The Art of Financial Intelligence
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The Art of Financial Intelligence



This is about Attaining Financial Freedom. Read through and get in touch with me for more assistance

This is about Attaining Financial Freedom. Read through and get in touch with me for more assistance



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  • The true product and greatest asset in this industry is people. To get more, we all need to become more. This industry is a people industry. It’s the place to pick up those people skills schools are unqualified to teach. When we talk about just people though, people don’t realize that you can also make good income. Hence I have decided to show what A2W has helped me to achieve. I think we really need to empty our cups and not disqualify ourselves.

The Art of Financial Intelligence The Art of Financial Intelligence Presentation Transcript

  • The Art of Financial Intelligence Attaining Financial Freedom - Adesoji Adegbulu
  • 2Back to School: Financial Intelligence 101• “Its missing from our school curriculum, no teacher, no lecturer, no classroom offers it as a course, but it is what we spend the most part of our lives pursuing..."how to be financially free!"• The question is, Do you really want to be financially free?• YES OR NO?Listen carefully as we go through the basic training
  • 3The Odds are against us. Poverty is real!!! Beat it FAST Nigerias population in poverty • 1980: 17.1 million • 1985: 34.7 million • 1992: 39.2 million • 1996: 67.1 million • 2004: 68.7 million • 2010: 112.47 million • 2015: ????? Source: Nigerias National Bureau of Statistics
  • Implications of theFlattening World
  • 5Quick Question!!!What would you do with your time and life, if you have earned enough money to take care of all your expenses?
  • 6Imagine what money is holding us back from achieving...
  • 7Do you really want to be financially free?• Paradigms that must shift! – Your goal is not job security! – Many things you think are assets are not! – How much you earn is not important! – Money, Hard work, Savings are not it! – Economics is not all true! – Savers are not better than debtors! – Your greatest problems are not enemies!
  • 8Job Security is FALSE!!! Your life is in yourhands
  • 9Our Focus today will be on...► What is Financial Freedom?► Are you Financially FREE?► How to be Financially Free!
  • 101. What is Financial Freedom? Financial freedom is simply defined as when your monthly passive income (PI) can fully take care of your monthly expenses (E) PI < E = Poor. PI > E = Free
  • 11"To obtain financial freedom, one must be either a business owner, an investor, or both generating passive income, particularly on a monthly basis." – Robert Kiyosaki
  • The Process of Financial Freedom • You need a map! – A map helps you to identify exactly where you are at a particular time. – A map helps you to see what key symbols to watch out for if you are making progress – A map gives you comfort to know that you are not lost and alertness to spot when you are.
  • Destination>>> Financial Freedom• PI>E• PI is Passive Income• E is Expense
  • The Poor
  • The Middle Class
  • The Rich
  • Current Snapshot
  • 5yrs from Now…
  • • If you don’t know where you are, and don’t know where you are going, you won’t know the stops to watch out for.
  • One in HundredOn a Survey list of 100 people at 25 on acareer path till 65.At 65 -54% are dependent16% are still working24% are dead5% are Independent Only 1% is Free!
  • Graphical Definition of Incomes 1 is WICKED. 2 is RISKY. 3 is FAIR. 4 is NORMAL. 5 is GOOD. 6 is BETTER
  • 3. How to be Financially Free!Remember, you become free financially whenyour monthly passive income always exceedsyour monthly expenses.There ONLY 5 BUSINESS MODELS inthe WORLD that has the capacity to make you FINANACIALLY FREE! They wouldgenerate for you steady passive income.
  • #1. Real Estate• Passive Income = Rent• Three income streams – Yield – Capital Appreciation – Debt• Three wealth engines – Leverage, Compound Interest, Residual Income• Strategy element : Intelligence and Leverage
  • #2. Paper InvestmentsPassive Income = Dividends, ROI, InterestCategories Shares/Stocks Bonds Treasury Bills Fixed/Term Deposits Functional wealth Engines Compound Interest, Residual Income
  • #3. Automated Business• Passive Income = Directors Bonus• Categories – Trading – Services – Manufacturing – Support Services• Wealth Generation Engines – Leverage, Passive Income
  • #4. Intellectual PropertyPassive Income = RoyaltyCategories Music Writing/Speaking Movies InnovationWealth Creation Engines Leverage, Residual Income
  • #5. Network Marketing• Passive Income = Bonuses• Categories Unilevel. Binary. Hybrids• Rated #1 industry in Millionaire Creation• Wealth Creation Engines Leverage, Compound Interest, Passive income
  • Financial Intelligence Audit…• What is your current Financial Net Worth? (Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities)• How many income streams do you currently have?• How many of your income streams are active and how many are passive?• How many years from now do you desire to be financially free?
  • To Do List• Take your Financial Audit and know your Current Snapshot• Set a Goal of 5yrs for Financial Freedom• Invest in Financial Intelligence.• Increase your Income Streams.• Reduce your Wastes.• Open an Escrow Account.• Start seeking for opportunities to build your Assets.
  • “A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Larry Elder
  • 5 Years 2018
  • How to Be Financially FREE!!! Avenues to Wealth Opportunity
  • International Directors
  • Bishop KatungPat Utomi Deolu Akinyemi Nigeria Directors
  • How much is Financial Freedom Worth to You?
  • You will get great benefits with the company with just N55,000!
  • Please Realize that…• Though the company products are fantastic• Though you get access personal development information worth $3,000+• Though you get complimentary vacation and short stay offers• Though you have access to many privileges you can create wealth from• And though you can be distributor of anything…• None of these can make you financially free like doing the business! - NETWORK MARKETING
  • Set Your Goals!• Begin only when you have an end in mind• What do you want to achieve – in 3 months, 1yr, 5yrs, 20yrs?• What is your why for this business? If your why is big enough, your how will show up• If you don’t know where you are going, you are not qualified for help.• If you set your sails, God will send the wind
  • Simplify Your Operations• Recruiting your directors• Qualify them• Training= Sponsoring
  • Chose a Strategy• Power of 2 will make you accrue• Power of 3 can set you free• Power of 4 can make you sure• Power of 5 puts you in auto-drive
  • Power of 2The Power of 2 will help you accrueDay/Week/Month/Year New Distributors Income Potential Travel Points 1 2 $25 2 2 4 $50 6 3 8 $100 14 4 16 $200 30 5 32 $400 62 6 64 $800 126 7 128 $1,600 254 8 256 $3,200 510 9 512 $6,400 >1000 10 1024 $12,800Total 2026 $25,575
  • Power of 3The Power of 3 will set you free Day/Week/Month/Year New Distributors Income Potential Travel Points 1 3 $25 3 2 9 $100 12 3 27 $325 39 4 81 $1,000 120 5 243 $3,025 363 6 729 $9,100 >1000 7 2187 $27,325 8 6561 $82,000 9 19683 $246,025 10 59049 $738,100 Total 88572 $1,107,137
  • Power of 4The Power of 4 will make you sure Day/Week/Month/Year New Distributors Income Potential Travel Points 1 4 $50 4 2 16 $200 20 3 64 $800 84 4 256 $3,200 340 5 1024 $12,800 >1000 6 4096 $51,200 7 16384 $204,800 8 65536 $819,200 9 262144 $3,276,800 10 1048576 $13,107,200 Total 1398100 $17,476,250
  • Power of 5The Power of 5 puts you in auto-drive Day/Week/Month/Year New Distributors Income Potential Travel Points 1 5 $50 5 2 25 $300 30 3 125 $1,550 155 4 625 $7,800 780 5 3125 $39,050 >1000 6 15625 $195,300 7 78125 $976,550 8 390625 $4,882,800 9 1953125 $24,414,050 10 9765625 $122,070,300 Total 12207030 $152,587,750
  • Qualification Criteria • People Skills – Ability to teach and manage people. Genuine interest in helping others succeed. Humility. Ability to spot talent is a plus. • Business Skills – Ability to take calculated risks, to see the big picture and work with a team. • Strong Drive – A big dream and a high sense of consciousness and commitment to achieve it. • Integrity – Ability to stick to commitments made until they are achieved. A strong sense of personal responsibility and morality • Start up capital of N55, 000
  • Why do people fail? • Impatience • Ignorance • Wrong motive • Low people skill • Lack of vision • Integrity issues
  • How?Simply share Avenues To Wealth with others
  • Who tell OTHER people about Avenues To Wealth
  • Who tell MORE people about Avenues To Wealth
  • Simply telling a FEW PEOPLE can leadto HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of A2W Distributors!
  • YOU earn CASH REWARDS passively calculated WEEKLY EVERY time these people purchase from A2W!
  • If you keep doing what you doing NOW what will your FUTURE look like ...
  • Blessed are those who Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly They Shall be Called POOR The only failure in life......Is the failure to participate.Now that you have seen the plan...
  • “Our plans miscarry because they have no aim” - Seneca
  • What is it going to be?
  • What records will you break?
  • The Greatest Asset in 4yrs of A2W –Testimonies • PEOPLE: Changed, Developed, Improved, Inspiring and Successful People
  • •Get Registered today!!!• Go to here and find details on how to join Don’t pass this opportunity