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Janio's store visit

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  1. 1. Type Info Here [in Master View] Houston FO Recap 1
  2. 2. Type Info Here [in Master View] Observations Challenges • Surrounding stores had very competitive The store generally looked clean and sales being advertise in their windows. easy to navigate. Windows were clean, (Ex. Up to 70%, 50 – 75%, BoGo) as well as fixtures inside the store. • Outlet Mall is not found on GPS, Google Apparel was priced correctly and had proper signage. Maps, or any other navigation system. This has cause many tourists to get lost Both SM and store associates were on the way there. Mall reps are aware of attentive throughout the day with this issue. customers. They made sure they greeted everyone that walked in. Opportunities • Merchandise Standards • Mannequin Styling • Refilling Shoe Bins, never let it go empty • Kids should be merchandised together in women's area 2
  3. 3. Type Info Here [in Master View] Store Front Before Mannequins are all wearing different categories. Running, Soccer and Basketball. Mannequins are all wearing similar outfits and yet, different categories 3
  4. 4. Type Info Here [in Master View] Store Front After The store just received brand new full shipment of tech fit and training. We decided to showcase that in the window. This assures that the customer will find the sizes they are looking for. You’ll notice the mannequins are all wearing similar categories. Windows should always display merchandise that the store has a healthy size run of. * Side note: Windows do not have a light track. This causes the store front to be dark at night and reflection on the glass during the day. 4
  5. 5. Type Info Here [in Master View] Nesting Tables Before Need to add accessories to table Golf table in the front and golf apparel on the back wall 5
  6. 6. Type Info Here [in Master View] Nesting Tables After Create lifestyle look Mannequin was added next to the nesting table to better showcase the product. Also, the table has plenty of option for the customer, i.e. bag, shoes, caps. Remember to always keep categories together. 6
  7. 7. Type Info Here [in Master View] BackWall Bags should not be use on top of walls . This is especially important when bags do not match the category they are on top of. 7
  8. 8. Type Info Here [in Master View] Footwear Bin Footwear Bins should never be empty. If a specific footwear is running low, they should be moved to the hash and be replaced with a sku that has a good inventory. 8
  9. 9. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising When creating a visual product presentation, always including matching accessories to entice the customer to buy more than one product. Also, make sure you show more than one outfit put together. 9
  10. 10. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Continuation… Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! 10
  11. 11. Type Info Here [in Master View] Kids Kids should be group together and not separated. It should be merchandised next to the women's department. Prior to this, kids boys was in the men’s area and kids girls was in the women’s area. 11
  12. 12. Type Info Here [in Master View] Summary I had a great visit at the Factory Outlet at Houston. They are in a great location and feel with the standards they have just learned, they will keep the store looking in top shape. Keeping the mannequins are fresh and updated is essential to the visual presentation of the store. Learning what product to display and learning how to merchandise accessories is key to have a good presentation. Implementing this will help with KPI’s and product sell through. It is important for the store to assure that most of the product they have a full size run is out and not in the stockroom. Going forward, any question that Erin Weidner (GM) may have, should contact her DM and have the questions forwarded to her VM corporate contact Bridget Zadoff. Also, the store should continue showing the great customer service I noticed when I was there. 12
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