Top 10 common mistakes of SEO
Here are some common mistakes of SEO and if you are having a blog or website then you should...
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Top 10 common mistakes of seo


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Transcript of "Top 10 common mistakes of seo"

  1. 1. Top 10 common mistakes of SEO Here are some common mistakes of SEO and if you are having a blog or website then you should check out this SEO tips, plugins working, how to use… 1. Repeating the same keyword in the title:You already know using targeted keyword in page title is good for SEO and there are thousands of SEO tips to describe the advantages of using your targeted keywords in page title. But do you know that repeating the same word or key phrase twice or more is inappropriate and spammy. The title should be legible and unique. 2. The high frequency of keywords: Keywords are important, but do not think that “bigger is better”. Do not overdo it. 3. The absence of a site map: A sitemap is an eye of search engine spiders to see your deep links. Your site pages will get indexed in less time if you are having a sitemap for your website. 4. Lack of keywords in URL: A page URL without the targeted keyword is completely useless. It should contain the shortest and accurate description of the page. 5. The use of h1 tags on the same page several times: One page must contain only one H1 tag. Using H1 tag several times will hurt your site ranking. 6. Lack of unique metadata for each page: Meta tags should be different for each individual page of your website. 7. Using the same text for all the inbound links: Do link building carefully. Try to make it natural by hyperlinking your site name or domain sometimes. 8. Using heavy java scripts & flash: This will slow down your page loading speed. 9. No image alt tag: Search engine spiders can’t read an image file. But they can read alt tags. So always use an alt tag for an image. But don’t overdo it by spamming your keywords. 10. Excessive Ads: Placing excessive ads in your site will surely harm your SEO.