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Digital Marketing Portfolio of ADG

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  • Ericsson: 3GQ, edms, blue bus video Clinirx: CRO
  • Digital Marketing Portfolio

    1. 1. Overview • 4+ years experience in creative digitalADG Online Solutions is a services full service media • Served 100 plus clients agency that provides • A dedicated team of creative, strategic, technical and media professionals expertise in branding & • Build and execute campaigns with target to advertising, interactive cover widest market solutions, integrated • Always come up fresh and creative approach to each campaign based on research and strategy, media and experience technical solutions. • We build strategy to achieve your surpass goals
    2. 2. Who Who We Served
    3. 3. Our Expertise
    4. 4. Expertise: Interactive & Media Strategy/Creative Online Advertising Technical Apps •Planning •Search Engine Optimization •Micro-sites •Consulting •Search Engine Marketing •Performance Analytics •Creative Design •Social Media Marketing •Database Management •Digital PR •Media Buying •Social Media Apps •Market Research •Email Marketing •Mobile Apps & Search
    5. 5. Search Engine Optimization
    6. 6. Search Engine Optimization
    7. 7. ADG Approach for Increasing Search Engine Visibility Measurable Traffic Ranking Sign-ups Algorithmic Ranking Factors
    8. 8. Get Social
    9. 9. Effect of Social Media
    10. 10. Social Media Engagement
    11. 11. Traditional Ins titu tional Voice Au d ie nceS ocial Media Blogs C om m u nitie s
    12. 12. A corporate branded Page exclusive for the Indian ConsumersThe focus will be on generating good discussions & let the content lead the way.
    13. 13. Search Engine Marketing
    14. 14. Research and AnalysisDoingResearch: Your Online Location Based Presence Targeting
    15. 15. Quality Score is the KEYWhy??The higher the quality Score, the lower the CPCThe higher the Quality Score, the higher the positionwe can get with the same bidHow can I get good Quality Score?Good CTR(at Least 1% also subject to performanceof your competitors)Relevant landing pages
    16. 16. Media Buying
    17. 17. S pons ors hips and Micros itesA ttributes :• Exclusive space on third-party site or co- branded campaign-specific site• Larger, more custom presence on high value areas• Bought: paid on weekly, monthly, quarterly basis• Measured: unique visitors.
    18. 18. Ad N e tworks and M e d ia Bu yingO nline M e d ia b u ye rs h ave a com p le x e cos ys te m of m e d ia op tions to navigate . L r ep r a s a g o tl T ir - a t a s r e s h dp r y d e v r A nt o k d ew r s A c io m d l ut n o e I s m c s s s v r l p io so as g ep o e t n o e a e , e e a o t n n in l r p r y E ”sa dNe s e t r DM n w l te s
    19. 19. K e y O n l i n e S t r a t #1 :g h oosse e C ie th e righ t online Broad Au d ie nce Influ e nce r S e gm e nt C o nte xtu al P o int o f P u rch as e AO L, M S N , Yah oo , e tc. C N e t, G am e s p ot, ZD N e t, e tc. C onte n t, K e yword , C ate go ry O E M, R e tail, .co m A WA RE NE S S RE S E A RC H PURC HA S E INTE NT S a d r B n e A T x A s Co t x u l d e t d : P idS a c t n a d a n r de t d : s n et a A s x A s a T er h Co t n S n ic t n n e t y d a io It r c iv o A im t d S o s r h s& n e a t e r n ae p n o s ip T x A sS o p g e t d : h p in / Bne As anr d M r S e ic o it s Co p r o S eA s m a is n it d Reach OE / e a e On in M R t il r l e T ir - a t S n ic t n h dP r y y d a io B o s W is l g / ik On in V e l e id o Ca p ig L n in m r s e m a n a d g ic o it s Impact
    20. 20. #3: U s ing M u ltip le O nlineK e y O n lin e S t r a t e g ie s Ad Typ e s toge th e r Challenge(s): • Drive adoption of in corporation network L a st ed o R s le s e elr • Drive traffic to resellers Media types(s): Ca p ig M r s e m a n ic o it • Campaign microsite • Search and banner ads Bne anr • Content syndication or EDM As d Result(s): • Campaign in placed four years, five S n ic t d y d ae languages Co t n net S ac er h
    21. 21. A Closer Look on Implementation (Process & Framework)
    22. 22. The ProcessADG Utilizes a fact based approach to develop insights, opportunities, and strategic road map to accomplish organizational objective
    23. 23. Agenda Identify online marketing opportunities, environment, and trends.Identify online marketing opportunities, environment, and trends. Understand fundamental and new social media Learn key online marketing strategies How we measure the success
    24. 24. Project Approach Requirements Specification Execution WHAT HOW DO IT! Projects should always Define Plan Organise Execute Close be broken up into stages WHAT HOW DO IT!
    25. 25. P h a s e d D e liv e r y F r a m e w o r k• Engage - covers the initial client SPECIFYengagement, including new business - Initiateand / or client briefing - Conceptualize EXECUTE - Define - Initiate - Validate - Produce• Explore - requirements capture and 3 - Testdefinition - Plan 4 - Deploy• Specify - creation of solutionspecifications and test plans EXPLORE 2 5• Execute - development and roll-out of - Initiatethe product - Audit - Strategize• Evaluate - post project review and 1 EVALUATElessons learned - Assess performance - Learn ENGAGE - Qualify - Pursue - Propose
    26. 26. News and Media; Own portals and PR Own IT portal - Amongst the Top 3 IT portals with more than 300% QoQ growth - Latest IT News; Outreach to 800+ cities in India - Top 50k ranking on Alexa, 2.5L page search on google - Total registered database of 80,000 = ( 30,000 Dealer database and 50,000 others) - 1500+ companies registered with webseek - ITVoir News recognized by Google and Yahoo - Ranked #1/2 on Google/Yahoo/Alexa for “Computer Vendors in India” - Front page rank if punch “Latest IT news”
    27. 27. A Closer Look on Implementation (Portfolio)
    28. 28. Expertise: Social Apps Customized Application Development Conceptualization Campaign’s Concept Development, user interest, Technology type of Concept Implementation Designing, Development and Continuous management Testing and Quality Assurance Technology Expertise •.Net •Facebook& Open Social Apps • Flash • Framework • HTML • PHP
    29. 29. Expertise: Portfolio Multimedia Designs
    30. 30. Expertise: Portfolio Mobile/Micro-site
    31. 31. Expertise: Portfolio Online Marketing/Media Buying
    32. 32. Expertise: Portfolio Online Marketing/Media Buying
    33. 33. Contact Information ADG Online Solution Pvt. Ltd. ADG Online Solution Pvt. Ltd. DeepaSayal Kiran Sharma Director – Key Accounts Asst. Manager – Internet Marketing +91- 9711134111 +91- 8826131713