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  • 1. Magazine cover analysis
  • 2. 3. Skyline This is a typical convention of magazines, it runs across the top of the page and calls to readers about some special attraction in this case it appears to be DVD’s, it entices the reader to pick up the magazine as there is more to just the content of the film word, you get freebies as well making it seem good value for money. 1. Masthead2. Colour scheme and background The colour of the mastheadThe colours of the red font dominate links with the main colourthe front cover, which give scheme of red and black. Theconnotations of passion and seduction masthead is in bold, brighthowever it has been chosen to and big letters so itscomplement the yellow, sand like noticeable to readers but it isbackground which gives off also hidden partially by theconnotations of a beach which is main image, which suggestsfurther supported by Megan wearing a that readers have alreadyrevealing bathing suit. The black font established Premier magazineattempts to link with the bathing suit and are still going to noticewhich produces imagery of class and the magazine regardless. Thesophistication which Megean is mainly choice of title Premier maydescribed as. The bright colours have link to the status of thebeen used to attract the readers magazine as it only featuresattention possibly when they are some of Hollywood’s finestwalking by newsstands and entice actors and it could also link tothem to buy the magazine. the genre of the magazine which is film as the French 3. Main image word for “ showcase” is “ premier”. The main image is that of Megean Fox, a well known actress who has 4. Barcode been voted numerous times for “Sexiest Female” which appears to be A typical convention of magazine the persona she is portraying on the covers, his is used to scan the price cover, again this is a typical of the magazine at the tills of shops convention of film magazines as the and to also distribute magazines majority of them will feature a well worldwide as each batch will have known actor to entice readers to buy a specific barcode. the magazine
  • 3. Representations of Audience and Gender The main image depicts both the audience and gender of the film magazine. Firstly, the medium close up shot of Megan Fox, provocatively revealing her bathing suit fits numerous of the female stereotypes as being sex symbols and passive, however the image does challenge a few of them. For example, Megean is directly staring into the camera showing that she is active, although she is passive to the male reader she is still dominating her presence and achieving intimacy with the readers. Likewise, the tattoo shows another side of females and rejects the views of women being soft and demure, Megean shows the opposite and creates a more edgy and assured look. A positive portrayal of women is presented their success is illustrated as a good thing. Thus, from the image we can also tell the targeted audience of the magazine could for male and female as each gender is specifically catered to. Men are attracted and enticed sexually and visually and women are empowered ideologically and socially. Representations of age are also apparent on the cover, as we see mainly youthful actors and actresses, there is hardly ever any images of older actors/ actresses suggesting that the magazine is aimed at a specific age range of 18 to 38 year olds from previous cover stars. The anchor text is a key element in attracting the audience as the text will tell the readers why the actor/ actress in this case Megean is on the cover. For example, she maybe be promoting her new film and giving readers an exclusive on VIP scenes on her a love triangle that is well publicised. All of this is to lure the audience to read the article inside the magazine and to ultimately get hem to buy it.Also, the way the institution has positioned the surname “ Fox” with a “O” asa Transformer, prompts a subtle reminder to the audience as to what her bestpieces of work in the film world are. This is typical of Hatchette FilpacchiMedias as all of the magazine cover image and story line focus on some of theworld’s best actors.
  • 4. 3. Price and month A typical feature of magazine, the price is really small because the magazine is really expensive and if a reader was walking past the shelf and they say the price they wouldn’t buy it. It is almost like a trick in that the reader wont know the price till they are at the till. The month illustrates the cycle of the magazine and perhaps justifies the price as £3.80 per month doesn’t seem as expensive.1.Masthead 2. SkylineThe colour of the Highlights to the readermasthead stands out from that there is some sort ofthe background and colour attraction inside that isscheme of the magazine. exclusive.The red logo is theestablished logo for Empire 3. Main imagemagazine which is helpful The main image is that of Megean Fox, aas the main image has well known actress who has been votedcovered some parts of the numerous times for “Sexiest Female”masthead. When readers which appears to be the persona she issee the bold, red font they portraying on the cover, again this is awill automatically get links typical convention of film magazines aswith the magazine. The the majority of them will feature a wellchoice of title Empire gives known actor to entice readers to buy theconnotations of a big magazine. The main image overlaps thebuilding that is successful masthead of the magazine because thewhich probably represents magazine already have an establishedthe magazine as it is a place in the market with their trademarksmall brand in a big red logo also, the main focus is Megeanestablished company. this is shown through the medium close up , the image is placed at the centre. It is the first thing you see on the page to4. Sell lines/ cover lines achieve eye contact with readers a range of film topics are mentioned and featured walking by.ranging from films, characters and plots. There arereferences to TV shows around the UK and USA. Thismight suggest that the magazine is aimed at fans whoare serious about the world of cinematography andwant all the hot exclusives.
  • 5. Representations of gender and audience The main image portrays the opposite of the typical stereotype of females and goes against the characteristics, we see the magazine cover representing feminity in a variety of ways .For example, Megean is named one of Hollywoods hottest actresses so beauty, size and sexuality is illustrated through her wardrobe as she is topless. She seems comfortable enough to go nude and it also shows her flirtatious side and confidence. This is further shown through the direct gaze, Megean gives to the audience which is mostly likely to attract males who are walking past the newsstands. Instead of being the passive and submissive ,Megean shows the opposite and creates a more edgy and assured look. . Likewise, the tattoo shows another side of females and rejects the views of women being soft and demure. Men are attracted and enticed sexually and visually and women are empowered ideologically and socially. The sell lines and cover lines represent age. Only the younger generation are likely to find Megean Fox interesting and appealing due to her type of movies sheThe background of the does. For example, a 60 year old is unlikely to findmagazine is white which gives Transformers interesting to watch. Also, because Megeanconnotations of purity and is part of a new younger and upcoming generation ofinnocence which makes a stark actresses , the younger generation are more likely to knowcontrast to the nude, tattooed, about her as she is featured in the mass media regularly.smoky eyed, Megean. It gives a This is typical of the institution that produces Empire (strong contrast to the neutral Bauer) as the majority of its music, radio and film magazinegrey text which gives feature well publicised models.connotations of possibly aneutral target audience .
  • 6. 3. Price and month A typical convention of magazines, the month illustrates the cycle of the magazine and perhaps justifies the price as £3.50 per month doesn’t seem as expensive. 1. Strapline This is a typical feature of magazines, it runs across the page to add more1. Masthead information. In this case, it is telling the audience that theThe colour of the masthead magazine also has articles onlinks with the main colour the following films, makingscheme of yellow, white and the audience feel as they areblack. The masthead is in getting value for moneybold, bright and big letters with the extra informationso its noticeable to readers and to also make thebut it is also hidden magazine stand out againstpartially by the main image, its competitors as they maywhich suggests that readers not have the same features.have already establishedTotal Film magazine and are 4. Sell lines/ cover linesstill going to notice the a range of film topics and filmmagazine regardless. The celebrities are mentioned andchoice of title Total Film featured ranging from new films,may suggest the content of characters and plots. There arethe magazine and prompt references to established celebritiesthe target audience to think such as Guy Ritchie is a wellit will be all about the film respected film director known in theindustry, this is a good way film industry around the UK andto establish and illustrate USA. This might suggest that thethe magazine’s genre. magazine is aimed at fans who are interested in the film world but still want a light hearted tone with gossip about the world of cinematography and the film industry and want all the hot exclusives.
  • 7. Representations of audience and genderThe main image conveys representations of audience and genderthrough the main characters of King Kong. The medium close up showsthe characters body language towards each other. They appear to be in arelationship and follow typical gender stereotypes of heterosexualrelationships. For example, the male appears to have a strong, masculinebuild to enable him to place a protective arm over the fragile and softfemale who appears to be frightened which reinforces the notion of themale comforting her. Thus, the main image reinforces the assumptionand ideologies that males dominate every bit of society includingrelationships. Also, by putting both genders on the cover, could suggestthe target audience is male and female, this is further supported by theneutral colours of yellow, black and white which do not have anyconnotations or representations of any specific gender, thus themagazine is target both genders as an audience.Audience is also shown through the sell line at the bottom of themagazine as niche audience movies such as Harry Potter and TheChronicles of Narnia are targeted at the younger generation, by themagazine including previews of the films, it suggests Total Film’sreadership as they too are also likely to be interested in thesefilms, suggesting that the magazine is targeted at young people.