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BrainPerform is a new generation HR assessment tool, based on the scientific research data
provided by Behavioural Neurosciences.

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Presentation Brain Perform

  1. 1. BrainPerform – Maximizing individual performance
  2. 2. Main Points: Limits of traditional assessment tools Arguments for Neurosciences What brings new BrainPerform? BrainPerform – New Assessment Approach BrainPerform – Personal and Leadership Development
  3. 3. The permanent goal to increase individual and organizational performance determines the need for using objective assessment and development tools There are lots of tools – HOW do we choose them? By identifying the factors which influence performance By objectively measuring those factors In order to successfully assess and develop our abilities we have to act directly on the factors that determine our behaviours
  4. 4. Limits of traditional assessment tools They have low prediction – e.g. correlation coefficient between personality tests and future performance is 0,38 (n.b. acceptable level is 0,7) They have various errors (projection bias, cross-cultural bias, desirability effect) They don’t succeed in identifying CAUSES for a certain level of performance; for this reason, we don’t know the real LEVERS required for improving individual performance.
  5. 5. There is a solution: New trends in Behavioral Neurosciences are to design assessment tools able to identify CAUSES for a certain level of performance. HOW? By evaluating the brain’s networks – these networks are the main factor influencing our individual performance. The functioning of neural networks determines our ability to successfully handle various tasks in social and work environment.
  6. 6. Arguments for Neurosciences The “Human Brain Mapping” project – launched by US Administration in the ’90s focused on understanding the functionality of various neural networks. Multiple brain areas were mapped through scanning and recording brain’s activity (RMN) while people executed specific mental tasks.
  7. 7. Arguments for Neurosciences Through extensive experimental research, there has been proved a direct link between various brain networks and specific behaviors. Specific Behaviors/ Neural Networks Abilities
  8. 8. Arguments for Neurosciences Prestigious Universities and Research Institutes have designed specific tools/exercises to measure the functionality of various neural networks: Stanford University Sackler Institute Princeton University M.I.T Harvard Medical School Yale University Oxford University University of California at Berkeley
  9. 9. Neurosciences - BrainPerform These international efforts are intended to promote assessment tools which can significantly increase the objectivity of prediction of future individual performance, making more efficient management decisions. BrainPerform is among the first assessment tools to measure the functionality of neural networks as a way to develop personal and managerial skills. The instrument has been designed by BrainPerform consultants, who have internationally recognised expertise in neurosciences.
  10. 10. What brings new BrainPerform? BrainPerform It links the functionality of neural networks with specific behaviours/skills, which are relevant for a high performance. HOW? It “translates” functionality patterns of neural networks into behaviors & skills and indicates the degree of development of those skills. The behaviors which are specific for various personal and managerial skills have been identified following the analysis of competencies’ models from Fortune 500 companies.
  11. 11. What brings new BrainPerform? BrainPerform The assessment tool consists of 7 scientifically designed exercises, each of them measuring the functionality of specific neural networks. The exercises have been designed following extensive research projects in collaboration with: o Sackler Institute for Neurobiology o Cornell University o Slovak Institute of Experimental Psychology o Slovak Academy of Science The exercises are designed as “games” (they do not contain verbal items), thus eliminating traditional errors.
  12. 12. What brings new BrainPerform? BrainPerform The exercises are integrated into a software application, using secured technologies The data resulted from the exercises are analysed and correlated with demographics and functional statistics emerged from extensive research The results are structured in Individual Assessment Reports, which also contain areas of personal development On-line assessment on dedicated website with friendly interface (username and password access) Short assessment interval – approx. 45 min Simple logistics – connection to Internet
  13. 13. BrainPerform covers a wide range of HR processes: ASSESSMENT – it is the ideal tool for: Recruitment and selection Promotion Succession planning DEVELOPMENT – it is the fundamental tool for: Management & Leadership development Career development Talent Management
  14. 14. BrainPerform – used for Assessment The exercises from BrainPerform collect data regarding the functionality of neural networks such as: Reaction time Number of errors Number of trials These data are analysed and compared with performance norms corresponding to relevant population. The results are integrated in individual reports, linking the functionality of neural networks with the degree of skills’ development.
  15. 15. Through assessment of neural networks functionality, BrainPerform provides results about the following competencies, structured in 8 clusters: Cluster: Leadership Cluster: Communication/Personal o Delegation Relationships o Listening to others o Self-confidence o Social sensitivity o Feedback o Assertivity Cluster: Decision Making Cluster: Change Management o Impulse control o Innovation o Management of uncertainty o Adaptability Cluster: Problem Solving Cluster: Planning & Organizing o Problem solving o Planning & Organizing Cluster: Results Orientation Cluster: Emotions Management o Task persistence o Resilience o Inner Drive o Emotional control
  16. 16. Example: Imagistic studies (using fMRI) have identified the brain regions involved in perception of unfamiliar people and behaviors triggered by these situations (with red & orange in the picture) The way we perceive unfamiliar people influence our behavior and determines the efficiency of Managing Interpersonal Relationships competency
  17. 17. Example of BrainPerform graphic Report:
  18. 18. BrainPerform – used for Assessment The individual assessment reports allow a matching between Job Profile requirements and skills development These percentage match helps making objective HR management decisions: choose the best candidates in selection process distinguish best performers for promotion identify key people for succession planning
  19. 19. BrainPerform – used for Development BrainPerform provides a diagnosis of neural networks functionality, pointing for the levers of development Skills/competencies are better developed if we know the right brain triggers: the knowledge about what to do in that situation the functioning level of the neuronal network responsible for handling that situation
  20. 20. BrainPerform – used for Development By using Neuronal techniques we can consolidate and/or activate neural networks responsible for specific behaviors/competencies For example, network 1 (shown in the picture) is known to control our decision making behavior By stimulating that network, we will consolidate this behaviour, and implicitly will develop our ability to make decisions Newly developed behaviors are re-enforced through behavioural techniques (business simulations reflecting real organizational context)
  21. 21. BrainPerform – used for Development These types of interventions are used for the management development program, which is structured as follows: 5 sessions across 2 months Mix of group exercises and one-to-one interactions with the facilitator Individual practice and re-enforcement on CD-stored exercises Integration of techniques for neural stimulation with behavioral techniques (business simulations) Identifying individual learning style and adapting it to various contexts Continuous monitoring of individual progress and feedback Integrating individual development techniques in daily practices
  22. 22. BrainPerform – used for Development The individual assessment reports identify areas of future skills development Knowing exactly the development needs better supports HR processes: o Customising management development programs o Identifying High Potentials for talent management programs o Designing the right career paths based on development potential BrainPerform supports your management decisions in a variety of HR processes and provides high returns for your HR investments!
  23. 23. Contact: BrainPerform Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Bucuresti Tel. + 40 21 3100 415 Emails: