Finding Their Gifts


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Mrs Utah, Michele Weeks, joins Mark and Miah with her son Christian (9 years old and ADHD). Items up for discussion include, standing up, finding gifts, rockets, teleporters, and music. Also, does fating food make you fat?

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Finding Their Gifts

  1. 1. New Listeners In a world where distractions were long thought the enemy, on man befriends that foe and finds freedom and a shiny object in Earth rock since then he has embraced the distraction and searches to help others in the epic battle against the norm. And now distracted with Mark Patey. Mark: Welcome again to the distracted program I’m Mark Patey here with Jeremiah Johnson Jeremiah: Hey ho how are you, Yeah I’m so jetlag right now Mark: I’m not gonna feel bad at all, You’ve been chancing all over europe Jeremiah: Yeah not all over but 3 countries Mark: I’m not gonna feel bad for your jetlag, I’m excited about our program today we got some great guest which will introduce here after we get up and going first thing I wanna do is welcome our new listeners Miah Jeremiah: We have new listeners? we didn’t loose listeners after last episode Mark: No, Again surprisingly enough Jeremiah: Actually you know what though last Dave was a great guest last episode it was I really enjoyed that Mark: That’s marked up for our win and we kept all ten listeners Jeremiah: Or 3 and 0 and we have an undefeated season so far
  2. 2. Growth and Spread of the Program Mark: Okay so a couple new countries have been listening regularly and so we account the country when theres more than one I.P address and they’re tuning in to both of our programs and today we get to welcome to whoever it is that’s listening of us in the Philippines Jeremiah: Oh and especially this time of year Mark: Its awesome whats this time of year in the Philippines ? Jeremiah: its just is Mark: And from the Ukraine and you know I don’t know anything about Ukraine and I feel bad because you know we really should brush up on the countries when we welcome as you know get new listeners Jeremiah: That will take doing more show prep than we did just showing down and running something down just a piece of paper, what we need is an equal opposite Mark: Actuall effort, Okay now its brings up the good point I was looking asome of the numbers on our show growth over this last three weeks and I am just shock humbled and a little bit scared because I started thinking okay this should be something I should be excited about this kind of growth and spread of the program but what made me think is crap actually we actually got to do a lot better Jeremiah: Don’t be scared it will be okay Mark: Honest theres a lot of people tuning in and we should do better we can do better
  3. 3. 3 rules of the show Jeremiah: Don’t be scared it will be okay Mark: Honest theres a lot of people tuning in and we should do better we can do better Jeramiah: And we will Mark: And we will, Okay so to open the program today’s topic is finding their gifts Jeremiah: Oh the rules, Mark: Oh three rules of the program were always gotta go to the rules, rule number one we reserved the right to be wrong Jeremiah: And we never will be Mark: But incase we are the second rule is we reserved the right to change our minds Jeremiah: Which we do often Mark: Because its just the only way you can learn and grow and because were smart enough to know that were not that smart rule number three we reserved the right to offend free speech is practiced here and always will be and we don’t intend to offend we just committed to be completely honest in how we see things and what we feel about it and we maybe wrong we may not be but will be honest about it Jeremiah: We don’t have the best filter between our mind and our mouth
  4. 4. Michele and Cristian Weeks Mark: Yes, and so that’s our three rules of the show our topic today is finding their gifts and the really the topic of the whole distracted program could be finding their gifts but our guest today which will introduced here shortly is Michele Weeks shes Mrs. Utah and Christian Weeks her nine year old son who is adhd and has found some of his gifts with the brain that does things differently and so we were excited to invite them in in just a little bit but I wanna talk about the rescue so our distracted segment for the day is a rescue over the weekend and more particularly a topic that came up as the rescue is going on a boat got stucked in Utah lake out in the shallow areas where a lot of hunters go hide in the blinds and the tall weeds and anyway they got stuck and as rescuers got to them and were trying to bring them in as they gotten very wet and cold trying to get their boat out, We know there gonna be okay and I just I said you know they were trying to drag their boat by swimming? And it brought up one of the guy starts laughing and says were you there for the rescue five years ago? And I said what are you talkning about? He says they got a call on the another part of the lake a canoe had sunk theres four people on aboard no life jackets they had swam for nearly thirty minutes had got to within shouting distance of the shore where a lot of people were hanging out on the beaches and kinda rocky dirt beaches but their hanging out there fishing and they these people swimming and screaming and splashing
  5. 5. Recent rescue Mark: about in the water they are drowning rats and its panic and chaos the first rescuer shows up on the scene and this is the guy who I’m talking to at this recent rescue and he shows up and he looks out their and he sees one of the girls pulling a guy under water and shes fighting and then he pushes her away hes starts to go under he pops up starts vomitting up lake water and hes thinking these guys are there is no way they gonna make it to the shore and theres no way were gonna make it to them and started to go around and incidentally he for a living manages water the water flows down the rivers and helps manage the lake levels that’s his jobs and he says our water this Utah lake is down seven and a half feet and so he pull this truck all the way to the edge of the shore line as he could he got on his megaphone turned it to full blast pipe his sirene a couple time and then speaks loudly to the microphone and says stand up and it went dead quit and all four of them stood up and they were only up to their necks in the water these four were going to die because they didn’t think they could stand up and I think that lesson is true in everything in life if you don’t believe you can stand up or if you don’t make an effort to truly stand up the results were devastating you give up you pull other with you, It’s terrifying honestly Jeremiah: And I look at it with adhd and sometimes in the perception of the franticness of adhd in tyring to deal with either your business partner your spouse or child you get caught up of all the emotions sometimes it just takes a deep breath and just to try a different tactic that is simple and you realize it does not have to be so hard sometimes you just need to stand up.
  6. 6. Never get Panic Mark: And when your focusing on the chaos you’ll never be able to stand up and that’s what really happening everybody on the shore was focused on the chaos there was people that could have swam out and assisted which would have been a foolish to say up that probably got drag under as well but they were all focused on the chaos and it took somebody from the outside with the different perspective a little extra piece of knowledge about the situation to be able to give input enough to say you can stand up, And they walk out of the shore and now they were hypothermic they were It had medical concern issues but they were all fine Jeremiah: If that was me I will said I was just kidding I knew it I could stand up the whole time, told you Mark: And I mean how tragic had they gone down for the rescuers to go out there and find them and be standing there going they could all stood up Jeremiah: Well my wife did a triathlon in that lake this year and when she was training and she will get tired out in the lake she will just stand up Mark: And I’m sure other people swimmers are going wait this is true?, Its look the lake is one of the largest lakes in the nation and its only 12 feet deep. Jeremiah: Just different perspective
  7. 7. Different Perspectives Mark: And lot of parts you can stand up and so yeah your right different perspective and so the message today is stand up and were gonna talk about an individual who has been standing up and his mom whose been standing up and run on the flatform of helping those with adhd find their gifts and Michele welcome to the program and Christian were so glad you could be here with us, Michele why you don’t tell us about why you decided to get into the pageant scene and then to pick adhd as the flatform to run off Michele: Well I’ve been in the pageant scene because you do have a voice as Mrs. Utah I do have people that will listen to me and I have really seen how Christian has grown after he found his gift of writing and singing music when Christian was about four years old he had speech problems and I take him to speech theraphy and speech theraphy private speech theraphy school speech theraphy and he said Mama is there something wrong with me? I go to all this speech theraphy I go to all this theraphy so then we decided instead of additional speech theraphy out of school we go take singing lessons and soon hes started singing he started writing his own music and he started out with space bath and once hes found his gift of music his self esteem blossomed and he found his gift to give to the rest of the world Mark: You know Christian I can relate when I was your age I was in speech theraphy coz I coudnt say my R’s I couldn’t say Mark , Yeah Er I couldn’t say that I would say Malk
  8. 8. Self Work Change Christian: That’s easy you just go like errrr Mark: I agree but it wasn’t easy at that time but its easy now because I got over it and Michele I love how you brought up the self work change because for me that’s what its all about it doesn’t matter what kind of classes and courses and what treatments or therapies or pills or non of it matters if they don’t come out in the end with a high sense of self worth and value and believe in themselves if they don’t believe in themselves they’ll never stand up and that’s what its about and that the real the whole messaging with adhd in finding their gifts coz I haven’t meet anyone yet that doesn’t have a gift anyone with adhd they just need to look for it and often they already know what it is they just haven’t work to magnify it Michele: And I think in todays society at least in America you know were so focused on reading and writing and not focused on the arts and the arts is really what is advancing our society through our computers I mean if you don’t think outside of the box you would never think that we could do this time or we could have this little computers walking with our hands it takes an individual like Christian and like yourself to think differently and say you know I really think that we could talk to somebody around the world on my little phone face to face and that’s what so gifted about this adhd kids as they got this imagination that can really help our society Mark: And it runs you know Miah before you got here Christian and I and Michele were kinda taking a tour of the tso and he was looking at the different aircraft and started talking about rockets didn’t you Christian
  9. 9. The gift of music Christian: Everyone if you are cool you are Mark: I agree am I cool? Awesome and I’ll pay you later Jeremiah: Am I as cool as Mark? Christian: Everyone is cool as everyone Mark: Alright from the mouth of babes everybody just cool as everyone, everyone is of equal value and so the thing I wanted to talk about Michele that you triggered on was this ability this gift to see outside and see farther and you talked about Christians gift of music and we got a cd here I went to his website which is and watched some of these little music videos he put together and I see the music gift but was amazing to me and Christian what amazed me was how quickly you platch on the rockets and jet engines and talked about going to outer space and building rocket suits and helmets that could help you go into outer space and his mind went so far so quickly and that’s a gift that ability to think so far and the sad thing is often people will look at that and say now whoa whoa keep it realistic keep it in perspective your not gonna build a jet pack that flies you to outer space and I wanna say why not why wouldn’t we build a jet pack that would fly to outer space? It was ridiculous to think that anyone could build a computer that could do complex math problems without it being as big as a warehouse and were carrying around our cellphones in our back pockets that are more powerful than all the computers that sent us to the moon and back
  10. 10. Teleporters Michele: I agree it is pretty fascinating how our mind expands and why do you we have to kept cars why not have a rocket shoes to take us from one place to another like Christian was saying earlier Mark: Christian you wanna build rockets? Christian: Well most likely the scientist out there, they’re cool but they really need to build a teleporters you know Mark: Okay there you go as a perfect example of why not build a teleporters whats unrealistic about that other than our own ability to wrap our heads around it and I say that in a very serious way and I know Miah we have listeners are going oh common Mark teleporters? And I’m like yeah why the heck not who decided how big our box or how small our box that we need to live in should be your right Christian why not build a teleporter that’s a lot easier to a rockets to an earth planet Jeremiah: Hey Christian I have a question for you I’m really intrigue by I was looking at so Christian has an album out called my imagination and Michele whats the website that people can check out his stuff on Michele: Its Jeremiah: And that’s weeks right? So Christian tell me about a song you have that’s called ninja’s are the coolest because I could not agree more
  11. 11. Ninjas versus Beast Mark: Oh oh oh, okay ninja’s are the coolest but the one I ilke was ninja’s versus beast Christian: Ninja’s are the coolest are before ninja’s are the beast its just ninjas are the beast is one than ninjas go to war and ninjas are the coolest is when there being cool Jeremiah: Christian when you write explain to me whats its like when you write a song Christian: Its awesome your brain like says do a song in my head and I in my heart leads me in my ways Mark: I love it you know we talked about and we talked about in our shows before and least I think we have it could have been be poster pre show conversation we talked about a creativity in the adhd mind which is almost like a split personality its not a split personality but its like a creative sub concious that’s always working to solve problems and its always thinking about something and I believe that’s why those of us with adhd have such a hard time doing only one thing at a time because our brain really does run two tracks at once and I think Christian your mind has that gift where your mind saying hey you could do this you could do that and then you said you follow your heart Christian: It’s the easiest way Mark: I agree I love it Jeremiah: The wisdom
  12. 12. The Simplicity Mark: No and the simplicity you know he can say it three words and we have to talk about it for three or four thirty minutes not get the point all the way across Jeremiah: You know the phrase brevity is the soul of wit you know the simplicity I love it, And Michele I’m curious to know at what was the process like for you as a parent maybe I should back this question up a little bit and kinda give some perspective so how would you suggest the parents out there who have kids that had adhd had kids that’s have hard time really hard time focusing you know more than just normal kids have hard time focusing but what can parents do to help themselves pick a different perspective at their children coz I believe that’s a lot where the challenge is lied Mark: And before you answer that I’m gonna add a second part because its two part, What do you do as a parent to help a child through that and then what do you as a parent to help yourself through that Jeremiah: That’s what I getting at right
  13. 13. Childresn are Gift Michele: What I’ve truly believed is that children are gift to us and they come through us but they’re not part of us they are born with their own personalities and anybody that’s a mom or father that has different kids you will see that they all came from you know two individuals but their all different so they all have their own game plan when they come into this earth now as a parent my job is not project my game plan unto the kids but to see what their unique game plan is and go with that so with Christian he is so creative and fun and loving and he has so many other attributes that I do not have that I hadn’t really take the plan from him I had to say oh okay Christian your creative you learned through singing you creates song you like to dress up and when you dress up you write a new song because that’s who you are that’s your character that day and as a parent what we have to do is just to remove ourselves and see what their game plan is and help support their plan Jeremiah: So you, Go ahead Mark
  14. 14. School programs Mark: No, I can say is what a great message for educators as well because in our education system we have such a rigid structure and game plan that’s so perfectly built for 93% of the population an awakening or awareness that everybody needs their own game plan I’m not talking about just adhd buteverybody lets talk about all children need to have that freedom and I think your right Michele I think through the arts is one of the best ways that we gonna see that happen but and okay slight distraction here have you or it is just me or it seem like a lot of arts programs are disappearing in schools I mean I’ve seen schools now their not having wood shop anymore their dropping out metal shop their losing some of their dance programs and it just scares me to death where the kids going to learned to think and be create if its not through some of this kind of programs Jeremiah:Right, and I think a lot of those programs and a lot of those activities are you talking about are valuable to people and kids with adhd because they brought a lot of variables like math is very structured right? Mark: Yeah theres one right way to do it or maybe a couple Jeremiah: Right, theres one right way now but who knows that will change as coz math is a science and seems to change but I think with arts with crafts that using your hands like welding whatever it is a lot of variables
  15. 15. Christians Creativity Mark: And the process before you actually with welding their creating their thinking of what I’m gonna do what I love about arts is when your given blank piece of clay and told do what ever you want with it or in the metal shop say come up with an idea but sadly I see my kids now and the little bit of the programs they have left its more of with this clay make a ball with this kit of metal make a toolbox and this is the shape and size dimentions and I think this is what frustrates me so much with what I see coming in the work force this days theres so many kids with this great long education that know how to do what their told but don’t know how to think and create Michele: What I’m curious about listening to Christian this morning is when you think of math he could think of math and music or if you wanna create a teleporter how can we use math to help us create rocket shoes or teleporters or math is a great science and it can lead to a lot of creative things but what we have to help Christian and other kids is to show how math can help our imaginations grow and we can create rockets to fly up to space because we know certain math figures really bring math alive through Christian’s through creativity Mark: Through creativity
  16. 16. Fun, Building, Creative Mark: Heres a simple example of what I think were all talking about here when someone tells me whats 5 8 plus three quarters I just wanna pull my hair out to think about pulling out a piece of paper and writing down 5 over you know and to think about doing that like that but if I’m building a shed to hold something in my backyard and I need to know fifty six and five eights plus twelve and three quarters its suddenly easy and fun and done in my head because I’m creating something because I’m engaged that fun building creative of the brain and I see that the math actually results in an outcome that I want and that I’m hyper focus on and the adhd hyper focus kind o f trait and when you can engage all the skills and tools we learn at school and engage them with the creativity that were all born with we gonna find a lot more all the success with adhd or so I think that’s ten times more important Michele: And that’s like with Christian when he had problems pronuncing with R’s with you do very well now right bun Michele: We did singing coz it brought up to life or if you have or the child has trouble focusing instead of something you do karate coz it brings it to life Christian had trouble reading things of the blackboard so instead of justy you know having him looking at the blackboard and Christian do that we did piano and its then all of the sudden he learned tracking and he was able to make music so yeah and he wrote space bear and space bath
  17. 17. Graviteted mind Mark: You know Christian I love how your mind really gravitated towards I mean today were at the tso and so you kind cant help but think of aerospace But I noticed on your book the very first not your book your cd the very first song is spacebear which you started singing about going to the moon and today you’ve been talking about rockets and rockets shoes and rocket back packs and teleporters and I cant wait to see where this kid goes I mean let this you know Christian do what the best thing in the world to do is ask questions this one your curios about something ask people never be shy and when you wanna know how something works to say hey how is that work and how come and why and you have so much fun because what that will do is help you learn what you need to do so you could build up a rocket . Christian: Or you could like build of like the tallest building in the world,if you just put all your imagination togethere. Mark: I agree Michele:Christian got a question for you, so if you where gonna give kids advice like your self how whould you advice them to find their gifts? Christian:Easy,the structural gland says find your gift and you’ll be a happy grown up. Michele:So if you find your gifts as a kid you’ll be a happy grown up? Christian:yah
  18. 18. Need to Find your gifts Mark:I agree, and I think that’s a great way to end this segment of the show is look recognize and create something do something to remind you that you really need to find your gifts and if you find your gifts that’s where happiness is found as we grow up in the world is so consume with all the different distractions that make us happy real happiness comes from within comes from pullin that creative genius that we all have inside and chasing it to the mood that’s Christian. Jeremiah:By the way I have to call out a little flash or brilliant as saw in Christian I don’t know if anyone else caught it.I wasn’t here when you took him around to the hungry down stairs and show him the jet but he came in here in to studio and theres a picture of Marks family on the wall and where talking about in this is 20 minutes after the downstairs looking to the planes and where all talking about something unrelated to that portrait and Christian interrupt to us in the midlle of it total distracted said oh is that your family and he was counting them and he made the co relation of how many in your family and how many seats where in the jet and he got he nailed the numbers of seats in your jet and many people you had in your family
  19. 19. Pieces of the Puzzle Mark: I’m so glad you brought that up because your right and it’s a trait I talk about in addict and millionares and it’s a trait we will talk about a lot the adhd mind must connect things it lives to connect seemingly random unconnectable things and this is aperfect example where his touring at tso and twenty minutes later is counting pictures at my family photo and talking about how they fit in the airplane Jeremiah: In the middle of the conversation we were having with him by his music Mark: And someone will look at that and go don’t interrupt the conversation about the music and its like no no no let him interrupt because his mind is putting two pieces of the puzzle together and that’s the genius in adhd that really is the genius that so often is misunderstood and its like don’t stop the distraction the distraction actually is connected to something and quit often its something brilliant and this is such a great simple example so Miah I’m glad you brought that up I noticed that when he brought that up and I was grinnin and smiling inside on my he has the that gift he has that adhd gift that we talked about and I’m glad you brought that up Jeremiah: And may I also say that he has a great equal opposite in Michele to help highlight those
  20. 20. Equal Opposite Mark: Oh Michele you really are you are textbook equal opposite and I know the book just came out and I’m sure you havent had a chance to read it but you gonna read about equal opposites and you gonna see you and you are such a shining example of what an equal opposite really is to adhd’r and I love it Michele: Christian gives so much joy to my life I mean he really is perfect the way he is he is just my perfext son because he introduces me to the light side of the world his light hearted his loving he sees the joy in things he can tell when someone is sad and goes up and gives them a hug and the key to Christian is let him be Christian help him read and write so he can do whatever he wants in the world but not to change him just to let him bloosom and grow and let him just be Christian Mark: I love it and your love for him is obvious and I commend you and if we have a hero tribute which we didnt put together for segment of the program, Our hero tribute would be to you Michele you’re a hero yeah hero tribute. Okay Christian and Michele we wanna thank you so much for being on the program and joining us its so valuable Christian you’ve been wonderful you’ve been a great guest Christian: Thanks and you guys are awesome Mark: Ows we thanks, I didn’t even pay him for that one I pay him for the earlier ones but that was a freebie Jeremiah: I went from as cool as you to awesome at the end of the podcast
  21. 21. Uneducated Mark: He just needed to get to know you Miah okay and you two I wouldn’t mind if you stay around in the studio here for us with just a little bit coz I wanna talk to you after the program and Miah lets continue with our last segment and I think one of my funniest segments uneducated tell our new listeners what the uneducated concept is all about Jeremiah: Well is about to uneducate you all in that fattening food does not make you fat Mark: Well yeah because the statement is you know fattening food makes you fat and the reality is uneducated is where we take things that weve been told that’s true and we try to debanked them for everyones benefit so the uneducated segement is fattening food makes you fat and its not true Miah over eating makes you fat Jeremiah: Yes, so I was just in europe with our friend David Nielson not Dave Nielson form last week but another friend of ours and we were in this grocery store and after like three or four days and were looking around and we noticed that everyone in europe are thin Mark: I mean theres an ocassional heavier set but not compared to the fatties here in America Jeremiah: And were looking around and said Dave do you noticed that theres no diet drinks or diet food everyone around
  22. 22. Fatty foods Mark: No, there is pastries everywhere cream and butter and sugar and glazings on top of everything Jeremiah: Right but the key is first of all I think that they take twelve hours to eat dinner Mark: My mind is hung up on the fact that I said all the fatties in America send your hate mail to Marks fake email at but the reallity is we are the fattiest nation on the planet and were the one that’s more than anyone else hyper focus on weight lose and being thin and its are problem is we consumed too damn much Jeremiah: Its portion size I think its really really portion size and I believe theres something to do with preservatives and chemical and things like that Mark: Absolutely but its calories in and calories out fattening food doesn’t make you fat you can eat it if you want over eating makes you fat Michele: Do you want to be super sized? Mark: I don’t wanna be super sized have you seen my wife? She is a very attractive woman the last thing I want is people looking at me and looking at her and going yup he must be rich
  23. 23. What Makes you fat? Jeremiah: That don’t make sense Mark: That don’t up right there that don’t right Jeremiah: I may get a shot there Mark: So fattening food makes you fat totally not true we just been uneducated over eating makes you fat lazy lifestyle makes you fat its not what you stick in you its how much of it you stick in you. Ladies and gentlemen that is the end of our distracted program today please share us with your friends listen to the old podcast and old programs that are available and Miah anything else are we wrapping up that easily Jeremiah: Come friend us on facebook Mark: Yeah please do friend us on facebook and follow myself on twitter I’m a horrible twitter person but I’m gonna try to do better but my twitter is @apateymark Jeremiah: I wish you were as good as horrible what is below horrible? Mark: Me miah Jeremiah: Theres Mark Horrindous horrible
  24. 24. Reaching out through social media Mark: But I’m gonna try because I said @pateymark on twitter I’m gonna make an honest effort to actually tweet every now and then you can also oh this is I think one of the most important things because I really would like to get this more active than it is and we love the people who have called in but call us and leave a message call 855 that’s a toll free number and cellphone this days that probably doesn’t matter anyway were just paying up feed to have toll free number but its 855addgift and give us a call and it will prompt you to the distracted program and just leave a brief message pretend its twitter leave a brief message or question,comment or concerned a subject that you would like us to tackle in the upcoming program and we’ll do it Answering machine: Thanks for calling were we are changing the world Mark: Oh you just pulled up right on your phone, press 2 Answering machine: Welcome to the distracted program leave a brief message or a question if we can tackle the subject matter next show Mark: And at that point we were dismissed you guys are horrible what your doing for the world is terrible Jeremiah: I’m a fat Canadian and I hate you, That’s our callback from our last show Mark: Okay so you could have been luckily
  25. 25. The next Guest Jeremiah: I’m glad I’m not going into politics Mark: You may someday Jeremiah: That’s how you do add gift Mark: So please call in our program like us on facebook follow us on twitter that’s the end of the distracted program our next week episode actually truly the guest if he flies in as scheduled to join our program its gonna be amazing I wont say his name just because you never know but the plan is hell be landing right here at our airport to come see us at the tso and do a podcast with us and this would be huge if its not him we will Jeremiah: It will be someone bigger Mark: It will be someone even bigger it will be Oprah for sure okay it wont be Oprah Jeremiah: The O Mark: That’s it Thanks again for joining our program will catch you next week god bless back there see you bye