The Rewriting Wikipedia Project (Global Women Write In #GWWI Wikipedia) March 18, 2013!

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Powerpoint to faciliate the Global Women Write In Wikipedia on March 18, 2013. For more information please read this informational link: …

Powerpoint to faciliate the Global Women Write In Wikipedia on March 18, 2013. For more information please read this informational link:

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  • 1. THE REWRITING WIKIPEDIA PROJECT Postcolonial Digital Humanities Adeline Koh and Roopika Risam
  • 2. Postcolonial Digital Humanities Joint Project: Roopika Risam and Adeline Koh @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 3. SUBALTERN WOMAN Visit for more! @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 4. WHY REWRITE WIKIPEDIA? • Wikimedia Wikipedia’s Editor’s Survey of 2011:“if there is a typical Wikipedia editor, he has a college degree, is 30-years- old, is computer savvy but not necessarily a programmer, doesn’t actually spend much time playing games, and lives in US or Europe.” • Marginalized groups and their histories (people outside of the United States and Europe, people of color, poor people, women, LGBT people, and disabled people) are less represented (or less well represented) on Wikipedia. @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 5. WHYTHE REWRITING WIKIPEDIA PROJECT? - March 2013, inspired by the #toofew feminist movement to engage Wikipedia - Started first event, #GWWI (Global Women Write-In) in April 2013 - Will stage another #GWWITuesday March 18, 2013 @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 6. RESULTS OF MARCH 13 #GWWI • Nodes at UCLA, Columbia, Barnard, Duke, Emory, Biblioteca Digital (Mexico), HASTAC (Toronto), and many individual ones • Number of participants (indicated on meetup page): 31 • Pages/stubs created: 18 • Pages improved: 17 @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 7. WIKIPEDIA’S CONSERVATISM • Reproduces conservatism in print knowledge • “Notability” • “Verifiability, NotTruth” • Stephen Colbert,“Wikiality” @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 8. THINGSTHAT WILL HELP MAKEYOUR ENTRIES “STICKY” • Peer-Reviewed citations/ citations from well- known, fact-checked sources • Reference as many existing Wikipedia pages as you can in your new page. • Save multiple drafts of your edits and annotate what you’ve changed on the “talk” page @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 9. @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 10. THINGSTHAT WILL HELP MAKEYOUR ENTRIES “STICKY” • Make minor grammatical and word choice cleanup on non-controversial articles, as they help to establish that you’re a “good faith” member of the community.They also help your input be taken more seriously if you become embroiled in larger disputes later. @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 11. LET’S BEGIN! Go to @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 12. ADVICE: Don’t use your real name as your username. You can change it later once you get more comfortable. @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 13. MORETIPS • Stick around for at least 4 days, making small edits to become an “established editor”—most people don’t even stick around that long! • When making a change that requires evidence, find good secondary sources. If not, your change might be considered vandalism (which does happen quite often) • Maintain a “neutral” POV • Wikipedia as a “tertiary” source; meaning you can only reproduce established, printed knowledge @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 14. PLAY INTHE SANDBOX Practice writing summary, saving, creating section headers (use equal sign = on both sides to make something a header, different numbers of signs surrounding gives you different sizes of headers).ATOC is automatically created if you have 4 + sections. ! Use “show preview” to see how your page looks before publishing and use “edit summary” to narrate the kinds of changes that you’ve
  • 15. LET’S START! • For a list of ideas about what to start editing, go to: Go to “HowYou Can Help” Section • Helpful Hints • From Adrianne Wadewitz (@wadewitz) and Jacque Wernimont (@profwernimo) • To create a section use equal sign = on either side, different number of = gives different weight to section header • To create bulleted list: use asterisk * in front of each item in list • To create a numbered list: use pound sign # in front of each item in list – will automatically generate numbers for your list based on order • To add links: • For internal link use 2 [[on each side]] of what you want to link – very important to check the link to ensure that it works • For external links use single brackets on either side.You can also use the wisiwig editor to insert link. • You can always click on “Help” button if you forget editing details • How to add in a reference – put cursor in place and then hit “Reference” button.A new window will appear and you put in your citation there. Note that references will automatically renumber ! @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 16. MORE HELP:WIKIPEDIATUTORIAL @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 17. GOTO DHPOCO OR @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam
  • 18. JOIN US NEXT! • Next #DHPoco #GWWI (Global Women Write- In): Tuesday March 18, all day, everywhere! • Create your own #GWWI node, or join us on the #GWWI hashtag from anywhere!Tweet your progress, screenshots etc. and fill out your progress at end :) @adelinekoh & @roopikarisam