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Writing as a Tool - for Teachers of PSD (Personal & Social Development)

Writing as a Tool - for Teachers of PSD (Personal & Social Development)



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    Psd Teachers & Writing Psd Teachers & Writing Document Transcript

    • agais 3rd. Advanced Writing Workshop Tuesday, 2nd. September, 2008 Presentation / Workshop 1|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 2|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais This handout is aimed for the PSD teachers during the Workshop. In which “settings” do Do you ever write? Is you usually write? “writing” a tool for you? How often do you write? Do you write for official / formal purposes only ? Give examples of the writing genres that you like. Do you like writing? Yes / No and WHY? 3|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais “In the finest writing, there’s a magic that will outlive marble and tha fame of tyrants, and in the most ordinary writing, if honest, there’s a seed of magic that grows and grows and blossoms with time ...” from “The Night Watchman” by David Mc Fadden “Though life may be painful, there’s a joy and a power in writing, even when you’re dealing with something that is hard to live through day by day. You’re trying to understand what you’re living through by using the tools of words and the beautiful inner structure of language.” “Working with this group helped me see how writing can change the world.” by Terri Bush from the introduction of the book “Writing Your Way” by Ellen Jaffe by Sandra McPherson, cited in Bill Moyers “The Language of Life” 4|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais Case Study 1 : Alan Alan is a 13 year old who has just moved house and is now living in Valletta. He has also changed school and is now attending a college in the same city where he lives. He is rather shy, quiet and timid. He has practically no friends at all and is often left alone during break time. Lately, he noticed a group of boys who live near him that attend the same college. He wants to be their friend but he thinks he is not cool enough to join their group. First, he has no piercings or tattoos. Secondly, his mother would kill him if he had to stay out late like they do. Thirdly, he has never touched a cigarette or a shot of alcohol all his life. On the other hand, he cannot be isolated for a lifetime ... He starts thinking of ways how to approach this group of cool guys ... He needs to be noticed. He needs to be accepted. He doesn’t want to feel left out anymore. What do you know about Alan so far? What do you know about the group of “cool guys” so far? Do you think that this group of guys will accept Alan in the group? Yes/No? Why? 5|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais Build up on what you already know!!! Name and Surname : Age : College where he attends : City where he lives : Family Situation : Any Brothers or Sisters : Hobbies : Any Friends : Favourite Game : Favourite Subject at School : He is good at : His main worries are : At school, he speaks about his worries with : Activities he attends outside school : In the future, he would like to : 6|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais  Let’s say that Alan is accepted in this group after a series of challenges he had to face.  How do you see Alan in one year’s time after such an experience?  Do you think this group of “cool guys” effected him in a positive way or in a negative way?  Below are some prompts that will help you think. How is his behaviour? How does he see friendships now? How has his reputation changed? Relationship with Parents : Relationships with Siblings : Relationship with Teachers : What about his choice of fashion? Is he asking his parents for more pocket money? Is he making use of drugs? Is he smoking / drinking any alcohol? How is his attainment at school? Does he have a girlfriend? Is it his choice? Is he still attending after-school activities? Is he giving any kind of contribution to the community? What can you say about Peer Pressure? 7|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais This activity could have alternative endings : It could be developed into :  Write a page from the diary of Alan the 13 year old who has no friends.  Write a page from the diary of Alan the 14 year old who has joined the group of “cool guys”.  Write a page from the diary of Alan’s mother who is worried about the radical change in her son’s attitude.  Draw and write a comic-strip showing the change in Alan.  Create a poster / chart showing how peer-pressure can effect us. (both positive and negative)  Write a report about Alan’s school attainment from the teacher’s point of view.  Write a speech, using Alan’s story as an example, where you highlight the importance of a strong character.  Write a story, based on Alan’s experiences and how this changed his life.  Write a short story from the point of view of the “cool guys”.  Imagine you are a scout leader, write a letter, inviting teenagers like Alan to participate in a social activity that you are organising highlighting the benefits of peer interaction in a safe environment. Can you think of other ways to discuss / write about “peer pressure”? 8|Page Annabel Desira
    • agais Case Study 2 : Angela Angela has just turned 14. One Saturday night after another , she is returning home at 3 o’clock in the morning – way past her curfew. Her mother is very upset ... Angela’s Mum : You’re late again! Don’t you realise I stayed awake just worrying while waiting for you? Angela : Oh! Please .... don’t ... Angela’s Mum : Don’t you dare answer me back you little girl. You are way beyond your curfew. You must be ashamed of yourself. Angela : Ashamed of what? Angela’s Mum : Ashamed of what the neighbours might think. Ashamed of not respecting our times. Ashamed because you’re only a little girl! Angela : But all my friends stay till late ... Why do I have to be the outsider? Angela’s Mum : Because until you live in this house, you follow the house rules... Angela : Yeah!yeah!yeah! Think about what could be? Angela’s Arguments 9|Page Her Mother’s Arguments Annabel Desira
    • agais This activity could have alternative endings : It could be developed into :  Write a page from Angela’s diary where she states her frustrations about her continuous arguments with her mother.  Write a page from the diary of Angela’s mother who is worried about the radical change in her daughter’s attitude.  Draw and write a comic-strip showing the relationship between mother and daughter.  Continue the dialogue between Angela and her mother highlighting their arguments more. (use of emoticons to emphasize different emotions)  Write a dialogue between Angela and her best friend where Angela opens up about her problem.  Invent a dialogue of your own showing conflict between a parent and a teenage child. Can you think of other ways to discuss / write about conflict between parents & teenage children? 10 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais Combine any of these emoticons with your dialogue so that you emphasize your character’s feelings ... 11 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais Case Study 3 : Cinderella & the Ugly Sisters! Excerpts from their diaries : Why is it that sisters tease? Can you tell me please? They always make me cry with one mean lie. Why is it me, they don’t like to see? All I did was love you! Do you have no respect? Or is it ‘cause you have to be so perfect? Cinderella Looking in a book of 1,000 pictures, and I finally find one of just me. And it seems it is just the smallest one there. There are thousands of that Cindy beauty. She has everything I don’t. Love from the prince, talent, beauty. She gets all the glory and I get none. Ugly Sister 1 My “great” step sister Cindy is like my crayon coloured room. Just like the colours , happy to mad, from black to green, from mad to grumpy, from green to grey, from grumpy to sad, from grey to blue, from sad to tired, from blue to orange, from tired to hungry. But the greatest colour of all is the colour brown representing her angelic innocence – the innocence you can see in her eyes – even though, she’s the one holding the crayon! Oh! How much I hate Cindy the pest! Ugly Sister 2 12 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais Invent a list of activities / games / ideas / suggestions of how the three sisters can become united once again.  What could make the three of them happy?  Which activities could they do together?  Now, that Cinderella is rich, what could she do to show them she has no feelings of revenge towards them?  What could they do to show her some form of appreciation? 13 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais This activity could have alternative endings : It could be developed into :  Write a page from Cinderella’s diary stating how things with her sisters have changed for the better since the olden days ..  Write a page from Ugly Sister 1’s diary write a poem where she highlights her sister Cinderellas’ good qualities.  Write a page from Ugly Sister 2’s diary where she talks about her positive experience when going shopping with her sisters.  Imagine you are the prince. You gave Cinderella your credit card on one condition that she shares it with her sisters. Your intention is to see them happy together once again. Write a dialogue between the prince and Cinderella when she comes back from shopping with her sisters.  Draw and write a comic-strip illustrating the relationship between Cinderella and her sisters and how this has changed for the better.  Cinderella’s step mother is now living in another town. Imagine you are Cinderella writing a letter to your step mother and giving her good news about you and your sisters. Re-assure her things have changed for the better. Can you think of other ways to discuss / write about conflict between siblings? 14 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais Towards Becoming Reflective Practitioners: More ideas of how writing can be used as a tool in PSD classrooms : Strategies : A journal activity where all students are encouraged to write freely about any given topic you choose to discuss or explore. It helps them express and articulate their thoughts and keep a certain degree of privacy at the same time. The use of a diary / daybook : where students are able to write whatever interests them/inspires them, attach things they like eg. photos of themselves. This is a way to personalise their book and at the same time serves as record-keeping. The use of comic strips : they use drawings / collages from picture magazines to highlight events / situations where the characters have different experiences ... The use of charts / posters : highlighting the importance of captions / slogans and how powerful wording conveys messages. A great example is wording in adverts indeed. Books as a Reference : 1. Family Message Journals by Julie Wollman-Bonilla (MWP 506) 2. Writing Your Way by Ellen Jaffe 3. Thinking Out Loud on Paper by Lilian Brannon et. Al (MWP 608) Websites for Useful Resources :  (for poems / prompts about different topics used in PSD lessons) Your notes! More Books, Webites or Resources! 15 | P a g e Annabel Desira
    • agais Franz Kafka once said : “A book ought to be an ice-pick, to break up the frozen sea within us.” After this presentation what do you say about writing ? “A writing ought to be .................................................................... .................................................................................................. ................................................................................................” 16 | P a g e Annabel Desira