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Researching my target audience bloodline blog Presentation Transcript

  • 2. RESEARCHING MY TARGETAUDIENCE Once we had finalised our film synopsis, we than had to define who our target audience was, so we could construct and design a storyboard for the trailer that catered and appeal to them. As a group, we decided to brainstorm ideas of who we thought Bloodline would appeal to. As a media producer I need to know the: · social class · age · gender · raceof my potential audience, a method of categorizing known as demographics is going to be used for my research into Bloodline’s potential target audience. Once I know this I can begin to design my trailer and ancillary tasks to appeal to a group with known reading/viewing/listening habits.
  • 3. INITIAL THEORIES OF TARGETAUDIENCEwillAge: I think Bloodlineappeal to the 15 to 22 Class andyear old age range as the occupation: ourfilm covers young adult trailer is likely toissues such as appeal C2, D, Erelationships. social classes. Especially students Who I think Bloodline will appeal to? Ethnicity: I think my target audience is the African/ African Caribbean minority as the majority of the Gender: I think Bloodline is more likely to cast will be from this appeal to females as our trailer is female ethnicity. However, I dominated through the female protagonists, I would like to appeal would like to appeal to the male audience as to other ethnicities. well.
  • 4. ARE MY INITIAL THOUGHTS RIGHT? To see if my initial thoughts were accurate, I chose a wide range of viewers from all categories and pitched the film treatment / synopsis for Bloodline because I wanted to see if my initial target audience would be attracted to such a movie. In a way, it helps me guarantee that my trailer has a target market and ensures success, because to make sure that I am designing my media products for the right target audience and I also need to know how to cater my product to suit their needs and interests. The feedback I received I decided to put into pie charts. Using this questionnaire, I asked a 100 people of different ages, social classes, ethnicities about their demographics. I did this because I wanted to identify who I am catering my media products to in terms of design when constructing my products.
  • 5. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK What social class is most interested in Bloodline’s synopsis? Social Class C2 59% D 10% Other 19% E 9% C1 22%From the audience feedback, I can see that the social class Bloodlineappeals to the most is C2. I think this is because Bloodline appeals tostudents as it features a narrative based on young adult issues suchas family and relationships.
  • 6. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK  What age group is more inclined or appealed to Bloodline? Age 18-20 21-23 23-25From the audience feedback, I can see that the age group Bloodlineinterests the most is 18- 20 year olds, which fits the social classfindings, as people in this age range are highly likely to be students. I alsothink Bloodline appeals to this age group, rather than the 23 -25 yearolds, because the protagonists are also 17-20. Thus, the 18- 20 year oldsector may feel that they can gain personal identity through the maincharacters.
  • 7. Audience Feedback What ethnic minority group is most likely to relate to Bloodline or appeal to? Ethnicity Other Asian 15% 6% African White 33% 7% African Carribean 39%From the audience feedback, I can see that the ethnicity of Bloodline relates to the African andAfrican Caribbean community the greatest. I think this is because of the genre which is urbanaction, whilst still remaining loyal to the social realism genre. From my initial research, themajority of audiences from the social realism genre in films such as Kidulthood are of theAfrican/ African Caribbean minority as they are the groups who are more likely to live in urbansettings in Inner London such as council estates. However, we were also shocked to note thatBloodline appealed to a minority of white ethnic members, thus we would also like to cater forthem to as a way of diversifying our target audience.
  • 8. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK  What gender is most likely to relate to Bloodline or appeal to? Gender Male Female 48% 52%From the audience feedback, I can see that Bloodline appeals most to the femalegender, possible reasons for this may include the fact that our narrative is female dominated andso females are more drawn to the film through the main characters. However, I was surprised tosee that males also found Bloodline appealing, as I did not think the percentage would be thathigh. I think this is because the narrative features characters such as Paul and Sylvester whoare gangsters/ drug lords and possibly interest the boys as they instantly have connotations ofpower and wealth through their occupation.
  • 9. MOODBOARD OF MY TARGETAUDIENCEThis is a mood board of my target audience, I did this by using a compilation ofphotos of people who Bloodline appealed to, which allowed me to see thedifferences between each person in terms of age, ethnicity, gender and socialclass. For example, Leanne ( 2nd left) is 17, Black Caribbean, Class C2,female.In contrast, Elly ( 1st Right) is 19, White British, Class C1, Female. This allowedme to cater my media products to my target audience as when constructing mymedia products, I based my designs on what attracted and diverseaudience, Bloodline has appealed to.
  • 10. HOW WILL MY TARGET AUDIENCE USE MYMEDIA PRODUCT? The audience theories that I think will apply to my media product are the uses and gratifications theory. Looking at my target audience, I think my audience can gain two gratifications from Bloodline: Personal identity: my audience may be watching Bloodline to identify with characters in the film and may find that they can relate to them thus using them to shape their identity. For example, the majority of male gender of my target audience argued and noted that they related to Sylvester as through his occupation and lifestyle Integration and social interaction: I found that my target audience are more likely to use my media products to find out the circumstances of other people. For example, they may find out about what is like to live in a patriarchal household with two girls in a urban town. Thus, my target audience would be able to integrate the characters into their lives
  • 11. WHO AM I AIMING MY MEDIA PRODUCTS AT? From my audience feedback, I can now conclude that my target audience for Bloodline is: Mainly the African/ African Caribbean ethnicity and race, with other ethnic minorities in mind 18-20, ( main focus) 20-24 age range mainly social class C2, however significant numbers in C1 and D males and femalesI am hoping to aim my teaser trailer at this specific audience because they are more likely to relate to my trailer’s genre, narrative and representations that will be portrayed. I also feel that they will be able to appreciate the social realism element in the trailer and use it in their own lives as a learning curve by connecting with the characters and storyline.
  • 12. REFLECTION After my initial theories and audience feedback results, the target audience I had first outlined did not appear to be the real target audience for Bloodline. The film didn’t appeal to younger generation of 14- 17 age category so much, as they could not relate to the young adult issues that featured in the narrative nor could they relate to the characters. The majority of the male gender was drawn to the film for the itself as the genre of urban action interested them as well the storyline. All of my samples( people) are from different ethnicities so I think that allows me to generalise and say that it is mainly the Black ethnicities that are more likely to enjoy the film, however, other ethnicities may also be inclined to watch the movie, but I believe this will only be a small percent which has been confirmed. For example, white ethnicities showed 7% interest. I think that Bloodline is more attractive to a C2 and D audience as the film features authentic locations they are familiar with and features young adult issues such as relationships and drug abuse which they are more likely to experience than social class B or C1.