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This is My present about Font and Typeface structure, Font formats and font engines, also font render technology.

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  1. 1. ‫سه گانه زبان و ادب پارسی بر پهنه سپهر مجازی‬ ‫- دفتر اول: قلم‬ ‫- دفتر دوم: قلم پارسی، زبان پارسی، نشر رومیزی‬ ‫- دفتر سوم: سامانه یونیکد، زبان پارسی و سپهر مجازی‬
  2. 2. ‫به اهنر و تکنیک چیدمان نشانهاها‬ ‌‫ه‬ Line Spacing ‫تایپوگرافی گفته می شود‬ Typography Face of Type Line Length Point Size"Typography is now something everybody does."
  3. 3. digital typographyprinting press desktop publishing Font Typeface
  4. 4. What is font:Wikipedia: In typography, a font is traditionally defined as a quantity of sorts composing a completecharacter set of a single size and style of a particular typeface.“9-point Bulmer” is called a font, and the “10-point Bulmer” ‫قلم چیست؟‬ ‫بطور سنتی، مجموعه ای از نشانه ها با شکل، سبک و اندازه یکسان قلم گفته میشود‬ ‌‫ش‬What is Typeface?In typography, a typeface is the artistic representation or interpretation of characters Typeface Font-family
  5. 5. Typeface anatomy-------------------------serif :: Times new romanMicrosofts version of Times New Romanlicensed from MonotypeFree alternatives:FreeSerifLiberation Serif-----------Sans-serif :: Arial :: MicrosoftFree alternatives: Liberation Sans is ametrically equivalent font to Arialdeveloped by Ascender Corp. andpublished by Red Hat in 2007 under theGPL license with some exceptions--------Monospace:: FreeMono
  6. 6. Computer Font:A computer font (or font) is an electronic data file containing a set ofglyphs, characters, or symbols such as dingbats. (‫به داده های الکترونیکی شامل مجموعه ای از گلیف ها، نشانه ها یا علمئم، فونت )قلم‬ .‫کامپیوتری گفته میشود‬ ‌‫ش‬ .‫قلم کامپیوتری حاصل تحقیقات پبسیار یشرفته آزمایشگاههای شرکت های عظیم است‬ ‌‫ش‬Apple : AAT or Apple Advanced TypographyMicrosoft: Microsoft TypographyAdobe: Adobe Type
  7. 7. ‫گلیف )‪ :(Glyph‬به حالت نمایشی یک نشانه گلیف گفته می شود.‬ ‫بـ ، ـب ، ـبـ ، ب‬‫گلیف های ترکیبی )‪ :(Glyph‬به گلیفی که ترکیبی از چند گلیف باشد.‬ ‫آ، أ، ئ، ...‬
  8. 8. Computer Font Types:- Raster Fonts (Fast Render, Low Quality)8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72, and 96 points * Portable Compiled Format (PCF)Use in Console
  9. 9. Computer Font Types:- Outline Fonts (ComplicatedRender, Very High Quality)** Glyph based on Bézier curvep(t) = (1-t)2p0 + 2t(1-t)p1 + t2p2(a)X2+(b)X+C=0
  10. 10. Format of outline fonts:Type 1 and Type 3 : .pfb, .pfa : Adobe TrueType : .TTF : AppleOpenType: .OTF : Microsoft & Adobe
  11. 11. TrueType :: .TTFDeveloped by Apple Computer, Applelicensed TrueType to MicrosoftFreeType project of David Turner attemptsto create an independent implementationof the TrueType standard- FreeType FreeType is included in manyLinux distributions
  12. 12. OpenType: .OTFCreated by Microsoft and Adobe, built on its predecessor TrueType1. Accommodates the Unicode character encoding (as well as others), sothat it can support any writing script (or multiple scripts at once).2. Accommodates up to 65,536 (2^16) glyphs.3. Advanced typographic "layout" : kerning, Baseline, ligatures4. Cross-platform font files, which can be used without modification on MacOS, Windows and Unix systems.
  13. 13. kerning :process of adjusting the spacing between characters ina proportional font
  14. 14. Baseline
  15. 15. ‫:‪Typographic ligature‬‬ ‫ترکیب اجزاء زبان نوشتاری که منجر به ایجاد یک گلیف جدید میشود‬ ‫ش‌‬ ‫ل+ا = ل‬ ‫ل+ا ≠ لـا‬
  16. 16. 1) Subpixel:2) Font rasterization:: (Font Render Engine)Microsoft :: ClearType : subpixel rendering technologyMac OS Xs :: QuartzPDF documents are usually rendered with AdobeCoolType.Most other systems use the FreeType library2-1) anti-aliasing :: 50% gray2-2) Font hinting :: remove extra Shadow
  17. 17. Point . Pixel . Em . % ::1 point = 1⁄72 inches = 25.4⁄72 mm = 0.3527 mmpixel_size = point_size * resolution(dpi) / 72
  18. 18. Glyph Structure:** Glyph based on Bézier curvep(t) = (1-t)2p0 + 2t(1-t)p1 + t2p2
  19. 19. How many points are necessary? Base on True Type
  20. 20. The Master grid, Master Outline (EM square):pixel_size = point_size * resolution / 72 Sample: 12*300/72 = 50px (Size of EM Square)TrueType fonts use an EM size of 2048 units; Type 1 PostScript fonts have a fixed EM size of 1000grid units but point coordinates can be expressed as floating values.Grid units are very often called font units or EM units.
  21. 21. Font EnglineBase on TrueTypeHow the font engine works - The master outline description of the glyph is scaled to the appropriate size. - The scaled outline is grid-fitted according to its associated instructions. - The grid-fitted outline is scan converted to produce a bitmap image suitable forraster display.1. Master Outline -> 2. Scaled Outline -> 3. Grid-fitted Outline -> 4. Raster image
  22. 22. DropoutA dropout is filled in using a DELTAP instruction
  23. 23. The TrueType Font File:1. Glyphs (‘glyf’) :: glyph id2. Character to Glyph Mapping (‘cmap’)subtablesplatform id ,...3 . Glyph Names (‘post’):4 . Metrics, Style, Weight, etc. (‘hmtx’, ‘hdmx’, ‘OS/2’, etc.)hmtx: advance width, left side :: h. In right to left scripts,glyphs still are described using a left to right coordinatesystem.5 . Kerning (‘kern’) ‫ادیب بهروز‬ ‫اسلمی فر‬
  24. 24. Font management software:Linux desktop environments (such as KDE and Gnome) managefonts for applications using their internal
  25. 25. ‫پایان‬