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Initial design drafts

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  • 1. Ancillary tasks: film magazine and movie poster
  • 2.  Adobe Photoshop: is a graphics based editing programme. I intend to use this for my film poster and magazine because it has specific tools to manipulate and edit images such as crop, slice and retouching tools. as before any images are used on a commercial media product, Photoshop is used to clean up and enhance the imagery. Adobe In design: can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and books . Graphic designers and production artists are the principal users, creating and laying out periodical publications, posters, and print media. I intend to use this program for my film magazine mainly, but I intend to interlink it with Adobe Photoshop as well as I feel this is the best program to create a professional, high quality film magazine due to it’s specialized software
  • 3. This was my first initial design draft of whatI wanted my film magazine poster to looklike. Using, my analysis of real mediatexts, I followed conventions such as themain image of characters, masthead andsell lines/ cover lines that are on real filmmagazines to establish the platform of mymedia text which is a magazine. Mycreativity and own ideas from my statementof intent then became present through thecinema strip and title font as I wanted myfilm magazine to be unique and stand outagainst it’s competitors but still representand promote Bloodline. I therefore decidedto make my cinema strip at a slantedangle, so that it holds most significance interms of the floor space and to create atitle font that represented my genre andnarrative. Once I created my first draft, Iwas not confident about the layout, Ithought it looked more like a poster than amagazine, so I asked for feedback from mytarget audience.
  • 4. Femi: “ The title does not strike me at all, which is vital. IJennifer: “ The top seems think it should beplain. There is no skyline bigger because it’sthat persuades me to buy important for thethe magazine, which I look readers to knowfor to see if there is what movie thissomething special about this edition is based on”edition or if I am gettingvalue for money” Ruth: “ The main image of the Lewis: “I don’t like characters seems a bit the cover lines in the pointless. It looks middle, it does not random and hold no look like a significance to the magazine, because cover lines or the the cover lines are audience’s attention. normally to the side Maybe if you put the or surrounding the main image in the main image. They are middle, so that it used to support the dominates the whole main image in telling magazine, making it a story. For me, this the prime focus.” just looks random and separate from the image.”
  • 5. Using, my audience feedback and research media texts, I adaptedthe layout and format of my magazine, paying close attention tothe feedback I received as I am creating this media product, witha target audience in mind, thus it is vital I meet their needs andwants. One of my first steps in adapting my magazine, was tocreate a skyline, looking back at my research into film magazine, Inoticed that the skylines were used to either to add moreinformation or to call the attention some special attraction orfeature in the magazine to persuade them to pick it up. Thus, Ichanged my strap line to “ Special Edition” making it run acrossthe strap line which will help reinforce the notion that this is aspecial issue to my readers/ audience as it is promoting anew, upcoming film which is not typical of film magazines.I also changed the size of the title font for Bloodline, as myaudience feedback pointed out that it was not noticeable whichwas a danger as the whole purpose of this media text is toadvertise and represent Bloodline. This criticism was alsosupported when looking at my analysis of film magazines, the titleof the movie was the most striking and visible fonts on thecover, reinforcing the notion that it is important for the title tostand out.I have also evolved my design from audience feedback by changingthe layout for my cover lines, looking at my research and analysisof film magazine, I noticed that the majority of cover lines arelisted at the side of the magazine, thus I decided to follow codesand conventions and put my sell lines/ cover lines at the sidealso. I did this because this seems to be an effective and wellestablished way to get my audiences attention in order for themto pick up the magazine. My final change was the removal of themain characters as my main image, as previously stated in mystatement of intents I did not have the intention to use a mainimage for my film magazine or poster, but as it was a keyconvention in magazines, I decided to use a picture to see how myaudience would respond. From my audience feedback, they feltthe picture held no significance in my cover lines, thus I decidedto remove it.
  • 6. Jennifer: “I think you Femi: “The masthead doesshould move the cinema not strike me, its not reallystrip so that is it visible. I had to look aroundstraight. It takes floor the magazine as a wholespace and makes the before deciding that was thecover lines and masthead, I think it needs tomasthead seem be more bigger and nottrivial, that’s why I sacrificed for the cinemadon’t think it looks like strip”the magazine becausethe layout is not liketypical magazines.” Ruth: “the sell lines/Lewis: “the cinema cover lines don’t lookstrip should not hold professional. Theythat much floor space. I seem to be justthink it should be placed anywhere andstraight so that more not indented orattention is given to the aligned. Also, theremasthead and cover are too many coverlines because I didn’t lines, I think you onlynotice or find the need a few that aremasthead which is the specific to yourfirst thing that tells me magazine’s purpose.”it’s a magazine, so forme it does not look likea magazine”
  • 7.  Using my audience feedback, I intend to go back to the drawing board and change the layout and format of my magazine. I am going use my analysis of film magazines and focus on specific conventions such as the sell lines/cover lines and how they have placed or formatted them on the magazine cover. I plan to evolve my designs by focusing on:- masthead: I am going to look at real media texts focussing on the significance the masthead has on the magazine- cinema strip: I am going to listen to my audience feedback and change the layout of the cinema strip so that it is straight and fives me more floor space for my cover lines/ sell lines.- cover lines/ sell lines: I intend to look at my analysis of film magazine’s cover lines and note whether they have indented or aligned their cover lines. I am also going to change my cover lines, so they are more specific to my magazine as this was a key criticism for my target audience
  • 8. This was my first initial design draft of my filmposter. Using, my analysis of real media texts, Ifollowed conventions such as the main image ofcharacters, bold titles, critical acclaims andcasting credits that are on real film posters toestablish the platform of my media text which is afilm poster. My creativity and own ideas from mystatement of intent then became present throughthe London underground tube, reflection of thegirls and title font as I wanted my film poster to bedistinctive and rival its competitors in thecommercial industry but still represent andpromote Bloodline. I therefore decided to makethe mise en scene of my trailer the most visible interms of the floor space making it the backgroundof the poster and created a title font thatrepresented my genre of urban action. Once Icreated my first draft, I was not confident aboutthe main image and casting credits , I thought themain image looked random as the girls appeared tobe standing there casually. It did not serve apurpose. Likewise, the casting credits looked slapdash and amateurish so I asked for feedback frommy target audience to see their views andopinions.
  • 9. Ruth: “ real film posters usually have the text aligned, so that text does not end randomly halfwayLewis: the reflection of the through the page. Yoursmain image does not really runs halfway through.appeal to me. I don’t think it Maybe you could make therelates to the film’s genre of font bigger or use rulers turban action, it has more align the text so that theconnotations to a horror film. width between each sideLikewise, I don’t think the of the page is equal whenmain image is purposeful. It it stops, without thelooks like they have been rulers, it looksrandomly placed on the scene incompetent. Also, maybeand are distinct from the you could increase thebackground. font size as it is difficult to see or read the text.” Jennifer: “the change in colour here looks amateur, due to the fact that it looks like a block that has been added onto the bottom. It also make aFemi: the casting credits sudden change from theare too small and also are background and stand out.not aligned properly. I would use the background for the whole poster as it gives a sense of cohesion to the film poster which is typical of real texts.”
  • 10.  Using my audience feedback, I intend change my film poster, focusing specifically on the captions and casting credits. I am going use my analysis of film posters and focus on specific conventions such as the centre alignment of casting credits at the bottom of the poster. I plan to evolve my designs by focusing on:- casting credits : I am going to look at real media texts and my analysis of film posters, focussing on how casting credits are formatted.- captions: I am going to listen to my audience feedback and change the captions to a more legible font, whether it be making them bigger or changing the colour.- background : I intend to make the whole of my film poster background, one image so that it is coherent and looks professional.
  • 11.  Creating initial designs and drafts have been helpful, because I have modified and re drafted my media products in response to the audience feedback I received from my target audience. Its is crucial I listen to my audience feedback, because I am constructing this media product with the aims of appealing and attracting to them, thus I must cater for their needs and wants in order to be successful. I have learned a lot from my target audience, that I now intend to use their criticism and feedback to produce my final media product that is effective.