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Umashankar Adha Umashankar Adha Document Transcript

  • Umashankar AdhaSUMMARY • Nine plus Years of progressive experience in System Analysis, Development, Testing and Maintenance • Sound knowledge in JAVA 1.6, J2EE, J2ME, EJB2.0, EJB3, Servlet, JSP, Struts1.2, HTML. • Knowledge of developing JSP custom Tag & Widgets. • Sound knowledge in Java Transaction API with EJB2.1 and EJB3 and with hibernate. • Expertise in working with Model View Controller (MVC). Architecture using Struts and Hibernate Framework • Understanding over Spring Framework. • Strong Understanding over Unit Testing, Module Testing and BlackBox WhiteBox Testing • Application Servers JBoss, Tomcat5, Orion, Resin 3.0.12, WebLogic. • Research & Development Level Knowledge on WebLogic 8 and WebSphere V6.1 • Experience in Java MVC Patterns and n-tier architecture. • Familiar with Concurrent Version System (CVS) – Win CVS, SVN. • Developed Java applications using various IDE’s - Eclipse, MyEclipse, Net Beans 5.0, Edit Plus • Good Understanding of Hibernate Framework. • Good Understanding of JSR 168 Portlets. • Strong understands over AGILE Development. • Sound Knowledge on XML (Xerces, DOM and SAX) Parsers • Understanding of Designing UML diagram for distributed components. • Knowledge of working on Java Mail. • Experience in preparing Functional Documents and Technical Requirements. • Java 2 Fundamentals Certification of Brain Bench. • Java 2 enterprise Edition (J2EE 1.4) Certification of Brain Bench. • Designing of distributed application with suitable java components with design patterns. • Developing mobile based salutations based on J2EE environment • Developing Mail Server Clients for All Java Embedded Mobiles. • Memcached Distribution Architecture • Memcached optinization for Linux and Unix environment for high TRP system. • Hadoop implementation for high volume system.EDUCATION • MCA, New Delhi, India • Bachelor of Arts, MDS University, Ajmer, IndiaCERTIFICATIONS • Java 2 Enterprise– Brain bench certified • Java 2 Fundamentals-- Brain bench certifiedTECHNICAL SKILLS • Java Technologies:-Servlets 2.2, JSP 1.1, Widgets, Swing, Design patterns, EJB 2.0, EJB2.1, EJB3.0, JDBC, RMI, Swing, Applets, XML Processing DOM & SAX, XSLT, JNDI, SOAP, Webservices, JMS, JavaBeans, Multithreading, Reflection, Struts, TCP/IP Socket Programming, Java Mail API, JavaScript. AJAX. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • • Databases:-MS SQL Server7.0, ORM solution, Oracle9i, MySQL 4.0, MS Access, SQL, PL SQL, Postgre, DB2, Query Abstraction Model • Frameworks:-Apache Struts, Hibernate, spring, AJAX-Struts, • Design Patterns:-Service Locator, Session Facade, Data Access, factory Object, Service Activator, Value Object, Singleton, Factory Pattern, Risk Management & Portfolio Risk Management, CMS, Pair Programming with Agile • Mobile Tech:-J2ME 1.0 & 2.0 Toolkit, Symbian OS, Knowledge of BREW • Application Servers:-Apache Tomcat 5, JBoss Application Server, Orion Application Server, Resin 3.0.12 Application Server, Weblogic8.1 Application Server, WebSphere v6.1 Application Server • Messaging Servers:-Message-Driven Beans, JMS, SOAP, and MQ Series • Tools:-MyEclipse, Ant, Log4j, NetBeans5, Dreamweaver8, ClearCase, Maven, UML, Clear Quest • Memcached 1.3 • Hadoop • Languages:-Java, J2me, XML, UML, HTML • Operating Systems:-Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, mac OS, Ubuntu 11.3 • Modeling Tool:-Visio, MS WordProject DetailClient Name: - Eco-Mail IncDuration: - May, 2012 – Till DateRole: - Solution Architect And Project ManagerProject: - Eco-Mail SystemEmployer: - HCL InfoSystem Ltd.Eco mail delivery exchange bases technology that makes paperless mail more usefull, interesting forevery market participant: producer of mail, distribution, payment processing networks and most of allcustomers.Eco-mail is an open exchange that everyone can utilize it. It provices that standards and a singleaccess point that unifies and simpilfies the market. Eco-mail leverages existing market participants toincrease efficiency and lower costs for everyone. it is like visa for credit cards inthat it provides theinfrastructure that connects all the players and enables market growth. Eco-mail doesnt compete withexisting market participants, it complements tham.Eco-mail doesnt seel directly to consumers, but it is consumer focused. The eco-mail exchangeplatform enables consumers to more easily access and manage all their bills, statement and other firstclass mail through the participating web destination of their choice.Members: Any entiriy that is registerd and authenticated with the Eco-mail network.Producer: Eco-mail defines a producer of mail as any commercial entiry that sends firstclass amil to its customers specifically producers have business to consumer (B2C) orBusiness to Business (B2B) relationship they are trying to commnicate with.Consumer: These are individuals that access their first class mail electronically via eco-mail.They become members of the eco-mail interchange by selecting a distributor and registerthemselves. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Exchange/Eco-mail/EMX : Eco-mail is the private network and infrastructure whichfacilitates communicatioin between registerd member. The excnage Servers serve followingpurposes: 1. Authentication of all Parties. 2. Document Control 3. Security & Privacy 4. Document FlowDistribute: The relationship front end the consumer uses to access all communications within theEco-mail networks. These includes banks, internet media campanies, independent documentmanagement solutions and other. distributors hold onto all transactions and provide the user interfaceselected by the consumer. At a minimum, they present data via whatever device the consumer choosesand also store database of metadata which help consumers organize their documentss how they wish.Distributor will monetize then inherent value present in personalized, frist class mail content byproviding unique and innovative interface then simplify consumers lives and drive adoption.Consumers may choose the best destination point and / or user interface that fits their lifestyle.My Responsablility: In Eco-mail, my designation is solution architect and Project Manager. I have toprovide best solution for such highly distributed system and manage resource. Brize communicatingap between client, resource and upper level management respectivly. Manage project build process.Provide technical solution for subordinates. Suggest best possible solution for system. Provide serverdistribution for 1 million, 2 million, 4 million, 6 million and 100 million consumers. In 100 millionconsumers, each consumers having 400 billions of subscriptions. Provide statical data for volumetesting to client. Manage attendence and leave records for subordinates.Environment: Java, J2EE, JDK6, JSP, Servlet, JMS, Servicemix Queue, memcached 1.3, MySql,JSON, XSLT, SOAP, XML, Maven 2.0, Junit, Visio, Webservices, MAC OS, Ubuntu 11.3 servers,Hadoop Implementation, Perl, Sheel ScriptsClient Name: - SSX Global Inc, IHG (International Hotel Group)Duration: - May, 2011 – Till DateRole: - Team LeadProject: - SSX Process System, IHG System.Employer: - Pyramid IT ConsultingPyramid IT is one of grooving company in Noida UP, in IT industry. Company headquarter is inAlpharetta, GA. I am working as Java Team Lead. I am handling two projects at current. One of themis IHG (International Hotel Group) and other is SSX Global Inc project. I have 6 resource in SSXGlobal Inc’s project and 8 persons in IHG project, including PM. My roles in these projects arefollowing 1. Design Software Project Plan, HLD, LLD, Estimation plan and uses cases for SSX Global project. 2. Design Software Maintenance Plan, HLD, LLD and uses cases for IHG Project. 3. Managing team resources with distributing tasks and assigning tickets for each resource. 4. Monitoring project progress in each phase of development. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Client Name: - FedEx (WTC)Duration: - Jul 10 – Feb 11Role: - Technical LeadProject: - SRS InvoiceAdjustmentSystemEmployer: - iTech USInvoice Adjustment System is mainly for vendors invoice adjustments, like if any client found, that inhis invoice, he found some dispute or client ask for credit his invoice or rebilling any other queryrelated to invoice then client need to talk to FedEx customer care office, customer care office having aapplication GUI application, which help customer care office look into client invoice. Client need toprovide tracking number and invoice number. Depends on query, customer care office ask invoiceadjustment team (our team) to apply operation, and then adjustment amount into his account. There istwo type of invoice adjustment existing in FedEx, one is domestic or international invoice. Itdependents on invoice type, adjustment apply. Each invoice having different operation or facility oradjustment. • Used Weblogic 10 server for application server. • Used maven2.0 for version control. • Used JDK 6 version for development. • Used XSLT/XML for business object implementation. • Used SOAP for web service implementation. (own core framework) • Used JMS for messaging system. • Used Oracle, DB2 for database. • Used Mainframe system for third party system. • Used Window/Linux for server platform. • Used Enterprise Java Beans for distributed components.My Responsibility:- In Invoice Adjustment System, my responsibility is to develop core componentfor web service using xslt and SOAP protocol. I need to develop enterprise java beans. I need todevelop Message Bean for communicating with web service components. I need to configure JMS inWebLogic server. I need to develop xslt transformation for external communication with Mainframe.Environment:- Java, J2EE, JDK6, JSP, Servlet, EJB, JMS, Queue, Mainframe system, Weblogic,SOAP, XSLT, XML, Oracle 10, IBM DB2, Eclipse, Maven 2.0, Struts, JUnit, Visio.Client Name: - FedEx, (WTC)Duration: - Feb 09 – Apr 10Role: - Technical LeadProject Name: - WA (Web Associate)Employer: iTech USWA is a Web application. The COMVERSE Clients to track subscriber information use WA.Application provide the facility to subscriber to create his profile for clients, subscriber canupdate his profile details when it required, application provide the advanced search for clientto get details of a subscriber on given criteria like search by name , age , city , state , zipcode etc.A client can search by given single option value or by combination of above option values.Application provides the mailing facility for subscriber as well as for client, when subscriber Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • create his profile, system will send two mails for subscriber one to activate his account andone to give thanks to visit the site, after activation account subscriber will get mail forsuccessfully activation mail, when subscriber made any changes in his profile details, systemwill send a mail to subscribe to approve his changes by clicking on a given link in a mail.Systems provide facilities for subscriber for change password and get his password details, incase when will he forget his password. System provides facility for client to contactsubscriber through sending mail.• Used RSA as IDE tool to develop the Java applications• Developed UI Object for rendering user data and manage UI using AJAX.• Used Oracle10g as database tool for running SQL queries• Play Architecture role for designing application. develop a application which is able to run on all java embedded mobile as well as able to run on all GPRS enable mobiles• Wrote different SQL queries in Hibernate for performing database operations.• Was responsible for coding using J2EE Architecture• Enhancement, improvement, bug fixing and debugging of the deployed application.• Involved in the testing before going to production.• Used Tomcat Web server for deployment and debugging the application.• Worked with functional team for the requirement analysis and implemented the changes .My Responsibility:- My responsibility is to develop application from scrap using Struts and J2EEenvironment and decide how this system is going to work and which frame work we suppose to use.Also develop flow of application and user interaction. Also develop back end with ORM tool. Designapplication architecture using UML and Visio. Also provide strong testing (user/software testing).Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, NetBeans5, JSP, JSTL, Servlets, Hibernate 3.0, Tiles Framework,Java Script, HTML, UML, JMS, Tomcat, Ant, Junit, Log4J, XML, Oracle, SQL Developer, Rational ClearCase, Clear Quest, and Windows XPClient Name: - FedEx (Innovation)Duration: - Apr 08 – Dec 08Role: - Sr. Programmer AnalystProject: - FedEx Monitoring SystemEmployer: - iTech USFMS/FMS Admin (FedEx Monitoring System) Maintenance ProjectFMS is a Web based application, which is used for tracking shipments and current status of shipmentand current location of shipment. FMS application having three major part, one is FMS clientapplication (known as Customer Application) ported on WebLogic 10 and database as Oracle 10g.Using Customer App customer can monitor there shipment current location and expected arrival time.Here user can view current location via Google map. Second part of FMS application is Mobile basedapplication. Mobile version of FMs application is based on J2ME and C/C++. Using mobile versionof we can get temperature and humidity condition of shipment and current GPS location. Mobiledevice will send GPS information and temperature and humidity alert based on current temperatureand humidity. Third part of FMS application is FMS Admin part. FedEx administrator can viewcurrent situation of shipment (like current location, current temperature, current humidity andexpected arrival time etc.) Using admin part of FMS, administrator assign sensor for each shipment,so administrator can monitor shipment. After deliver that shipment, sensor status change into dad Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • status and then administrator will reassign that sensor to another shipment. • Developed new business module for existing system and maintenance of existing system using Struts and Struts Validator framework • Developed selenium and JUnit test cases for system and also provide prototype in Adobe Flex – Struts Bridge for existing system. Converter all SQL injections/Queries into Stored Procedures and work with complex SQL queries • Used Eclipse 3.0 and MyEclipse as development IDE. • Used WebLogic 10 and Tomcat as application server. • Used Oracle 10g as database. • Used JSR 168 Portlets for business part. • Used XML. XSLT, SAX, DOM. • Used Window and UNIX environment. • Implement architecture via AGILE Development. • Deploy admin application as Weblogic portal. • Used Visio as designing class diagram and flow of project. • Used JUnit and selenium as testing tool. • Implement prototype of FMS using Adobe Flex • Implement Pair Programming with Agile.Environment: J2EE, Java 1.6, Spring,Struts, JSP, Widgets, JDBC, Axis Webservices, Adobe Flex, Servlets, J2ME, JUnit, Selenium,Eclipse, Dreamweaver8, MyEclipse, UNIX, XSLT, XML, Oracle 10g, WebLogic 10, Tomcat 6,maven2.0, CVS, Google Map, AJAX, Visio, J2EE Design PatternsResponsibilities:- • To develop admin part of this FMS project from start; • I have use scram and Test Driven and Continuous Integration and Extreme Development methodologies for development. • I have used JSP and Adobe Flex and Swings for User Interface component. • I have used MVC as web architecture and Spring, Struts, Servlets and J2EE and J2ME for business logic development. • I have used Google Map for showing location of shipment via AJAX. • I have used Master classes and Hibernate as ORM tool with Oracle10g for storing data in database. • I have used JUnit for Module testing and Selenium for User Interface testing. • I have used Eclipse IDE for building web service via JAX-RPC. • I have used Weblogic 8 for development environment and Weblogic 10 for outbound server. • I have used Window platform for development and UNIX environment for outbound application porting. I • I was using Weblogic GUI tool and FedEx internal GUI tool for deploying application in server environment.Client Name: - UnisysDuration: - Jan 08 – Mar 08Role: - Sr. Programmer AnalystProject: - Web Product Portal (WP)Employer: - iTech US Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • This project involves storing the orders for various products placed by customers. The Customers arefirst allowed to navigate through various products available with company. All the products aredisplayed along with their picture, price details and discount prices if any. While navigating throughthe products, they are allowed to add them to their shopping cart. Once the items are added they canview the summary of all the products selected and their individual prices along with the total amount.If they are not interested in any of the products, they are even allowed to delete any items from theshopping cart. Based on the customers location, various possible warehouse locations will bedisplayed from which the near by location would be selected by us. We, based on our convenience,can also select the mode of transportation. Customers, based on their convenience can also selectmode of payment. Based on the Warehouse, seasonal discounts are also displayed which attracts thecustomer to buy more products. • Developed business modules for existing system. • Developed user interactions module for existing system. • Developed test cases and clear cases for newly implemented system. • Developed SOAP component for web service and xml parsers for web service. • Developed architecture and flow of project via Vision using UML diagrams. Implement JNDI configuration in JBoss. Implement testing via end users. • Studied and analyze Software requirements and specifications • Developed dynamic WebPages using JSP • Deploy it in JBoss as portal application. • Developed UI Object for rendering user data and manage UI using AJAX. • Develop control components and model components using java, Servlets in Struts, Spring. • Design scalable, extensible system using the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) framework architecture. • Used XSLT, XML and SAX and DOM parsers for SOAP object. • Designed and developed the action form beans and action classes and implemented MVC using Struts framework. • Install, configure and administer JBoss 4.0Application Server and deploy JSP, Servlets and EJB applications • Implement architecture via AGILE Development • Development, and testing of the Java classes to be used in JSP and Servlets • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTMLEnvironment: Java, JSP, Spring, Struts framework, Tiles, Servlets, ITIL, Axis & SOAP Webservices,Swings, JBoss 4.0, Oracle, EJB3, Ant, MyEclipse, HTML, UML, JMS, EAServer, Ant, JUnit, Log4J,XML, XSLT, Oracle, SQL Developer, Rational Clear Case, Clear Quest, and Windows XP.Responsibilities: - • To develop business components for this portal type of application. • I was involved in architecture planning, module distribution and risk planning. • I have used Bottom-Up, test and development, test and integrate testing, scrum and extreme programming methodologies for implementing this project. • I have used JSP, Swings and AJAX for implementing user interfaces. • I have used MVC as web architecture and Spring Struts, Servlets, JMS, Tiles, EJB3. • I have used JUnit for module testing and I have used Log4J. • I have used UML for designing system architecture and diagrams for each and every module. • I have used Clear Quest for version control. • I have deployed it as JBoss Portal. • Used JBoss for application server environment. As a backend I have used. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Client Name: - Touch Local LimitedDuration: - Feb 07 – July 07Role: - Team LeaderProject: - Teach Local Web (UK Business Directory)Employer: - Dotsquares Technology LtdTouch Local ( is the worlds first local business search website that combines a powerful local searchwebsite with practical community networking capabilities. The site attracts over 2 million uniqueusers per month and an estimated 18 million visitors annually. TouchLocal lets real people review,rate and recommend local businesses and services enabling consumers to make informed choicesbased on trusted user-generated content. Using bespoke "Circles" social networking mode,TouchLocal allows users to rank family, friends and others according to their level of influence andtrust. These circles are graphically represented on-screen allowing users to quickly and easily searchfor trusted businesses across the UK. • Analyzed the existing website which is on Orion server. • Designed and implementation of JSP tab libraries and Struts frames. • Analyzed requirement for the project • Used Java/J2EE Patterns at various levels of the application. • Used JSR 168 Portlets. • Worked as Production Support Engineer. • Implemented Pair Programming with Agile.Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Tomcat, ANT, JSP, Custom Tags, Power dynamo, Servlet, TagLibraries, HTML, Java Script, Eclipse, Dreamweaver8¸Log4J, ANT, JDBC, PL SQL , Model ViewController Architecture, MySQL Server, SVNResponsibilities: • I have joined this project as maintenance guy. In this project, my role was to control incoming traffic over application. • Implement new module for newly implemented coupons for end user. And implement new xml tags. • I have used JSP and JavaScript for User Interface and xml tags for rendering business object over UI and user define UI and remove existing used complex components from UI. Also need to remove JS code from UI and need to implement security layer to intercept all incoming request via HTTP or HTTPS. • I have used Log4J for Logging messages. I have used Ant tool for building project. • I have used SVN for version control. I have used backend and MySQL Server.Client Name: - CriticallDuration: - May. 06 – Jan 07Role: - Team LeaderProject: - Emergency Call Secure (UK Business Directory)Employer: - Dotsquares Technology LtdEmergency Call Secure (Criticall) https://www.emergencycallsecure.comWith EmergencyCall, one call does it all. It is an integrated computing, software and telephonyplatform designed to automate the emergencycallout process for large-scale enterprises. In any kindof emergency, key people must be identified, selected and appropriately notified as quickly aspossible, with relevant information on the most suitable device for them. With EmergencyCall you Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • simply select who needs to be contacted (by Group and/or Individual), what information they need toknow under various pre-defined or on-the-fly scenarios and launch the given call-out exercise with atime critical escalation plan. It gets the right message, in the right format to the right person at theright time. • Communicated with client, understand requirement, explain with team members and develop solution based on J2EE environment. Also working with client Help Desk and support center as maintenance guys. • Developed Servlets and JSPs and Widgets for Report Engine for Emergencycallsecure. • Implemented Struts frameworks. • Implemented Ejb. • Implement JSR 168 Portlets • Implement Fixed Income Modules for Billing Engine. • Worked on DB performance issue.Environment: J2EE 1.4, EJB2.1, JNDI, Spring , Jakarta Struts Framework, Widgets JSP, JMS, Tiles,Tag Libraries, HTML, Java Script, AJAX, Log4J, ANT, PL SQL , JBoss 4.0, JDBC, Model ViewController Architecture, SQL Server 2005, Maven2.0, Dreamweaver8 and Eclipse as IDEsResponsibilities: • In this project, my responsibility was to implement a billing engine for all SMS and telephony gate-way users via following all government rules. • I have developed billing engine from start. I was involved in planning and designing of engine architecture for all modules. • Used Query Equalizer tool and Debugger tool for performance tuning and debugging. • I have used Eclipse Debugger for finding bugs in existing code. • I have used Java 1.4, J2EE, EJB, Struts, JMS, Tiles, and TagLib for developing business layer for engine. • I have used MCV architecture. • I have used JSP, HTML, and JavaScript for User Interface and Log4J for logging application message. • I have used JBoss application server. I have used Maven2.0 tool for version control.Client Name: - DataInfosys LtdDuration: - Jan 06 - Apr 06Role: - Jr. Team LeaderProject:- E-Governance (XZen Mail Server)Employer:- DataInfosys LtdE-Governance (XGEN Mail Server) http://www.xgen.inEmail has been the dominant channel of communication in any business enterprise of today, it is themost important tool for any EO (Enterprise Organization ) to make and break itself and it members, itis the host of regulations that apply to the sending, receiving and use of email.It is mailing control system. Mail server administrator use high levels of filter for filter inbound aswell as outbound mail on inbound SMTP server and outbound SMTP server. If mail contains anyrestricted word of information then this control system will block the mail and notify the sender andsystem administrator. E-Governance is basically a set of rules defined by own company for theircompany. Server administrator can block any specific user or spam and viruses and unauthorizedaccess. • Assisted in preparing Requirements Document. • Coding the programs in accordance with Program Specifications and adhering to Coding Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Standards • Implement JSR 168 Portlets. • Developed Struts Components that host Business Logic and Performs DB Access. • Developed the Presentation layer using the MVC paradigm, implemented by Struts. • Involved in the development of various components of the application. • Design architecture of newly developed modules. • Working with Linux shell scripting. • Used Log4J utility to log error, info and debug messages. • Assisting the Project Leader in review of Program Specifications with the Design • Implement architecture via AGILE and Scrum Development.Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Jakarta Struts Framework, JSP, Custom Tags, Tiles, Tag Libraries,HTML, Log4J, Orion, JDBC, and Model View Controller Architecture, Dreamweaver8.Responsibilities: • I have developed this project from start. • To trap all incoming and out going mails and check that; mails should not containing restricted content and mails should not be virus or spam. If mails contain such type of stuff than that mail should be block and inform to system administrator as well as user. • I have used Java, J2EE, and spring, Struts for implementing business layer. • I have used JSP, Custom Tags, JS, and HTML for User Interface. • I have used Log4J for logging messages. • I have used MVC as architecture. • I have used Orion as application server. • I have used Scrum Agile methodologySr. J2EE DeveloperClient Name: - DataInfosys LtdDuration: - Sept 05 - Jan 06Role: - Jr. Team LeaderProject: - XZEN (Mobile Web site)Employer: - Data Infosys LtdData Infosys Ltd. Having thousand of his business customer and they are using XZEN mail server fortheir official mail system. All Business don’t have much more time to view there mails on desktop PCso they require a mobile solution for this problem, so DIL decide to give them a application whichhelp them to save there time as well as able to view there mail and able to compose and send mail tothere business partners. DIL give me this responsibility to develop a application which is able to runon all java embedded mobile as well as able to run on all GPRS enable mobiles. So I have developeda application in J2EE environment using MVC design pattern and high level of resource managementand memory management. Using this XZEN mobile application user can able to view mail, sendmail, compose mail with or without attachment (attachment size depend on end user mobile deviceand memory), forward mail and reply mail. Same interface provide by site. • Was involved in Client interactions to create the requirements document. • Designed & implemented Servlets to process the user request and then forward those requests to different JSP programs. • Design architecture of whole project. • Designed and developed the action form beans and action classes and implemented MVC using Struts framework. • Analyzed system requirements and developed test plans and strategies for User acceptance, Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • system testing using Nokia 3230 handset. • Developed the Functional Document. • Working with Linux shell scripting. • Working with Handhelds, Tablets, mobile phones • Implement Fixed Income business modules for billing engine for mail server users.Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, JSP, PL SQL , Custom Tags, Servlet, ITIL, Orion, Postgry, StrutsFrame Work, Eclipse, JDBC, Model View Controller Architecture, heavy resource management.Responsibilities: • In this project, my responsibility was to develop a mobile client for a mail server. That mobile mail server client should run on every java embedded mobile. • I have used heavy resource management and heavy memory management. • I have used J2ME for mobile desk top client and Java, J2EE, Struts, ITIL for business layer. • I have used JSP and HTML, XHTML, DHTML for user interface • I have used Postgry as database. • I have used MCV as architecture. • I have implement shell scripts for Linux. • Responsible for test application on mobile handheld and tablets. • Worked with end user and as support export for mobile client application.Client Name: - QBit Systems LtdDuration: - May 05 - Aug 05Role: - J2EE DeveloperProject: - Field Task Management System (FTMS)Employer: - QBit Systems LtdFTMS (Field Task Management Systems)This project is mainly developed for those types of organizations, which have repetitive nature of task(Like electrical department, Service provider organization (Plumbing etc.). Administrator distributestask to his subordinate each day on his pocket PC’s or Palm OS devices. Workers perform his taskand fill report on his personal assistant - offline. At the end of day, each worker submits his work tocompany data submission center by connecting his personal assistant with desktop PC. For this taskin FTMS there is many related packages is provided like FTMS Security Manager, FTMS Enterprise,FTMS Report Manager, FTMS Web Service, FTMS Services and FTMS Utilities, FTMS Help). • The existing client/server system was enhanced using J2ME, ASP.Net,, XML, and MySQL. • Porting and Testing device was Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Desktop PC. • Developed J2ME Application for Palm OS. • Testing Device was Tunguesten/T2Environment: Java, J2EE, J2ME 1.0 & 2.0 Toolkit, ASP.Net, VB.Net, XML, MySQL, SOAP, SunJava Studio mobility 6 2004Q3, DreamweaverResponsibilities: • In this project, my responsibility was to develop a mobile client for FTMS project. • I have used Java, J2ME, HTML, XHTML, and DHTML for developing mobile client. • Maintenance existing code for and • I have used xml for message passing between FTMS server and mobile client. • I have used MySQL as backend (server end) for storing mobile data. • I have used Sun Java Studio as IDE for developing mobile application. • I have used Tunguesten/T2 device (Palm OS) and Pocket PC for testing application and porting application. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • Client Name: - QBit Systems LtdDuration: - May 05 - Aug 05Role: - J2EE DeveloperProject:- Rating EngineEmployer:- QBit Systems LtdRating Engine ProjectThis is a Rating Expert engine. This project is divided into two parts; one is administrative andsecond is client. Administrative part is handled by administrator of insurance company (definepolicies/rules, rates, groups, products, attributes) and Client part is handled by agent of company. Endusers come and talk with agent to insure his product. Then agents ask him about his product and fillproduct related information in rating engine. Examples, like end user want to ensure his car. Agentasks him these like question, Model no., is any previous claims; car is in garage, car color, and sum ofinsured, detectable. After all getting all information, engine will calculate premium Rate. • Develop mobile application for FTMS system using J2ME platform for Plam OS device, developing J2EE banking/Insurance solution for Rating Engine project. • Study and analyze Software requirements and specifications • Develop of dynamic WebPages using JSP • Develop control components and model components using java, Servlets in Struts • Designed and developed the action form beans and action classes and implemented MVC using Struts framework. • Use Resign Application Server and deploy JSP, Servlets and Struts applications • Development, and testing of the Java classes to be used in JSP and Servlets • Developed user interfaces using JSP, HTML • Implement Fixed Income Module with Help of TLEnvironment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Custom Tags, Struts framework, Tiles, Servlets, Resin 3.0.12,MySQL, MyEclipse, MySQL, JDBC.Responsibilities: • In This project, my responsibility was to develop user interface and business layer for insurance client. • I have used JSP, HTML, and JavaScript for user interface. • I have used struts and Servlet and JSP Custom tags for business layer. • I have used Resin for application server • I have used MVC for web architecture and MySQL as database.Client Name: - ST-Infosys Ltd.Duration: - Jan 04 - May 05Role: - Technical Support.Project: - Technical Support (Call Center)Employer: - ST-Infosys Ltd. ST-Infosys is one of international call center in Jaipur, Rajasthan. STI was handling domesticas well as international call via United States and United Kingdom. STI was having medical relatedcustomer all over UK, and handing queries related their product and medical claims. STI was gettinghundreds of medical claims from US and UK every day. Most of medical officer’s was sending theirmedical claims and wants’ to converts it into electronic format as well. STI also having their product(Medical Billing Engine [MB-Engine]), I was providing solution on queries of MB-Engine. If any of Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945
  • customer who was using MB-Engine and facing any issue then I was the person who was providingsupport via phone or remote desktop.Responsibilities: • Resolve client queries via email. • Convert medical claim into electronic format. • Resolve product related queries of clients on phone or mail. • Collecting companies profiles from UK business directory. Email: Mobile: +91-995-316-2945