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Presentation Of Services Synergon Consulting

  1. 1. Presentation of Services Who we are Synergon Consulting is a management and strategy consulting company, which is active on the market since 2003 through its division “Human Capital Solutions”. We concentrate our activities in developing markets, mainly Central & Eastern Europe, but we run projects in consolidated markets as well (i.e. The Netherlands or UK). Our main goal is to help clients reach their full potential and we do it by challenging the current status and helping clients think in perspective. Through our projects, we support our clients to make strategic decisions and transform their business. Among our clients we mention: Orange, Zapp, Ford, Augusta Papiers, Centrul Medical Unirea, Romstal, Amann Group, Banca Romaneasca, UniCredit Leasing, Coca-Cola HBC, etc. Our approach Either it’s a simple project or a complex organizational development intervention we follow the same approach in providing our services: Understanding the context – understanding general background (vision and strategy of the client), understanding client’s needs, making clear the end result expected; Diagnosing the situation – In order to prepare a tailored intervention, objective measures of the situation are needed. Depending on the project’s complexity, methodology could include both quantitative (questionnaires, tests, psychometric measures) and qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups). Data analysis ranges from simple data integration techniques (means, frequencies, correlations) to complex statistical procedures (regression analysis, factorial analysis). We place an important value on the diagnosis methodology, therefore we partnered with several world known companies in the field of diagnosis and assessment: SHL, Lominger, Profiles International. All our consultants are certified and have solid experience in using one or more of these methodologies. Implementing the intervention – Based on the outputs resulted through the diagnosis, we prepare and implement the intervention; a special focus is put on integrating the project with other related initiatives taking place in the client organization in order to ensure successful implementation. Aiming for a balanced blend of knowledge transfer and skills development, every intervention is designed to increase both individual and organizational performance. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web:
  2. 2. Areas of expertise Corporate Strategy Strategy is the foundation of every business which strives to be successful and one of our main goals is to help companies set this foundation. An efficient strategy determines the position a company should take on the market & industry, clarifies actions for all management levels and aligns employees along the same direction. Strategy formation and alignment Organizational structure design Competency model design Strategy formation and alignment From corporate level to business unit level, we assist you to design the business plan and translate it into the appropriate strategy. We help you analyze and decide the market and industry you want to do business, clarify areas where to focus on, and set objectives and critical success factors to achieve. Organizational structure design Through organizational structure design, we help our clients to integrate processes, people, information and technology into a structure that supports the implementation of the strategy they seek to achieve. The design process, focusing on twin issues of differentiation and integration, helps your organization identify and allocate necessary resources for goals’ achievement. We assist you build an effective organizational structure, consistent with both external environment (market and industry in which you do business) and internal requirements (available resources, management capabilities, technology, organizational goals, etc.). Competency model design Every organization should identify its core competencies, those organization-wide strengths that enable them to develop a set of unique capabilities. The core competencies provide the basis for differentiation from competitors and build sustainable competitive advantage. Moreover, a competency model it’s critical for making sure to outsource non-core capabilities and for aligning employees along organizational priorities. We help our clients build the organizational competency model and link it with their vision and business strategy. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web:
  3. 3. Operations and Process Improvement We support companies to significantly improve performance through operations and process improvement services designed to generate sustainable growth and economic value. Our projects focus on enhancing service levels and achieving business objectives. Business process mapping Operations improvement and integration Business process mapping Our business process mapping projects aim at reducing the level of uncertainty related to the requirements of every internal business process by defining clear flows of activities between various functions/job roles and by assigning them specific responsibilities. Business process mapping accounts for process design and/or process reengineering and our projects allow your company in achieving a deep understanding and a significant improvement of processes so that customer requirements of service, quality and speed are attained. From clearly illustrating main functional areas of the business to detailing cross- functional and lower-level processes definition, business process mapping provides the basis for continuous improvement – incremental and breakthrough, and will enable you to achieve your organizational strategy and better understand your company’s business value chain. Operations improvement and integration Through operations management, we provide our clients a systematic way of approaching and improving organizational processes in order to achieve operational excellence and consequently competitive advantage. Operations integration and reorganization involve the design, control and improvement of systems responsible for delivering the value defined in your organization’s strategy. We help you map workflows, design operational procedures and implement them effectively in your organization. • Service operations - For most services, the service delivery system is the business, and hence, any strategic decision must consider operations’ effectiveness. Implementing the “plant-within-a plant” (PWP) structure in the service area, every service company may be able to operate each business unit according to its own strategy minimising the confusion associated with shifting from one type of strategy to another. We are focused on building and fostering our clients’ capabilities to better understand the real value of customer service. • Manufacturing operations - The greatest challenge for manufacturing business is to maintain high quality and low costs that enhance productivity. We can help you develop an efficient manufacturing strategy by translating competitive dimensions into specific performance requirements for operations and designing customized plans to ensure that necessary operations capabilities are built and put in place to accomplish them. We are able to offer your company a sound expert understanding of strategic, tactical and operational decisions reflected in efficient operations that are aligned with market opportunities for optimal enterprise performance. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web:
  4. 4. Human Resources Management (HRM) We provide a wide range of human resources management services through our specialised division “Human Capital Solutions” (see spanning from HR Audit, Job Analysis and Job Evaluation & Grading to Performance Management and Organizational Development interventions. HR Audit (structure, processes, systems, etc.) Job Design and Job Analysis Job Evaluation, Job Grading & Salary structure design Performance management Management Development Loyalty & retention systems Assessment capabilities Organizational development HR Audit We use customized diagnosis tools (i.e. David Ulrich’s HR strategic model) to identify the match between the desired shape of HR processes and their actual status. Following the HR Audit, we help our clients to (re)design HR structure and remap their HR processes according to their business strategy and bring return on their human capital investments. Job Design and Job Analysis This is one of the core HR processes, when well conducted, provides the basis for other critical processes such as: organizational planning, job evaluation & grading, performance management, succession planning, etc. Our consultants are experienced in applying a wide range of job analysis techniques (interview, questionnaires, critical incidents method, etc.) and can help you clarify organizational structure design issues. Following the Job Analysis, each job will be defined through Job Description/ Job Specification and the Job Positions List will be clarified. Job Evaluation, Job Grading & Salary structure design This is one of the complex HR projects, which many organizations decide to outsource due to its difficulty as well as to its impact across the organization. We can help you evaluate and grade jobs and design an objective salary grid. Our consultants are experienced with several job evaluation methodologies such as HAY method, Factor comparison method, Point method, Raking method and have implemented such projects within big organizations and with valuable results. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web:
  5. 5. Performance Management No doubt, performance management is the process with one of the biggest impact in the organization: it can sink a company, but it also can place it on top of its competitors. We can help you map and monitor achievement of business strategy along complex performance tools (i.e. Balance Scorecard) or more regularly ones (MBO, behavioural descriptors), depending on your company needs and development status. Management Development Our programs for management development are different from a simple training; they are blend of multiple practical experiences (in-trays, role plays, case studies analysis, group exercises, fact-finding, scenarios, etc.) and feedback & coaching sessions. Designed as Development Centre (based on SHL methodology), each program targets individually each participant with the goal of identifying and developing management potential. Loyalty & retentions systems Linked with performance management and succession planning, we help our clients identify key performers and design retention systems for them. Our initiatives are long-term oriented and support our clients in developing and achieving an “Employer of Choice” strategy in their industry. Assessment Capabilities We have a solid expertise in this area, using assessment methodologies which cover the full company spectrum: individual, group and organization level. Either they are designed as specific skills measurements (such as sales skills, customer service skills, verbal and numerical reasoning abilities) or complex assessment projects (i.e. Assessment Centre), our assessment tools will provide you with the necessary data to make the right decisions in important processes such as: recruitment, performance appraisal, career development or succession planning. All our instruments are scientifically designed, providing valid and reliable measurements. Among the assessment methodologies our consultants are trained and certified to use we mention: SHL, Lominger, Profiles International. Organizational Development (OD) We run various organizational development projects, helping you to create value for your stakeholders and outpace your competition. Together with our clients, we investigate current status, pinpoint strategic issues for development and implement OD projects to address those issues. Among the OD projects we have conducted, we mention: - designing organizational competency model, - diagnosing organizational culture, - developing knowledge management system, - conducting employee satisfaction and motivation survey, etc. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web:
  6. 6. Sales & Marketing Designing and implementing successful sales & marketing programs drives up both revenue and profits. We combine a rich understanding of organizational processes with rigorous analysis to unlock the full potential of a company's marketing and sales resources. We help you integrate sales and marketing into business strategy, functional areas, and processes in order to generate profitable growth for your company. Customer Segmentation Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Retention Pricing Distribution channels Customer segmentation ® Using well-known tools (e.g. RFM Model ) we help you divide your market into distinct customer groups that share similar characteristics. The more you know about your most and least profitable customers, their purchase patterns, buying behaviors and demographic profiles, the more intimate and profitable your relationships become. Moreover, customer segmentation allows you to avoid cannibalizing your products and capture unmet demand from different customer groups. Identifying and managing distinct customer segments is the essential foundation of any customer strategy—helping your organization improve every customer interaction and focus on the areas predicted to generate the highest returns. Customer satisfaction, loyalty & retention We help you measure customer satisfaction using objective techniques (e.g. Net ® Promoter Score ) that would lead to increasing your competitive advantage and profitability. Focusing on determinants of customer satisfaction will generate more loyal customers, who usually tend to be the most profitable customers. We help you diagnose the root causes of customer defection and design customer & retention programs that increase their loyalty. Pricing Our projects can help you maximise value from each customer segment you serve. Using ® sound methodologies (e.g. Pricing Sensitivity Meter ), we support you in identifying your customers’ willingness to pay or setting an effective product line pricing for your portfolio. We help you formulate your pricing strategy and take into account issues such as Hi-Lo/ EDLP, anchoring, or priming. Distribution channels An effective management of your company’s distribution channels allows you to improve revenue by minimizing costs and maximizing sales. Our approach starts by analyzing channel structure and profitability and help you identify new channel opportunities linked with business strategy change or based on the shift of customers’ behaviour. Synergon Consulting Calea Victoriei nr. 136, Et. 4, Ap. 39, Sect. 1, Bucharest, 010094 Tel/Fax: + 40 21 3100 415, Email: Web: