Product Work LogName: Arielle De Fiore_____________________________________ Date ________________Product: Skin Care_______...
Activity:                                      Comments:8/29/11                                                   Watching...
Activity:                                    It was very inspiring10/12/11                                                ...
Activity:                                          Finding volunteers12/14/11                                             ...
Activity:                                     The volunteers were1/03/12                                                 e...
Activity:3/11/12   Met with the volunteers for a final time       I am glad that I have3:00PM    to take final progress ph...
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Product work log template 2011 12


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Product work log template 2011 12

  1. 1. Product Work LogName: Arielle De Fiore_____________________________________ Date ________________Product: Skin Care_____________________________________________________________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:8/13/11 Arranged to meet with project facilitator (This was one1:30PM for the first time. problem I ran into.(30 min) because my project Commentary: facilitator is a Spoke to Cindy (facilitator) about director of Mary Kay, meeting at chick-fil-a to discuss it was hard for her to senior project, and her role as my find free time to project facilitator. I showed up at speak with me.) 1:30 and waited for about 30 minutes for her to show up. Unfortunately something came up and she forgot to meet me so we had to reschedule.8/14/11 Activity:4:30PM Met with Cindy (facilitator) to go over senior project and her role as my facilitator(1.5 hr) Commentary: After the first attempt to meet up and discuss senior project, we rescheduled for today to meet at Starbucks and go over everything. I brought all my senior project paperwork as well as an outline of what I wanted to do. Cindy (facilitator) came prepared with Mary K brochures and helpful ideas as to what my final outcome should be. We decided that skin care would be the area we worked in for this project. Our plan is to get three volunteers and supply them with three different types of facial cleansing products. Each will be given the responsibility of recording a photo of their progress every week and I will take the before and after final pictures. Then they will receive a Mary Kay makeover to show their progress.
  2. 2. Activity: Comments:8/29/11 Watching the women at Drove to Cindys office to sit in and7:00PM observe her as she trained the new this meeting being so comfortable and(1.5 hr) Mary Kay sales women just to get a confident in what they feel of what to say to my volunteers. were saying about Mary Kay and how it’s helped them made me feel a Commentary: little worried. I knew then At this meeting Cindy introduced me to all that it was going to take of the ladies and told them that I would be a lot of time to get sitting in on these meetings to prepare familiar with the products. myself for what to say to my volunteers and to learn more about the makeup and skin care products. After the meeting was over I spoke with Cindy about coming to sit in and observe her on "Glamour Night" which is a monthly routine for Mary Kay that allows women to get a makeover and dress up and take pictures just for fun. Activity:10/7/11 Attended "Glamour Night" at the Mary Glamour night was7:00PM K directors offices to get better fun, also a little associated with the product.(2.5 hr) intimidating. Commentary: Cindy (facilitator) thought it would be good for me to partake in "Glamour Night" just to get a feel for what I would be saying to my volunteers and she allowed me to bring two friends along with me. At this event she spent a little extra time going over each step to giving a makeover so that I could learn the process. After going through with the whole night and receiving make overs for both myself and my friends, I sat down with Cindy to discuss our next meeting and to ask any questions I had.
  3. 3. Activity: It was very inspiring10/12/11 hearing Cindys Met with Cindy to speak to her about5:00PM the paragraph needed about our testimony on how(30 min) project facilitators. she’s gotten to where she is today. Commentary: Once again we met at Starbucks so she could put together a paragraph about herself that was needed for senior project. She spoke to me all about her experience as a top director at Mary Kay, and told me how she got to where she is today. Activity:10/24/11 Attended another Monday night I didnt really want to7:00PM training meeting. Also went over the become a consultant price of products needed for senior because I’m kind of(2 hr) project. shy when it comes to selling things to people but I figured I Commentary: would try it out just for After observing another meeting once the heck of it. again I spoke with Cindy and discussed the Im not sure how this is products needed for my volunteers and the price at which it would cost. She spoke to going to go. me about how I should consider becoming an actual Mary K consultant as part of my process in this project just so I would be properly equipped with everything I needed, come time to educate the volunteers on what they would be doing and the products being used. I agreed to becoming a consultant.
  4. 4. Activity: Finding volunteers12/14/11 was harder than I Took some time out of my day to12:00PM gather up some volunteers and to get thought, but now that Ive found some, it is a(3 hr) organized. With the help of my mom, relief and I am ready we ordered my Mary Kay beginners kit to get started! to becoming a consultant. Commentary: My mom and I searched for three ladies, all of different ages, to be my volunteers for this project. We found two women that were more than happy to help out and, because we were short another woman, my mom decided to help me out and be the third volunteer. We then called Cindy (facilitator) and spoke to her about how to order my first Mary Kay kit as a new consultant. After ordering the kit we went out and bought supplies to give to the volunteers so that they were provided with everything they would need. Activity:12/31/11 Met with Cindy at her office with my mom I have to admit, I am a12:00PM to go through the Mary K starter kit and get little nervous about familiar with everything that is in it so that I attending these(1.5 hr) am prepared when it comes to talking to meetings because I my volunteers. am one of the youngest consultants Commentary: and I am also just Cindy took me through the packet step by beginning. step and showed me what the purpose for everything that was in it. We then discussed me attending the Monday night training meetings every Monday night at 7:00 so that i could begin my process as a consultant and also so it would help me with my project.
  5. 5. Activity: The volunteers were1/03/12 excited to get started Met with the volunteers and gave them3:00PM their products and instructions on what on using these(1 hr) to do and how to use the products. products and I am excited that I finally have gotten a start on Commentary: this project and can My mom and I took a drive to meet the two now organize myself. volunteers (along with my mother, the third volunteer) and discuss what they would be doing for me and how to use each product that was given to them. Each volunteer had a different product so each instructions were different. I then took a "before" shot of each volunteer. We left the two women with a journal to record daily what kind of environment they were in and what foods they might have eaten that day because all this depends on what kind of skin you have. We also left a camera so that they could record weekly their progress. We left this up to them because they live too far away for us to drive there every week so instead we decided to make monthly visits.2/05/12 Activity: I was surprised to see Met with volunteers again as our the progress that3:00PM monthly visit to check up on their these products had(1 hr) progress and to get another picture of made on their faces. them. Commentary: When we got there, I took another progress photo of each volunteer and downloaded all the pictures they had taken weekly and put them on my computer so I could get started on my presentation.
  6. 6. Activity:3/11/12 Met with the volunteers for a final time I am glad that I have3:00PM to take final progress photos and to everything I need so I give make overs. can finish up my(1 hr) presentation. Commentary: Because of their tight schedule with work we had to rush the process of the makeover so I was not able to take as much time as I would have liked, but we still got it done and in the end the volunteers looked great. One problem we ran into today was Caitlin (volunteer) had a break out from the Mary Kay mask that she used the nightbefore. Of course these kinds of things are uncontrollable but we still managed to make her look good!