The emotion side of business analysis


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The implications of Emotion in Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering

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The emotion side of business analysis

  1. 1. The Emotion Side of Business AnalysisCopyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting 1Unearthing Information hidden within Enterprise Stakeholders’ Hearts and Souls
  2. 2. Context• A recent article by Anne Kreamer in the HarvardBusiness Review (HBR) was titled ”How One CEOGrows Her Business with Feeling”• This is a list of important statements found in thearticle:– “Successful Social Entrepreneurship Combines Mind andHeart”– “Emotion Creates a Common Language”– “Emotion Attracts Good People”– “Emotion Inspires Ongoing Development and BuildsCommunity”– “Managing Emotion Effectively Keeps Business On Track”Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting2
  3. 3. Context• In the execution of their tasks, BusinessAnalysts are often confronted with challengesthat can be attributed to the manifestation of“Emotion” throughout an organization.• Overcoming Emotion based challengesdirectly contributes to realizing the HBR’s 5statements listed on the previous slide.Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting3
  4. 4. Context• Pragmatic Cohesion has formulated a framework forBusiness Analysis called the Business Analysis Compass• The Business Analysis Compass includes a ThinkingPerspective called the Holistic Perspective• The Holistic Perspective is very well defined by Dr.Harold Kurstedt. His work on the subject is a primaryreference.• The Holistic Perspective helps in understanding andapproaching “Emotion” and its manifestationsthroughout an organizationCopyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting4
  5. 5. Context• The side of the Business Analysis Compassthat is most impacted by emotion isRequirements Gathering• We stipulate that Business Analysts shouldconduct Requirements Gathering activitiesthat incorporate a proper understanding andapplication of the Holistic PerspectiveCopyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting5
  6. 6. Context• BAs during Requirements Gathering primarilyfocus on capturing from various stakeholdersProcess Flows, System Components, Activities,and Resources for an existing or future systemor process.• There are very well documentedRequirements Gathering tools crafted to thatend (See BABOK®)Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting6
  7. 7. Holistic Perspective and RequirementsGathering• The Holistic Perspective reminds BAs that theymust equally understand:– The Soul of an organization: “Its spirit…The spiritinspires enthusiasm, devotion, commitment,dedication, and a regard for the honor and thevalues of the group”– The organization ultimate Purpose or Essence:“look beyond the physical into what the workers,machines, and products are, what they do, andwhat they do it for”Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting7
  8. 8. Holistic Perspective and RequirementsGathering• The Holistic Perspective reminds BAs that theymust be able to: “– Read between the lines– Interpret empty space (blank space on a page orsilence in discussion)– Understand the flow and feeling of a single line,word, or image– Realize [Perceive] the meaning or essence of asystem”Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting8
  9. 9. Holistic Perspective and RequirementsGathering• The Holistic Perspective reminds BAs that RequirementsGathering sessions:– Must “include everyone (or their representative) who will gainor lose by:• one alternative being selected or ranked over another• [or one Requirement being included or formulated a certain way].”(Brackets added)– Are “meetings of the right people with mutual respect, goodcommunications, a good process for participation, and a sharedpurpose.”– Are “A group of human minds [who] can consider things noanalytic model can and the group can render a synergisticanswer…Synergy is what you get when the holistic perspectiveis working. In synergy the whole is greater than the sum of itsparts.”Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 Pragmatic CohesionConsulting9
  10. 10. Copyrights (c) 2010-2013 PragmaticCohesion Consulting10 Didier at Pragmatic Cohesion Consulting to conducteffective Business Requirements Elicitation meetings usingIndustry’s Best Practices