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Many organisations have identified the benefits of outsourcing the .NET technology, as it helps them to focus on their core trade, while the out-sourced company will be busy in completing their project.

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Offshore .net spécialiste

  1. 1. On-shore .NET Development v/s Off-shore .NETDevelopmentFor the past few years, it has been observed that outsourcing has becomevery popular, especially in the IT (Information Technology) or softwaredevelopment sector. When any company falls short of satisfactory orneeded resources to accomplish a project or few major parts of any project,at that time, the company opts for a corporation, which is not theircompany’s part but will help to complete the tasks. This whole route isknown as outsourcing. This term is even bigger than one could imagine. Itis further more divided into – (a) Onshore and (b) Offshore. When anyservice or job is forwarded in the vicinity to a service provider is onshoreoutsourcing, whereas offshore outsourcing is sending the work or businessoutside the country.Many organisations have identified the benefits of outsourcing the .NETtechnology, as it helps them to focus on their core trade, while the out-sourced company will be busy in completing their project. A brief evaluationof the characteristics of both, offshore and onshore outsourcing of .NETtechnology will enlighten the advantages of hiring an offshore .NETspecialist (in French offshore .NET spécialiste )or programmer.
  2. 2. 1. Cost : If a company hire a .NET qualified engineer in Europe i.e.onshore outsourcing, one will have to spend about 62,000 to 1,25,000 Euroa year, while hiring a proficient .NET specialist i.e. offshore outsourcing willapproximately cost from 19,000 to 41,000 Euro a year. The difference ofthe amount is substantial.2. Rules & Regulations: The rules & regulations regarding employmentlaws are strictly obeyed by the company when opting for an onshoreoutsourcing or appointing any developer within the boundaries of thecountry. Although opting for an offshore outsourcing will keep you out ofthis chaos and let you concentrate on your core business. The outsourcedcompany will handle all the formalities.3. Time-Line : Outsourcing the projects to offshore companies, let theoutsourcing organisation to increase the efficiency and proficiency of the in-house resource. It also helps to complete the project in stipulated time-lineand limit.Apart from the above mentioned features, there are few points to beconsidered while outsourcing the projects to offshore companies, like:a. Make sure the hired .NET resource possess the required skill-set,expertise and capability.
  3. 3. b. They have the quality to troubleshoot any problem, if any.c. The .NET developer should be able to complete the project in giventime-limit and budget.Hence, it can be observed that .NET offshore outsourcing is beneficial ifcarefully handled and managed by the outsourcing company. The benefitscan multiply the growth and development of the organisation.View more information on offshore .NET spécialiste , .NET offshoreoutsourcing and freelance ASP.NET spécialiste. This expertise of authorhas really been appreciated by viewers.