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  • 1. All About Me By Aliyah Delgadillo
  • 2. ♥ My Childhood ♥ I am 12 years old I was born in March 24, 1998 I was born in Brownsville, TX My name is Aliyah Delgadillo
  • 3. ♥ My family ♥ I am a first child in my mom I have one sister I am the biggest of my family I am my mom’s favorite child
  • 4. ♥ My Pets ♥ Bell April Mousey Tabby Dustin
  • 5. ♥My Hobbies♥ Swimming Football Basketball Volleyball
  • 6. My school subjects and activities ♥ I like art I like choir I like band I like math I like reading
  • 7. ♥ My personality ♥ Crazy Smart Sometimes dumb Nasty
  • 8. ♥ My role models ♥ My mom My dad My Grandpa My Grandma My Tia My Tio My Uncle My cousin
  • 9. ♥ My Favorite foods ♥ My favorite food is pizza My favorite food is hamburgers My favorite food is enchiladas My favorite food is changes food
  • 10. ♥ My Favorite things to do when not at school ♥ I like to watch movies I like to misbehaving I like to go to the park I like to go to the mall I like to go to my Grandpa’s house
  • 11. ♥ My Best Friend ♥ Samantha Stefanie Karla Sheila
  • 12. ♥ My favorite music groups or singers ♥ Selena Gomez Justin bieber Michel Jackson Aaliyah
  • 13. ♥ My favorite Songs ♥ Aaliyah You, Me, Us of Hannah Montana Baby of Justin bieber Round and round of Selena Gomez
  • 14. ♥ My Favorite actresses ♥ Aaliyah Mliey Justin bieber Hannah Montana
  • 15. ♥ My Favorite Places to eat ♥ Chinese food Whataburger Burger king Pizza Hut
  • 16. ♥ My Favorite Places or Cities you’ve visited ♥ Houston California Mississippi Dallas
  • 17. ♥ My Favorite Sports ♥ Volley ball Tether ball Basket ball Foot ball Kick ball Soccer
  • 18. ♥ Things I don’t Like About School Home work Running in pe ALL THE TEACHERS And being with my friend
  • 19. ♥ My Favorite colors ♥ Purple Red Orange Yellow Blue Pink
  • 20. ♥ Things I like about school: My Favorite Subjects,etc. Math Reading Soc.Studies Science
  • 21. ♥ I do for fun ♥ I like to play with my uncle I like to play football I like to play hid and seek I like to play Basket ball
  • 22. ♥My Favorite Quotes ♥
  • 23. ♥My Favorite Book ♥ The Twilight saga Clifford Red Ridding Hood Cinderella
  • 24. ♥ My favorite Actors♥