Lianza 2012 presentation - Adrian Jenkins


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"The Value of Verbal Praise and Recognition from Managers amongst New Zealand Library Staff"

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Lianza 2012 presentation - Adrian Jenkins

  1. 1. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic / Adrian Jenkins Information Librarian, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland & MIS Graduand, Victoria University of Wellington
  2. 2. The value of verbal praise and recognition“We all flourish with praise. Flowers do well whenthey are watered and shrivel up when they are not,and people are the same.” (Richard Branson) (as cited byAdair, 2006, p. 106)“Something deep within the human psyche cries outfor appreciation” (Chapman & White, 2011, p. 11)“Recognition … makes people feel like valued, usefulcontributors rather than cogs.” (Goode et al., 1998, p. 68)“Statistics show that the number 1 reason people quittheir jobs is a lack of recognition and praise” (Smith, 2000,p. 19) BUT IS THIS TRUE FOR NEW ZEALAND LIBRARY STAFF?
  3. 3. My ResearchResearch QuestionTo what extent are New Zealand library staffmotivated by Verbal Praise & Recognition from theirmanager?Subquestions1. How much does verbal praise and recognition from a manager motivate New Zealand library staff, compared to other extrinsic ways of motivating people?2. How do New Zealand library staff like to be verbally praise and recognised?3. How does being verbally praised and recognised by a manager impact the motivation and job satisfaction of New Zealand library staff?Research MethodologyOnline Questionnaire using Qualtrics survey software.
  4. 4. Theoretical Framework for this ResearchHerzberg’s motivators and hygiene factors, by M. Bourne & P. Bourne, 2009, Motivating people. London, England: Dorling Kindersley, p. 9 Skinner Box. Retrieved from:
  5. 5. The relative value of Praise and Recognition amongst New Zealand library staff = Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / BUT =Image courtesy of Philpm930 / Image courtesy of Miles /
  6. 6. What’s important in verbally praising orrecognising New Zealand library staff?Be sincere! Know your staff!Be specific! Be timely! Give praise often! Praise individuals and teams appropriately!
  7. 7. What can be the result of verbally praising and recognising your staff?When being verbally praised or recognised, NewZealand library staff were motivated to:• Look for opportunities to grow in their work• Look for new learning opportunities• Pick up things outside their job description/Attempt new tasks• “Go the extra mile”• Make suggestions for improvement in their work area• “Pay forward” the praise and recognition to others
  8. 8. THANK YOU! Any questions?My full research report is available at: