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  • 最後にごく簡単ですが、社会的インパクトモニタリングの事例として、 ARUN の一番最初の投資先であった Sahakreas CEDAC の有機米事業の評価結果を共有したいと思います。
  • 昨日の Koma さんのプレゼンでより詳細を聞いた方もいらっしゃると思いますが、簡単に事業の概要をおさらいいたします。 Sahakreas CEDAC の母体は、 CEDAC という農業 NGO です。 CEDAC のミッションは小規模農家の生活の質の向上です。 生活の向上を促すための事業として、第一に SRI とよばれる環境に配慮した、オーガニックライスの稲作の技術を、 NGO の CEDAC を通じて 10 万世帯に普及させています。 第二に、農民が組織化することを支援しています。有機米についても村で生産者グループを作っています。 第三に、 Sahakreas CEDAC の事業分野となりますが、技術を学び組織化された生産者から、 Sahakreas CEDAC が有機米を買い取り、カンボジア内外のマーケットで販売するという生産者と市場の結びつきをもたらしています。
  • Arun a2 iwata

    1. 1. ARUN’s Social Impact Monitoring Measuring social and environmental impact:How to evaluate and monitor social return on investment, International Symposium on Social Investment 7/Oct/2012 ARUN, LLC 1
    2. 2. ARUN’s Social Impact Monitoring …is still in the process. ARUN, LLC 2
    3. 3. ARUN’s Vision/MissionThrough the vehicle of social investment,ARUN aims at creating the society which can bring everypersons ability into full play regardless where s/he is born. Financial and Technical Support Investees in Cambodia Investors in Japan Social Individuals/Firms Entrepreneur s Platform for Social Investment Social Impacts Financial and Social Return ARUN, LLC 3
    4. 4. Objectives of social impact monitoring 1. 1. Deepen understanding about the Understand investees’ business about •Understand what entrepreneur is trying the investees to achieve in terms of social impact. •Keep track of what is happening   •Monitor and evaluate the social and environmental impacts. 2. Feedback to Partners •Communicate with partners (investors). 3. 2.Feedback to Feedback to 3. Feedback to Investees •Communicate with investees. Investees Partners ARUN, LLC 4
    5. 5. Investment Criteria Social Business Entrepreneur’s Commitment to ビジネスモデル Business Model Social Value Creation 財務 Financial Employment ガバナンス Governance Social Value Community リーダーシップ Leadership Financial Return ARUN, LLC 5
    6. 6. General DD criteria/monitoring indicators Indicator Example of criteria Entrepreneurship Mindset as a social entrepreneur Team awareness of social mission Business Model Innovative business model Employment Job Creation ( especially the vulnerable) Income generation Safe and pleasant working environment Skill development for employees Enhanced self-esteem and confidence Local community Use of local resources Empowerment of local economy QC Quality control Environment Environmental effort ARUN, LLC 6
    7. 7. Monitoring methodologiesLogic Model Analysis • Investees’ social mission and objectives are the starting point of monitoring. • We try to measure outputs/outcomes/impact from business we invest in. SocialMission & Inputs Outputs Outcomes ImpactObjectives Our focus Stakeholder Analysis• All the important stakeholders are identified, such as employees, farmers, local community and directly monitored. ARUN, LLC 7
    8. 8. Case Study:Sahakreas CEDAC(SKC) Organic Rice Project ARUN, LLC 8
    9. 9. Overview of SKC’s Organic Rice ProjectCEDAC’s VisionCEDAC envisions a Cambodian society where small farming households enjoy good livingconditions and strong mutual cooperation, with the right and power to determine their owndestiny, as well as playing an important role in supplying healthy food for the whole society/ 1 . Introduction of ecosystemic 2 . Farmers’ associations agricultural technology ⇒   100,000 households ⇒   4,000villages (30 % of total improved their productivity villages ) ⇒   Saving groups   4,500 ⇒   Farmers’ associations 1,000 System of Rice Intensification   (SRI) 3 . Creating the supply chain Farmers     Producers Associations     Sahakreas CEDAC      Market (Domestic, Intern’l)     9 ARUN, LLC
    10. 10. Developing Monitoring Indicators CEDAC’s Vision Improved living Important condition for farmers stakeholder Vision Good health   Organizing Link to the &knowledge &Environment farmers marketTeaching SRI Supporting farmers’ Purchasing rice from farmerstechniques associations and selling in the market CEDAC SKC Indicators Organic Rice Farmers Outreach Income generation Forming association Vision, knowledge and skill improvement Local economy Positive impacts on the local economy ARUN, LLC 10
    11. 11. Summary of findingsReaching 2,668 • With SKC in the market, the price for paddy increased due tohouseholds1998t-paddy purchased, competition among middlemen and SKC. • SRI technique leads to cost reduction for farmers andgenerating income of improvement of the surrounding environment.824,000USD • Producers of organic rice form association, building social infrastructure in the rural area.• Organic rice project contributes to the other economic activities in the community, such as rice wine production and community business Vitalizing the local economy by association members. ARUN, LLC 11
    12. 12. Challenges• Objective  Subjective• Quantitative  Qualitative• Common measurement  Case specific• Preciseness, depth  Monitoring costs• Boundary of monitoring/evaluation• Integrated evaluation of financial and social return?<Financial evaluation> <Social evaluation>•Profitability •Employment•Stability •Impacts on local community•Growth rate •Environment
    13. 13. Thank Youfor your attention ! ARUN, LLC 13