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Marketing proposal put together for real-world Advertising Workshop client Tony Velasquez, a financial advisor in the Chicago area

Marketing proposal put together for real-world Advertising Workshop client Tony Velasquez, a financial advisor in the Chicago area



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Marketing Proposal Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Tony Velasquez Independent Financial Advisor
  • 2. Company Analysis
    • Tony Velasquez, an independent financial advisor, works cohesively with clients’ investment portfolios in order to best ensure their financial futures.
  • 3. Target Market Analysis
    • Target Market Approach
      • Segmentation
      • Clients separated into segments
        • Younger (post-graduate- 20s)
        • Retirement age (40s-60s)
  • 4. Demographic/Psychographic Profile
      • Male and female
      • All levels of income (financial advice varies based on income)
      • Primary:
        • 20s (post-grads)
      • Secondary:
        • 40s-50s (about to retire)
      • Individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses
      • Live in the greater Chicagoland area
  • 5. Demographic/Psychographic Profile
    • Characteristics of the Target Demographic
      • Need someone to help manage their money
      • Someone trustworthy and secure
      • How are they using the service?
        • To save for retirement
        • To start saving for the future
        • To better understand how to handle their money and investments
  • 6. Demographic/Psychographic Profile
    • Attitudes of Target Demographic
      • Weary of investing due to the recession
      • Don’t want to spend unnecessarily
  • 7. Demographic/Psychographic Profile
    • Purchasing Process
      • How does the target purchase?
        • Chooses an investor from the many available
        • Finds someone whose strategies line up with their own
        • Extended decision-making process
      • Who makes the purchase?
        • Individuals
        • Owners, accountants or HR representatives from small-to-medium sized businesses
  • 8. Research
    • Research objectives
      • Further define the target audience
      • Ascertain why members of the target audience would hire a financial advisor
      • Determine the specific qualities most important in an investor according to the target audience
  • 9. Research
    • Methodology
      • Distributed surveys electronically through email, social media
      • Distributed surveys manually throughout downtown Chicago
      • Collected 80 surveys
  • 10. Research- Survey Analysis
    • 87% of 20-29 year-olds said the main reason they would hire an advisor would be to invest their money early and save for the future
    • 91% of 20-29 year-olds said they don’t currently have an advisor
  • 11. Research- Survey Analysis
    • Of the people who currently have an advisor, 57% work with an advisor associated with a company. All of those people are satisfied with their advisor.
    • 86% of respondents said the most important quality in an investor is frequent communication
  • 12. 22 of the 24 respondents aged 20-29 (or 91% ) do not currently have an advisor
  • 13. Of the respondents who have an advisor, 8 of 14 (or 57% ) use an advisor who is associated with a company
  • 14. Of the 18 respondents who have an advisor, 12 (or 67% ) said they were satisfied, and no one was dissatisfied
  • 15. Of the respondents aged 20-29, 87% would hire an advisor to help them invest early and build savings. 79% want investment advice.
  • 16. Of the respondents surveyed, 86% said the most important quality in an advisor is open communication. 65% want a moderate investor. 42% want the security of a company
  • 17. Key Insights
    • 20-29 age group is a mostly untapped market, and they represent the potential for a longer relationship
    • Prospects want the security of a company advisor, but the price, values and communication methods of an individual
  • 18. Strengths
    • Fee-based pay system
      • Fee doesn’t change, no matter how much money the client invests
    • Moderately Conservative
      • Will look for the investments with the lowest cost, and lowest risk available
      • Market research indicates that most people prefer a moderate financial advisor
  • 19. Weaknesses
    • Young
      • More difficult for older people to trust a younger, less experienced advisor
      • In the eyes of the target audience, youth can be utilized as a strength
    • Independent
      • People may not feel as secure with an independent as with someone backed by a company
  • 20. Opportunities
    • Change peoples minds about investing
      • The market is bad, but it will get better
    • Gain clientele in the key demographic of post-grads (20s)
      • Younger people will identify more with a younger advisor
      • Potential for a longer-term relationship with younger clients
  • 21. Threats
    • Market and economy are in disarray
      • Hard for an individual advisor to prove himself
    • Competition
      • Countless other financial investors all offering essentially the same service
  • 22. Creative Brief
    • Who are we trying to reach?
      • Primary target audience
        • Post-grads (people in their 20s) who need someone to safely put their money into long-term investments
      • Secondary target audience
        • People near retirement (50s and 60s) who want to secure their 401k
  • 23. Creative Brief- Objectives
    • What do we want to do?
      • Highlight Tony’s adaptability and relatability
      • Convey security in the current market
      • Build awareness among members of the target audience
      • Appeal to a more expansive clientele
        • Reach out to a younger audience (post-grads) as well as the existing older clients
  • 24. Creative Brief-Focal Point
    • Tony Velasquez, as an independent advisor, offers the security of a company with the pricing, communication and adaptability of an individual. Tony’s youth gives him the ability to better relate to and connect with the target audience.
  • 25. Creative Brief- Positioning Statement
    • For post-grads who want to plan for the future, Tony Velasquez is the financial advisor who best understands and caters to them because of his close proximity to their age and mindset.
  • 26. Creative Brief- Core Thought
    • Tony, as a member of the post-grad demographic, can reliably navigate the complex world of finance for you, and provide you with the individualized attention you deserve.
  • 27. Creative Brief- Substantiation
      • According to market research, people are weary of investing in a weak market and want an advisor who will provide a secure investment portfolio.
      • People want their advisor to understand them and their investment needs.
      • Research indicated that people want an advisor who can answer any questions they have and keep them informed about their investments
  • 28. Logo
  • 29. Business Card
  • 30. Brochure/Booklet
    • Contains Tony’s information, copy describing what he does
    • Instead of several different brochures and pamphlets, condensing all the information into one booklet would be more efficient
  • 31. Front
  • 32. Page 1
  • 33. Page 2
  • 34. Page 3 (example of condensing a pamphlet’s information)
  • 35. Back
  • 36. Print Ad
  • 37. Print Ad
  • 38. CTA Ad #1
  • 39. CTA Ad #2
  • 40. CTA Ad #3
  • 41. CTA Ad #4
  • 42. Billboard #1
  • 43. Billboard #2
  • 44. Billboard #3
  • 45. Billboard #4
  • 46. Integrated Marketing Strategies
    • Weekly Podcast
      • Answering financial questions
      • Dispelling myths
      • Updates on the market and the recession
    • Coffee cup sleeves
      • Go with coffeehouse advertising
      • Target demographic spends a lot of time in coffee shops, sleeves would allow Tony’s message to stay in their minds
  • 47. Media Vehicles
    • Print ads
      • Metra stations, bus shelters (for commuters)
      • Ads around college campuses downtown
      • In and around coffeehouses in Oak Park
      • RedEye (most likely to be read by target)
    • CTA ads
      • Primarily blue & green lines (commute from Oak Park to downtown)
    • Billboard
      • 290, 294, 88 (highways between Oak Park & downtown)
  • 48. Pricing
    • Print advertisement:
      • Redeye Blog Exposure Package ($350-700)
      • Online Frequency Package ($150-300, depending on # of exposures)
    • CTA advertisement:
    • Billboard:
      • $350-700 per month, depending on placement
    • Brochure:
      • Color printing, double sided ($1/ea. @Kinko’s)
  • 49. Contact Information
    • Mike Anderson
      • [email_address]
    • Adel Johnson
      • [email_address]
    • Myleka Thomas
      • [email_address]
    • Meaghan Winston
      • [email_address]
  • 50. Thank you!