Bafra, a little town to the west of Samsun is famous for its tobacco,                                                     ...
1. ATAKUM ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE                   13.11.2009      Arrival at the airport – to the Hotel                  ...
Samsun. The Bandirma Boat was built as a passenger and cargo ship in 1878 in           4. BIG MOSQUEScotland under the nam...
7. ARCHEOLOGY and ETHNOGRAPHY MUSEUM                                                                                      ...
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Activity plan

  1. 1. Bafra, a little town to the west of Samsun is famous for its tobacco, caviar and thermal springs. You can see a 13th century Turkish Bath (Hamam), a mosque-mausoleum-medresse complex from the 15th century, the Paphlagorian Rock Tombs and the ruins of Asar Fortress. Lake Simenik at Terme is a birds paradise. Samsun has a long history and its myths go back even longer. According to ancient myths the delta east of Samsun was the land of the Amazons. The geographer Strabo (64 BC-21 AD) describes the Amazons as a people of female warriors. In order to shoot easily with bow and arrow theyDear guests, had one of their breast removed. Amazon is derived from the old Greek and means without breasts. The Amazons used men from neighboring peoples to reproduce themselves and male children were sent to neighboring peoples. Welcome to Samsun. Let me give you some information about this The myths situate the period of the Amazons about 1200 BC.beautiful city. Greek colonists settled in the 6th century BC and established a Samsun is the largest city on the Black Sea coast and it is a major flourishing trade with the people of the interior of Asia Minor. In the 3rdcommercial port and an industrial city. It is an ancient city which has beentotally modernized and has all the traits of a commercial port. The city, with century BC Samsun came under the rule of the expanding Kingdom of Pontus.the name Amissos in ancient times, is the port where products of the whole Initially the Kingdom of Pontus had been a part of the empire of Alexander the Great that broke up soon after his death in the 4th century BC.region are exported and it hosts the annual Samsun Trade and Industry Fair. The Romans took over in 47 BC and were replaced by the Byzantines. Samsun found itself at the center of the Turkish War of Independenceon May 19,1919, when Atatürk landed here to organise the defence of The town was captured by the Seljuks (around 1200 AD) and later becameAnatolia. The extraordinary equestrian statue of Ataturk at the city park part of a Turkish principality. The region was taken by the Ottomans in the first part of the 15th century.stands as a memorial of that day. At the Ataturk Museum, there are manymemorial objects from the Turkish War of Independence. Here, on 19 May 1919, a man stepped ashore who would create a Turkish state, change a society and even alter a language; this great man was In the other museum of the city, the Archaeological and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.Ethnographical Museum, there are many findings from the environs andancient Samsun (Amissos), especially of importance are the artifacts andjewelry. At Ikiztepe, there was a significant excavation. An archaeological site CONTACT at; Merve DUYGULUfrom the Early Bronze Age was found there. 0090 506 689 80 53 0090 535 701 91 19
  2. 2. 1. ATAKUM ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE 13.11.2009 Arrival at the airport – to the Hotel 14.11.2009 08:00 Breakfast at the Hotel Atakum Adult Education Centre was founded in 2008 in Samsun. It is09.00 Visiting Atakum Adult Education Centre (1) a non-formal educational institution that provides the people who are in or 10.00 Start of Meeting out of formal education with life long learning opportunities in order to 13.30 Lunch contribute to their cultural, social and economical development in relation to their interests, competences and skills. There are a great number and variety 14.30 City Tour of courses and classes covered by some educational programmes such as; - A Visit to Samsun Bandırma Boat Museum (2) - Basic Education - Gazi Museum(3) - Academic Education - Big Mosque (4) - Vocational and Technical Education 18:30 Hamam (Turkish Baths) (5) - Arts 20:00 Back to the Hotel - General Knowledge and Citizenship Education 21:00 Dinner - House Management & Parenting and Family Education - Social Services Education 15.11.2009 - Education for Health 08:00 Breakfast at the Hotel - Handcrafts 09.00 Start of Meeting 2. SAMSUN BANDIRMA BOAT MUSEUM 12.30 A visit to Amisos Hill (6) 14.30 Lunch Bandirma Boat,15:30 Archeology and Ethnography Muesum (7) which fulfilled a very 17:00 Atatürk Monument significant role on the way 18.00 Shop till you drop (Russian Bazaar) to independent Turkish 20:30 Dinner (Ezella Restaurant) Repuplic, has taken its 21:30 Back to the Hotel unique place in the history by taking great saviour 16.11.2009 Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, as Leave to the Airport & Farewell the 9 th army commander, and his 18 friends to
  3. 3. Samsun. The Bandirma Boat was built as a passenger and cargo ship in 1878 in 4. BIG MOSQUEScotland under the name of “Torocaderto” and was operated for 5 years by a Known as "Ulu Camii, Hamidiyecompany. Camii, Valide Camii, it was costructed in 1884 by Hacı Ali and was restorated by Bandirma Boat was used as a cargo vessel under the name of the mother of Sultan Abdülaziz, one of“panderma” registered in Otoman Maritime administration, by a Grek the Ottoman Emperors. It is one of theshipowner from 1883 to 1910. During the World War I, Mustafa Kemal cultural heritages that is still on stand inATATÜRK and his 18 friends on board from İstanbul arrived in Samsun on 19 Samsun.May 1919 by the Bandirma Boat. Bandirma Boat was out of service in 1925 and later it was dismantled. 5. HAMAM (TURKISH BATHS)A genuine model of The Bandirma Boat with its orginal sizes (47.70 m. – 6.83m. – 4.27 m.) was built by the Governorship of Samsun. Its environmental Samsun is a fascinating cityarrangement was realized by the Samsun Governorship, Samsun Metropol which is famous for its springs, TurkishMunicipality and finally The Bandirma Boat was opened to puplic visit as a baths and spa centres. Scientificmuseum ship on 19 May 2003 by the East park area. analysis have shown that the spring water is effective in the treatment of3. GAZI MUSEUM many illnesses such as; rheumatic pains, arthiritis, stiffening of the joints Gazi Museum is located on and hips, hernias, female complaints, the Mecidiye Avenue at the Kale severe pains, severe colitis, liver and district in the centre of Samsun. The gall stones and skin complaints. walls of this two-storey building were made of bricks. Lathwork was 6. AMISOS HILL used inside. Atatürk stayed for 6 days Samsun was founded as the colony Amisos in this building during his first arrival (alternative spelling Amisus, Eis Amison - meaning to Samsun on 19 May 1919. In that to amisos took the name Samsunta or Samsus) by time this building was known as settlers from Miletus in the 7th century BC. Amisos “Mintika Palace”. During the second Hill is a hill where you can see the modern and arrival of the Great Leader (20-24 historical view of Samsun together. You can enjoySeptember 1924), the subject building was presented to him as a gift of the the beautiful view of Samsun while drinkingSamsun People. The Great Leader also stayed in this building during his third Turkish tea prepared in SEMAVER. Amisos Hill was(16-18 September 1928) and his fourth (22-26 November 1930) visits to found by change by a treasure researcher. A familySamsun. After the transfer of the building to Ministry of Culture by the grave of a Phontus King and his treasure wasSamsun Municipality and than, after its restoration and rearranging for found on this hill.exhibition, it was opened to visitors on 8 November 1998.
  4. 4. 7. ARCHEOLOGY and ETHNOGRAPHY MUSEUM ROMANIAN PARTICIPANTS SLOVENIAN PARTICIPANTS The construction of Archaeology 1 MARC PILLICH-WRIGHT 1 BARBARA VOGRINEC& Ethnography Museum in the Fair areain Samsun began in 1976 and the 2 GYÖNGYVER PILLICH-WRIGHTmuseum was opened to visit on May GREEK PARTICIPANTS TURKISH PARTICIPANTS19th, 1981. The museum consists of acentral hall and two other symmetrical 1 YVONNE VON BECK 1 SAVAŞ BOYARhalls. The mosaic being exhibited in the 2 KATARINA KANAKARIcentral hall was made in times of 2 MERVE DUYGULU 3 EFI MAKRIAlexander Severus (AC 222-235), the Rome Emperor and was restored in LITHUANIAN PARTICIPANTS 3 NURETTİN ÖZDEMİRByzantine Times at the end of AC 5th century. There are various mythological 4 ENVER TUFANERscenes on mosaic base made symmetrically. There is a scene in the middle 1 STANISLAVA NERUTE KLIGIENErelated to the Troia war including Akhilleus and Thetis; there are some MEETING AGENDAportraits reflecting the seasons on the panels located on each four corner ofthis scene; and Nereids and sea creatures are described in the rectangular - Introducing the participating institutions, participants, andpanels among the seasons. Other than these figured scenes, there is a scene understanding the structure of the institutions,on a rectangular panel describing a sacrifice. The remaining parts of the above - Presentation of the project, giving detailed information about thementioned mosaic are ornamented with geometrical and plant motifs. activities to be done and the aims of the project, - Revision and reorganization of the partnership and the applicationACCOMMODATION form according to the structure of the partnership, (if needed) - Discussing on the details of the planned activities, You are going to accommodate in - Sharing the new responsibilities, Atakum Leısure Centre, which is in the city - Organization of the budget and the activities for the following centre. You willl have your breakfast here but months, lunch and dinner will be out at different - Determining the exact dates of the planned activities; such as mobility restaurants. You will taste the traditional dishes actions and other project assessment meetings, pecular to Samsun. A minibus will be waiting - Expressing ideas about promotion measures to increase civil society for you in order to take you to the destinations. involvement, - Analysis of problems about cultural heritages at local level,PARTICIPANTS - Presentation of the local museum, - Sharing ideas about the preparation of a booklet named “EU The activities will be carried out in the attandence of Romanian, HERITAGES”Slovenian, Greek, Lithuanian and Turkish participants. There will not be any - Evaluating the meeting by the partner organizationsrepresentatives from Italy as the meeting dates are not suitable for them. The - Cultural visits and social activities in TURKEY,names of the meeting participants are as follows; - Evaluating the meeting by the participants,
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