Adelahaye strategic branding and design portfolio   jakarta, london, singapore 2012
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Adelahaye strategic branding and design portfolio jakarta, london, singapore 2012







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Adelahaye strategic branding and design portfolio   jakarta, london, singapore 2012 Adelahaye strategic branding and design portfolio jakarta, london, singapore 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Strategic branding and designRecent workADELAHAYEBranding and Design
  • Strategy + Design = ValueThese days, people believe not what you say, but communication. To help them up with newwhat you do. So we use branding to help clients brand names, visual and verbal identities anddo new things. New businesses. New experiences. communication strategies – online and offline.New relationships. New ways. New things thatchallenge, provoke, reinvigorate. And, increase Before we start any work on your brand, we needthe business results. to understand where you are going first before we start working with you. The secret behindTo help clients achieve new ambitions through delivering an excellent brand is to start with anbrand-led strategy. We help them clarify their understanding of the key economic and businessbrand idea, devise the best brand architecture, drivers.and manage their brand for maximum impact. Tohelp clients create new businesses and services We’re happy to work with an existing strategy orthrough brand-led innovation. develop a new strategy. Either way it’s a criticalTo help create the best possible customer stage that has to be considered before anyexperience – in-store, online, through the solutions-based process starts. It may mean noproducts, services and customer service - just to change; it may be an evolution; or, it may be amention but a few of the touch-points. total re-evaluation of your brand (a revolution).To help clients reach new levels of performancethrough brand-led transformation. To use thepower of brand to engage, excite and emboldentheir employees. And, to assist clients in carvingout a new presence in the world through brand
  • Our clients and brand experienceLifestyle and destination Fashion & retail MediaBali International Park Modern Ape Clothing Channel 4Jimbaran Hijau Army of No Clothing Sky SportsVivre Experience Urban Outfitters Endemol UK ProductionsAdepa Cristian le Croix 40 Years of HurtThe Bay Some Are ThievesTank Magazine Innovative Fashion IdeasThe Hill Villas Jaccuse Interiors HealthcareThe Bali Khama Zapp Design Chiropractic IndonesiaVilla Upama Baranusa Re5 PharmaceuticalsKUA AsianaBiu Biu Sport Environmental and CSRThe Mertasari Nike The Global Conservation StandardThe Victoria and Albert Museum Step On Magazine S2o Cleantech John Collins Racing Green Peace Putt Magazine Danone NutrindoEntertainment and hospitality 5 Star Jimbaran HijauCanteen Mike Woo Surfboards Ige CambodiaLoewy Top CropCasa JakartaThe Stanton Warriors Financial/investmentFabulous Group Port Funds Sustainable Growth Group Oriental Occidental DevelopmentsProduct and technology Harmonious GroupCiroc Vodka Quantum RJILactamil China Growth FundDanone ActiviaDanone AquaINGCobra GroupDellBaliRite
  • How we do it: The phased approachLet’s face it, every branding/marketing company says their process/ We always ensure that the point of entry is always reviewed andmethodology* is unique. We say differently. They may package it analysed to ensure the previous and ensuing phases are in fulldifferently and use different words and jargon but there is a tried and alignment to deliver the best solutions. What makes us different then?tested approach to brand and market strategy development. But, what The people we bring on board – we bring the best people to work withwe have to keep in mind is that very client’s needs are very different. you as opposed to you having to work with a team that spreads itselfWe work with a very structured process – a four phased approach – out on different clients. So, in a nutshell – our people make us differentduring which the client may enter at any point. and better. Develop Strategy Value Proposition, Positioning, Segmentation, Pricing/Product, Channel, Implementation & Mkt. Strat, S&D. Marcomms Roll-out Plan Measurement Market Review Creative Visual Language, Identity & Assessment Naming, Web, Templates ° A detailed programme outlining all phases, stages and steps can be provided.
  • Taman BhagawanBranding and collateral, Bali, Indonesia
  • GBP 134.36
  • AdepaBranding and collateral, Bali, Indonesia
  • Select pages from Adepa brand guidelines , Bali, Indonesia
  • AdepaAdvertising templates, Bali, Indonesia
  • Raintrust USADigital, USA
  • The Global Conservation StandardBranding and collateral, London, United Kingdom
  • Sustainable Growth GroupInternal newsletter design, London, United Kingdom
  • Intelligent Landscape Management Conservation Area Buffer ZoneThe Global Conservation StandardReports and supporting artwork, London, United Kingdom
  • Sustainable Growth FundsBranding and collateral, London, United Kingdom
  • AksaraDigital branding and design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Sustainable ConservationBranding, digital branding and graphic design, London, United Kingdom
  • Nusa Dua Hotel Resort Area LOT C-0 Bali Indonesia CONRAD BAL I Head Office CLUB MED PT. Bali Sunrise Beach WESTIN RESO RT The Ubud Building LUXU RY COLLECTIO N Jl. Agus Salim No.132 MELIA RESO RT Jakarta 10310 Indonesia BALI COLLECTION T +62 21 310 1190 F +62 21 310 0014 oceanfront cuisine and tropical excellence E GRAND HY ATT ST REGIS THE BAY Nusa Dua Hotel Resort Area LOT Bali Indonesia Lim Lanny Jakarta Office General Affairs The Ubud Building 3rd Floor M +62 815 11435181 H.Agus Salim 132 Menteng oceanfront cuisine and tropical excellence E Jakarta 10310 Indonesia T +62 21 310 1190 F +62 21 310 0014 www.thebaybali.comThe BayStrategic Branding and Visual Language , Bali, Indonesia
  • The BayDesign outputs , Bali, Indonesia
  • Arjuna Silver Website design and brandingRocketWebsite design
  • KUAStrategic Branding, website and collateral,Bali, Indonesia
  • Indonesian Ministry of TourismPoster campaign design, Jakarta Indonesia
  • Danone AquaDigital advertising in conjunction with Roundtable Asia, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Sustainable Growth Group and EcoficientDesign management and application, London, United Kingdom
  • Sustainable Growth FundsWebsite design, London, United Kingdom
  • Saphire Group (D’consulate)Website design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • The MertasariWebsite design, Bali, Indonesia
  • The Bali KhamaWebsite design, Bali, Indonesia
  • BaranusaStrategic Branding and Design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • The Wings GroupWebsite design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Loewy JakartaWebsite design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Canteen JakartaWebsite Design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Chiropractic IndonesiaRe-Branding and educational material design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Fabulous GroupWebsite Design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Step On MagazineWebsite design, London, United Kingdom
  • Traditional Balinese architecture specialistsBali Architectural Associates www.baliarchitectureassociates.comStrategic Branding and Visual Language, Bali, Indonesia
  • The Hill VillasBranding, print and web design, Bali, Indonesia
  • The Port ReportPrint and web design, London, United Kingdom
  • Villa UpamaWebsite design, Bali, Indonesia
  • Army of no!Brand creation, fashion and collateral design, London, United Kingdom
  • Danone ActiviaWebsite design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • BerrywhiteWebsite design, London, United Kingdom
  • BaliriteBrand design, product and packaging, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Quantum RJI (Mining and Resources)Brand design and collateral, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Wealth and living magazineMagazine design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • 40 Years of HurtBrand design, digital and collateral, London, United Kingdom
  • The Movie and TV Opportunities FundBrand design and website design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Tank MagazineArt direction and graphic design, London, United Kingdom
  • Casa JakartaWebsite design, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Some are TheivesArt Direction and catalogue design, London, United Kingdom
  • Modern ApeFashion design, collateral and website, London, United Kingdom
  • Endemol TelevisionWebsite design, London, United Kingdom
  • The Victoria and Albert MuseumPoster design, London, United Kindom
  • Port FundsWebsite design and collateral, Jakarta, Indonesia