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4. presentation skc

  1. 1. Yang Saing KomaARUN International Symposium 6-7 September, 2012
  2. 2. CEDACOrganic Rice Storage + Marketing Shop and Production Processing & Sale other (Farmer (Private (SKC) privatesupported by Rice Mill) retails CEDAC)
  3. 3. CORB : production, storage, processing, saleand marketing support services to rice farmersCORB seeks to achieve following socialobjectives by combining development andbusiness approach:  Improving livelihood for organic rice farmers  Contributed to sustainability of rice production systems  Contributed to improved public health
  4. 4.  Around 1.8 million rice farmers families (60 % of Cambodia population) Issues of rice farmers:- Lower yields, higher expenses on externalinput- Lower prices, prices determined by traders- Soil degradation and pollution - Health problem - Lack of trust in cooperatives
  5. 5.  CEDAC as Cambodian NGO set up in August 1997 to work for the improvement of livelihood of farmers, with > 100,000 farmers supported to improve rice production 2004: Integration of organic rice marketing support services through opening pilot shop in Phnom Penh 2009: Established Sahakreas CEDAC (SKC) to be responsible in sale and marketing of organic food products, especially organic rice, 2012: Introduction of the rice mill cooperative initiative
  6. 6.  Company owned by CEDAC and farmers Set up in 2009 to provide sale and marketing services to farmers Current main products: organic rice, wild honey, traditional rice wine and palm sugar Market: Phnom Penh, USA, Ho Chi Minh City Number of organic rice farmers : 2000 families supported by CEDAC projects Main investment partners: Oiko Credit and ARUN, mainly in paddy procurement
  7. 7.  Procurement of paddy Storage (private warehouse and own warehouse) Milling (private rice mill) Packaging Distribution and sale services Export services Organic rice brand development
  8. 8.  Technical support services to small rice farmers to increase rice production and to produce organic fragrant rice with lower cost/zero expenses on external inputs Quality control (organic certification) services Producer organizations development and management support Consumer education and raising awareness on organic food and organic farming
  9. 9. 27.10.2012
  10. 10.  CEDAC support: Improved production with lower cost on external input, improved producer organization, improved soil fertility SKC business: improved access to market and higher prices for farmers, increased motivation to work together in producer organizations and to produce higher quality rice CEDAC + SKC = higher net income for rice farmers, improved cooperation among farmers, change of power relationship, laying foundation for financial sustainability of the whole operation,
  11. 11.  Growing demand of organic rice, domestic and international markets Foundation for CEDAC organic rice laid, including brand popularity, distribution and retail networks Increasing number of rice farmers supported by CEDAC producing rice surplus for the markets Donors’ support to CEDAC work with rice farmers to improve rice production Favorable government policies to support rice business and rice export
  12. 12.  Improve more benefits to farmers by integration of community-based rice mill cooperatives (RMC) into the systems Improving profits to ensure the financial sustainability and autonomy the whole operation of CORB Expanding the benefits of CORB to more rice farmers, up to 100,000 farmers by 2022
  13. 13.  Producing can sell milled rice with higher price than paddy Access to rice husks for improving soil fertility and rice bran for developing animal husbandry and fish culture RMC can be the focal point for farmers to interact with each other and to interact with other stakeholders as well as future service provider centers for farmers
  14. 14. CEDAC Storage + Marketing Shop andProduction Processing & Sale other (Farmer) (Private (SKC) private Rice Mill) retails Storage + RetailsProduction Marketing & Processing (Private (Farmer) Sale (SKC) (RMC) Business)
  16. 16.  Raising awareness and educating farmers on benefits cooperatives, especially RMC, and organic rice farming business Capital contribution from farmers to invest in rice mills and in procuring paddy (RMC investment fund) Changing the attitude of farmers in selling paddy to selling milled rice to get installment payment Developing RMC and SKC business and financial management capacity Developing human resources to applying business approach in development