painfully slow. We will struggle with (and eventually agree upon) appropriate standards. But there’s hope…
    36. 36. While we can't know exactly what the future will bring, we can: 1. Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability 2. Think and behave in a future-friendly way 3. Help others do the same The future is ours to make - friendly
    37. 37. source: www.futurefriend.ly
    38. 38. Thank You
    39. 39. Resources Brad Frost – http://bradfrostweb.com Future Friendly - http://futurefriend.ly Medium - http://medium.com Compete - http://compete.com “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Isaac Newton