Legal method project


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Legal method project

  1. 1. Learnmore
  2. 2. What is Learnmore? Learnmore is a section of City University’s online legal portal Lawbore. It consists of a set of online tutorials and learning materials aimed at assisting new law students to better their understanding of the studies they are about to embark upon.
  3. 3. Learnmore covers six topic categories and within these six categories are several subsections, which in turn cover their topic subject in depth, with various articles detailing different aspects of each topic. Moots ExamResearch Newbies LearnmoreWriting Careers
  4. 4. Importance We found these six sections important to new Law students as these are the most daunting aspects of studying law.How do I get career experience ?How do I stand out from the crowd?How do I study?
  5. 5. Careers Whereas other websites will just give you advice on gaining work experience and procuring pro bono work, Learnmore careers section showes how you can get a better understanding of the area of law you are interested in . For example :- 1) A desire to enter the commercial law sector may be aided by undertaking work experience in a bank. This helps to make your CV stand out from the crowd, and increase the likelihood of gaining that elusive pupilage or placement.
  6. 6. Exams1) This section of Learnmore is dedicated to providing tips which aim to assist students in both revision skills, and the improvement of their exam technique.2)While we found the information provided useful in a general sense, it is not particularly degree specific, and therefore we believe this area could improved if it placed a greater emphasis upon preparation for law exams in particular.
  7. 7. Advantages Learnmore is easy to navigate through. The website is well mapped-out, and all the categories are clearly labeled. Testimonials from both current and former students are included on the website which makes it more relatable and interesting. Colloquial language used is engaging and easy to understand which is in direct contrast to the language used in the textbooks which at times can be overwhelming and daunting.
  8. 8. Disadvantages The sub-sections could be more consistently colour coded. The layout of Learnmore can be distracting at times with bright and busy images, sometimes drawing attention away from the content sections. The important points of each section could be more clearly indicated and highlighted to make it more accessible.
  9. 9. IMPROVEMENTS It could be easier for students to submit articles to Learnmore as the website currently states this is not possible at the moment unless you speak to the librarian. There could also be a possible expansion of the website with more categories added :-a) Information on Courtsb) Alternative career choices