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Janio's store visit

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  1. 1. Type Info Here [in Master View] Aurora FO Recap 1
  2. 2. Type Info Here [in Master View] Observations Challenges • New mannequins are required The store was in great shape. I was very • Fixtures need to be updated. pleased to walk in and see a store that not only looked clean and organized, but • Store need additional add ons to fixture also merchandised to full capacity system (i.e. shelves, face outs) without looking cluttered. The store’s ASMs have done a fantastic job at keeping the store running efficiently without a GM. They should be very proud of what they have Opportunities accomplished. Having the store in this great of a • Styling of Mannequins condition, allowed me to go over more • Implementing new visual guidelines VM standards that I believed I was going they have learned with this visit to be able to. • Converting customers This store is an example of what other FO stores can look like, especially those with the older fixtures like this one. 2
  3. 3. Type Info Here [in Master View] Overall View Overall, the store looked clean and well organized. They did not have bags on top of footwear bins, nor were the collections mixed improperly. Great Job!!! 3
  4. 4. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls Before This picture illustrates Men’s Golf. Notice how everything is faced out. Avoid using same color shirts next to each other and try to have different levels across. 4
  5. 5. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls After Notice how there are different levels and we are demonstrating footwear and accessories that go with the apparel. Also, some items were side hung to give it a different dimension. 5
  6. 6. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls Before Here’s another example of facing out every item. Avoid using the same color side by side. From afar, it may seem to the customer that it is the same apparel repeated. Not enticing at all. 6
  7. 7. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls After In this picture, it demonstrates how using the same merchandise that was there before, we can give the wall a different look and character to it. We are also able to display footwear and accessories that we couldn’t before. Also notice, long sleeves and short sleeves are not merchandised next to each other. When possible, try to separate like items like these and mix up the collection. However, like colors are together to sell a full outfit to the customer. 7
  8. 8. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls Before This walls shows why repeating items in face outs is not recommended. It limits the amount of merchandise you can display. When limited colors are available, you can mix them together as long as they are complementary colors. Also, mix in the accessories and avoid having them in a single corner. 8
  9. 9. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Walls After This picture demonstrates how deleting some colors from the previous walls, we can better tell a story. We increased the amount of apparel and accessories the wall can hold by simply remerchandising it. The bag ties in with the current “bag stuffer” promotion, hence helping with the UPT’s. Always use what your store has in inventory and take under consideration what message you are telling your customer. Also, we side hung some of the apparel on the top tier as well. This gives the wall a separate look from the men’s wall. 9
  10. 10. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Before Instead, use this space to add footwear displays and additional apparel. Doing so, in this case, completes the story of women’s golf. It’s a perfect way to cross sell to you customers footwear and apparel. Do not add half bust form in the six ways. This takes away selling space. 10
  11. 11. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising By remerchandising properly, it is Before possible to add up to six different sku’s in apparel. Hence, improving the chances of a customer finding a complete outfit. This picture shows only three skus being shown in the front side of this six way. Also, do not display the empty show box with the shoe, it’s distracting. 11
  12. 12. Type Info Here [in Master View] Summary I had a fantastic visit at the Factory Outlet at Aurora. They are in a great location and with the standards they have just learned, they will keep the store looking in top shape. Keeping the merchandise fresh and updated is essential to the visual presentation of the store. Learning what product to display and learning how to merchandise accessories, is key to having a great VM presentation. Implementing this will help with KPI’s and product sell through. They have done an outstanding job at keeping most of the merchandise out on the floor and not in the stockroom. Joyce Reddinger and Aaron Ring have done an outstanding job keeping the floor organized and ready for business. They should be very proud of what they have accomplished. Their hard work definitely made it easier to teach them VM elevated standards. Going forward, any questions they may have, they should contact their DM and have the questions forwarded to their VM corporate contact Bridget Zadoff. 12