Dot net software engineer


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The .NET technology has always been a favourite of software developers. It is one of the most popular platforms developed by Microsoft as one can develop robust, adaptable and high-tech applications using this.

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Dot net software engineer

  1. 1. Planning to Hire a .NET developer...?The .NET technology has always been a favourite of software developers. It is one of themost popular platforms developed by Microsoft as one can develop robust, adaptable and high-techapplications using this. Observing its characteristics, many software development companies providetheir services in this sector. Now the point to be considered is that what one should keep in mindwhile hiring a .NET developer. Below are few guidelines, which can be taken into consideration andcan be of good help:1. The first and foremost thing is that a developer should be able to understand the need andrequirement of the project and the company. No matter how much time he/she takes togauge the technicalities of the project, but should start working only after getting completeidea of the requirements. This will also help in saving time and money in future.2. Keep in mind that every company/organisation/business is different from the other. Thisalso implies that the needs of distinct enterprises are different. So, out of the box ideasmight not work. Look for a .NET specialist, who can custom-made programme for yourbusiness.3. The dotNET software engineer should not only concentrate on the programming/codingpart, but should be able to understand the complete product need. The developer shouldtake a broader perspective and also look for the out-put of the product.4. Always try to outsource the software application to a company where the facility of a projectmanager is available. This will help in managing and bit by bit reporting of the project is alsopossible. A regular update, interaction or meeting should be key factors while hiring a .NETdeveloper.5. It is very important to check for the security measures taken by the outsourced company.Since it’s a very crucial point in any business to keep full confidentially to save the financialor status loss of any company, do check for this aspect while hiring.6. The outsourced company should handle all the source code or programmes to theoutsourcing company. This will establish the ownership on the application. It will help inbecoming independent and allows you to make changes/developments in the codes and canalso be handed to another engineer, if needed.7. Also try to find out before outsourcing .NET developer, whether their company keep theback-up of Data or have any disaster revival system. This is very important practice and helpsduring crises. It minimises the risk factor.8. After looking and understanding all the points, try to sign a contract, as this will help toquestion the outsourced company at the time of any discrepancy. Include the on-disclosureclause in the contract.
  2. 2. So, prefer the .NET programmers who fulfil maximum points of your concern.View more information on hire .NET developers, dotNET software engineer andoutsourcing .NET developer. This expertise of author has really been appreciated byviewers.