Winning Business Cs Anodyne 2007


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Winning Business Cs Anodyne 2007

  1. 1. Case Study: Anodyne Services Australia And Austrade “A winning combination for Middle Eastern Trade” 1 Anodyne Services My background/ my business partner Mr Brett Robertson Specialised, niche market company- “hard to find” services Two branches: -Health and Emergency Services support-supply all categories of emergency and health staff for remote and hazardous environments, and -Emergency and Health training-especially military medical training Started 23 Jun 2004-first export sale to UAE based company Feb 2005-subsequently services “snapped up” by ME buyers. 2 1
  2. 2. Anodyne Services Health and Emergency Services Support Provide emergency services or healthcare wherever the client operates, regardless of terrain, weather, security considerations- but these are RISK ASSESSED by Anodyne ( especially Iraq) Anodyne is robust and operates in a very large range of climates and environments-for example, Sudan-difficult logistic environment/ Iraq, difficult security environment By being ready, experienced and prepared to operate alongside the client in these areas, Anodyne has grown and exported successfully 3 Anodyne Services Anodyne’s Typical Services Customer: Resource sector or project management company requiring health support for its expatriates in an area where healthcare is poor or non-existent. Business operating in the area, either expatriate, local ,or partnership of both, requiring specialised consultancy. 4 2
  3. 3. Anodyne Services Emergency and Health training Anodyne delivers competency-based training in the Middle East Anodyne focuses on emergency and health related training, especially with a military focus Military medical training is very specialised with particular needs and requirements in terms of training regimes, training staff, techniques, course syllabus 5 Some Support Projects Avian flu business continuation planning for customers in the region and beyond, i.e. Kazakhstan Primary health care teams to Southern Sudan Emergency Response Teams to Yemen/ Iraq Picture: Anodyne MD, Dr Ronald Ti, in Baghdad last year. 6 3
  4. 4. Some Training Projects Emergency Skills training in Iraq for PSD’s Military medic training Jordan Military medic training GCC countries Picture: Iraqi students during Anodyne medic training course in the south. 7 Austrade’s Critical Role: Pre-market NEDP-encourages new exporters NEDP-competitive entry- Anodyne qualified after only 3 months in business. EMDG-Anodyne is applying for its third grant in a row Picture: Dr Ti at HQ, Jordan Special Forces Command after speaking engagement Aug 2006 8 4
  5. 5. Austrade’s Critical Role: in the market Set up local contacts Ground liaison for exhibitions and trade shows Local receptions-AS Ambassador, Amman/ HMAS Toowoomba Picture: Anodyne stand at IDEX 07, Abu Dhabi with MAJGEN Molan ADF 9 Austrade-Unique Compared to other nations, Australia has a tremendous advantage through Austrade-ask other nationalities: who actually does help them out in the Middle East? For example: there is no equivalent to Austrade’s system in most of the EU Austrade is very price competitive- bargain basement price: AUD $190 per hour?!? Picture: Chandelier in an Iraqi palace-the plumbing is not so flash 10 5
  6. 6. Doing Business in the Middle East 1 Some Tips: Do your homework-get your Business “Intelligence” right Do your cultural homework-for example: what is a Diwaniya? Know the basic tips on how to behave-conversation/ shaking hands ( or not) Picture: Dinner in the Kuwait Towers 11 Doing Business in the Middle East 2 Get used to being patient Know some basic phrases in Arabic Understand how a lot of Western businessmen are viewed in the Middle East-avoid the stereotype Be politically savvy-i.e. i.e. Be mindful of attitudes to the War in Iraq/ seeing how Al Jazeera portrays the Middle East situation 12 6
  7. 7. Doing Business in the Middle East 3 Business is about the relationship between you and the other person you are talking to in the Middle East. It is the relationship that will establish your business in this market Picture: Dr Ti with Director of Mine Action centre, Kabul ,Afghanistan- training de-miners: community project/ “zakat” 13 Anodyne Services Australia ABN 71 817 704 303 “Providing Health and Emergency Support Solutions” For further information or questions regarding Anodyne’s services please contact us directly. 14 Website: 7